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Evolve GUIDE

Welcome to the post-launch Evolve Page! This is set up primarily for providing us with an easy-access summary of the character skills and strategies to help us hit the ground running. Feel free to link videos, but to help keep page loading times short, please avoid embedding them. First, esssential links:
Evolve Wikipedia
Turtle Rock Studios
Official Forum Useful Links Page
The official YouTube Channel.
Official community page
A comprehensive Guide on the official forums (from which much information has been used to provide our own concise community guide below).

NOTE: Our original Evolve Page can be found here. It has all the original promotion videos and many of our pre-launch enthusiastic comments. However, because of the slow loading of the page due to many embedded YouTubes, I have made this new page for quick access of all post launch, strategic info. (In addition to our original page, all previous posts and Stranded coverage can be found here.

The Stranded Guide To Playing Evolve


The hunters are divided into classes with each a common ability across all characters in that class, the common ability being the PRIMARY concern for gamers playing that class, that  is, the Trapper is to use his mobile arena effectively above all else, the medic is to heal teammates above all else, and so on.

TRAPPER   Mobile Arena (60 sec. or until the trapper is incapacitated or manually deactivated by the trapper/60 sec cooldown)


  • Harpoon Mine Launcher   1 harpoon mine, maximum of 5 mines can be placed in the world.
  • Machine Pistol  36 rounds, reload 1.5 sec, headshot/weak spot+
  • Daisy Trapjaw pet, follows monster scent, reviving lick.


  • Harpoon Gun headshot/weak spot+
  • Gauss SMG 36 bullets, reload 1.5 sec, headshot/weak spot+
  • Sound Spikes  max 5, last until destroyed by the monster or more than 5 are deployed


  • Custom Shotgun 5 shells, clip can be spent in 1.5 sec, reload time 1.5 sec, headshot/weak spot+
  • Tracking Dart Gun 6 darts, reload 1.5 sec
  • Snare Grenades max 5, clouds can be active at the same time, cloud lasts 15 seconds


ASSAULT    Personal Shield (10 sec/30 sec cooldown)


  • Lightning Gun 6 sec, recharge rate: 8 sec.
  • Assault Rifle 60 round, reload 1.5 sec, headshot/weak spot+
  • Arc Mines Max of 5 mines the oldest one will blow up once more than 5 are placed


  • Flame Thrower 10 sec, reload 2 sec
  •  Minigun 10 sec, reload 2 sec, headshot/weak spot+
  • Gas Grenade gas-cloud lasts 8 sec, 5 sec cooldown


  • Combat Shotgun 10 shells, fired in 4 sec (SS 2.5 sec), reload +-2.5 sec (SS 1.75) , headshot/weak spot+
  • Multi-Rocket Launcher 5 rockets, fired in +- 3.5 sec (SS 1.75 sec), reload +-2.5 sec (SS +- 1,75 sec)
  • Super Soldier 12 sec, cooldown 30 sec


SUPPORT   Cloaking Field  (20 sec/30 sec cooldown)


  • Laser Cutter 10 sec, recharge 5 sec, headshot/weak spot+
  •  Shield Gun +- five basic attacks from a stage 3 Goliath, recharge 10 sec
  •  Orbital Barrage cooldown 60 sec


  • Laser-guided Missile Launcher 4 missiles
  •  Sentry Turrets five turrets, 3 sec to deploy one, the oldest turret explodes when more than 5 are deployed
  •  UAV 52 seconds or upon manual de-activation, 2 sec to deploy, placing a dart takes 4 sec, lasts 15 sec


  • Rail Gun one, reload 1 sec, headshot/weak spot+
  • Damage Amplifier amplify up to a 1000 damage, recharge 18 sec
  • Tracking Dust 5 sec to deploy, lasts for 20 sec, tagged targets are revealed for 15 sec, 60 sec cooldown


MEDIC   Burst heal (22 sec cooldown)


  • Medgun heal rate 5% HP per sec
  • Anti-material Rifle 1 bullet, creates weak spot for damage x2
  • Tranquilizer Gun 3 darts, reveals monster and slows monster’s speed by 50%, 5 sec


  • Lazarus Device bring teammates back from dead, cooldown 15 sec
  • Silenced Sniper Rifle 10 bullets, reload 1.5 sec, creates weak spot for damage x2
  • Personal Cloak 10 sec, recharge 30 sec


  • AOE Grenade Launcher 4 healing grenades. reload 2.5 sec
  • AOE Grenade Launcher 4 napalm grenades. reload 2.5 sec
  • Speed Burst 12 sec, cooldown: 30 sec

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  1. Herandar permalink
    February 4, 2015 9:03 am

    Nice info. A couple of points: You only listed two abilities for Caira. And you didn’t list the reload time for Val’s sniper rifle.

    And a quick question based on the wording here: “Arc Mines Max of 5 mines the oldest one will blow up once more than 5 are placed”

    Does the oldest mine blow up doing damage to wildlife and anything else nearby? That would be interesting, I assumed that the oldest equipment when you throw down six just disappears.

    • February 4, 2015 3:37 pm

      Herandar, those I all questions I can’t answer. I have relied completely on the Guide in the official forums as linked above. I just cleaned it up a bit so that it was more concise.

      I, too, want to know if the 6 mine makes the 1st mine blow up. If it does, then for a smart player, the 6th mine can be used as a detonator for the 1st mine, and suddenly, the mines are just that much more powerful.

      More later this morning. I have a bunch of other things I want to highlight, including the fact that Hanks shield can be deployed as a constant stream without worry of depleting. It is the Monster hits that deplete it, not the duration of use! When I was playing Hank, I did NOT know that, and that has huge implications!

      UPDATE: Caira has two grenade launchers, one napalm, one healing.

  2. February 17, 2015 10:53 pm

    Here is a very useful resource, if everyone uses it. lol


  1. Evolve: Impact On Game When A Single Hunter Is Not Played Properly | The Stranded
  2. Turtle Rock’s Evolve Tips Series | The Stranded

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