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RL – FatS

Rocket League has become a go to game for a bunch of us, and this is another page dedicated to the culture developing around it. In fact, Cornie and I have started a show “Father and the Storm,” aka “FatS”, on which Cornie and I play 2v2 unranked, open mic. We have done a couple of trial runs, and last night might have been the first stream that Cornie (Cornelius_Taifu) saved. Anyway, in addition to the great stories, some great vocabulary is being born as we play, thus the pretentious “culture” mention.

Acrost = “across from you” when one is lined up in front of the net to make a pass assist goal
Falafel = “full awful” when one makes a completely inexcusably bad play. He just had a “falafel”

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