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Diablo 3: UEE

D3: UEEI’ll start off with a story of why I’m so excited about Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition.  Bear with me for those that have already heard it recently on XBL party chat. I’ve been a fan of Blizzard’s franchise since way back in the Diablo 1 days.  That game introduced me to much of my time with PC gaming.  Along came Diablo 2 several years afterward, & it furthered my love for PC gaming.  My buddies & I had numerous LAN parties (back when monitors weighed a ton, lugging around portable speakers, keyboard, mice, & heavy towers), as well as on-line gaming using Roger Wilco (game chat) to communicate.

Cue forward tens years later with the announcement of Diablo 3.  The nostalgia that I felt when it eventually came out was sadness.  Why the sadness, you may ask?  Well, I promised my wife that I wouldn’t bring my gaming habits onto our PC because I didn’t need another avenue to occupy my time.  Heck, I was playing D2 when we were dating, & she clearly remembers my obsession with PC gaming due to that game.  Since Diablo 3 was initially released for PC and Mac, playing much less getting excited for the game was a moot point. When Blizzard brought the game to last-gen consoles near the end of 2013 certainly piqued my interest.  Reviewers and gamers that have played the console versions confirm that the game plays better with a controller vs. keyboard & mouse.  Well, that interest quickly faded because Blizzard would not support it with the patches that the PC-version received.  Different architecture, enormous patch sizes, and the consoles 512mb of RAM pretty much validated that the last-gen consoles would be stuck with the ‘Vanilla’ (gimped) version of D3.  No dice for me.  We’ve all been down this road with busted ass gimped ports of games that had “potential” only to have our frustrations escalated and our hopes dashed (cough-Payday 2-cough).

News that a current-gen consoles version would be coming sparked renewed interest.  It was met with a general “meh” because PC patches/updates have never made it to console versions.  Well, there has been a ton of good news for XB1 & PS4 owners that rolled out in just these three days alone concerning D3.  The XB1 version will be native 1080p running at 60fps due to the Kinect-free SDK.  Yesterday, MS & Blizzard both announced that the XB1 will be mirroring all patches that the PC will be getting due to similar x86 architecture, 5gb of RAM, and the ability to handle large patches/updates.  This surprise came out of left field because I had totally gone media blackout because why waste energy on a game that I wouldn’t be playing, right?  That completely changed in a span of three days due to all of this awesome news.  The game is now less than two weeks away, and Blizzard has me hook, line, and sinker.  Sherri peered over my shoulder while I was watching D3 streams on Twitch and party chatting with Grymmie.  She uttered, “Oh no…”  Uh oh, ha!  Why couldn’t this game have come out during my summer vacation?!?  Argh!  However, I can’t wait to dungeon crawl with my bruthas!  The wash of nostalgia just brings a huge Cheshire Cat smile to my face.  I’ll conclude with the famous Godfather line, “Just when I thought I was out…”  Well, you guys can finish it for me. Woot!!!

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  1. Blankman permalink
    August 8, 2014 5:16 pm

    Click on all of the subsequent links to find out all you need to know for D3:

    Also, if you link your XBL gamertag with your account, you’ll receive the ‘Signet Ring of Blizzard’ for all of your new characters in the D3: UEE game. It gives some nice pluses to magic & can freeze enemies when you hit them.

  2. August 8, 2014 10:56 pm

    Thanks, Kenny! Great post!

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