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Titanfall FoD Awards

It has been a long time since there was a game we could rally around, but The Blankman and I were thinking that Titanfall is it. At least, we gotta ride ‘er until she bucks us off. So, here we are with the NEW and IMPROVED FOD awards!

This page will hold all the possible awards that might be earned on any given gaming night, whether we are playing public or private. It is a collaborative deal, so just dump ideas and pics in here as inspiration and a good humor provide.

The Heisenberg Award– “I am the danger.”: Hardest to kill, baddest mofo of the weekly FoD

The Omar Award – “Come at the king, you best not miss!”: Awarded to the two-time consecutive winner of the Heisenberg Award.

Omar Come at the King

The Duke Award – “Where Ya Goin’, Pilgrim?”- Most Rodeo kills in a single round

The Paul Bunyan Award – For the most Pilot pull executions (Atlas Class Only)

The Terminator Award – “I’ll Be Back.”: For keeping first Titan alive for the entire round

The Jordan Award – (aka ‘The #23’) The most amazing feat of the weekly FoD (must be recorded and uploaded to YouTube)

The Acme Anvil Award – Most kills with falling Titan in a match
Acme Anvil

The Shrek Award – Dominating fools using only the Ogre chasis. +1 for arm rips.

The Road Runner Award – Dominating fools using only the Stryder chasis. +1 for squishy Pilots

The Dark Knight Award – For the best wall hang kill (must be recorded and uploaded to YouTube)

The Highlander Award – “There can only be one.”: The only Pilot to exfil during the Epilogue

The Unforgiven Award – Most kills with the Smart Pistol

The Mr. Bill Award – (thx Grymmie) For Titan kill by forcing enemy off the cliff on Fracture, or into any other environmentally related, unnatural demise (must be recorded and uploaded to YouTube)

The Exorcist Award – Most head snaps on Pilots

The Godzilla Award – Most tramples on infantry using Titan speed boosts

The Defcon One Award – Most kills by a nuke
war games

The “In Yo Face!” Award – “In yo face, in yo face!” (thx rED): Most hits using the Vortex Shield (must be recorded and uploaded to YouTube)
In Yo Face

The “Talk to me, Goose” Award – Most kills on Pilots while ejecting

The “Roger, Roger” Award – For hacking and keeping a flock of Spectres following you around

The Spider-Pig Award – Most kills while wall running

The Voltron Award – To all teammates that were able to form The Legendary Kick Ass Robot (must be recorded and uploaded to YouTube)

The Eddy Grant Award – “Electric Avenue“: Most kills with Electric Smoke

“The Iron Giant” Award – “You are what you choose to be.”: Goes nuclear to take down Escape Ship or enemy Titans in order to save team

The “Excellent, Smithers.” Award – Most Burn Cards earned in FoD

The “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em” Award – Most melee tag teams as Titans

The Stern Award – ‘The Shock Jock’: Most kills with electrical weaponry/ordinance

The Wilt Chamberlain Award – For reaching 100 Attrition Points In a Single Round

Dubious Awards

The Tom Cruise Award – “You can be MY wingman” – Most stolen kills as a Titan
Tom Cruise

The Stallone Award – “They drew first blood, not me!”: Most FIFO deaths of the weekly FoD

The Wrecking Ball Award – “You came in like a ‘wrecking ball.'” – Highest destruction of Grunts, Spectres, & Pilots using only Titan melee/boost
wreckink ball

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