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Battlefield 3 official Site, Blog, Battlelog, and YouTube Channel and their up-to-the-minute server status page.

The Stranded BF3 Stats Leaderboard. (Thanks, Herandar!)

BF3 Web Stats page.

Don’t Revive Me Bro fan site.

Official Twitter.

Weapons/Vehicles Attributes Page.

Taken from MTV.  There is also a TON of information over at The Combat-Area (5 Star Site!) and Planet Battlefield.

Info Addict Strat Guide.

The Web Stats page.

The European BF:BC2 Web Stats with slightly different info provided.

High Rez images of the BF3 Medals and Ribbons.

These vids aren’t available via the official YouTube channel.

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  1. October 22, 2010 1:03 pm

    Oh…. We ARE buying these maps!

    I play like… 4 games

    BC2, Reach, Gears and Left 4 Dead.

    I BUY maps. I just do.

  2. 3Suns permalink*
    January 24, 2012 2:47 pm

    Yes, I think we are all in agreement as regards the over powering of the USAS with Frag rounds. A shotgun should kill, even at a distance. But the USAS with frag rounds is almost as fast as a sub machine gun and more powerful than a grenade launcher. That they highlighted that initial video where the guy was blowing up the concrete blocks of cover etc. etc., still has me marveling.

    However, BF3 also offers a treatment of sorts: a good flank. I gasped!

    Glorious flanking!

  3. February 19, 2012 5:47 am

    So, I spend way too much of my free time checking Battlefield stats, and I update all of my XBox Live friends stats on my preferred BF3 Stats. I also update a number of people I am not friends with, and this further eats into my free time. So I’ve compiled a leaderboard of players who are from here, and a couple of players that I’m sure aren’t, but I’ve seen play frequently with people affiliated.

    Big reveal!: The Stranded BF3 Stats Leaderboard!

    So there it is. Anybody can edit the list, and add players. If you are reading this, and play Battlefield 3, you should probably be on the list, so go ahead and add yourself. And update your stats when you play. Enjoy.

    • 3Suns permalink*
      February 19, 2012 2:52 pm

      NICE! Thank you for doing this, Herandar!

  4. 3Suns permalink*
    April 7, 2012 5:30 pm

    While I have spent a considerable amount of my waking time contemplating Kenny’s freshly pimped A:CM, I actually dreamt about BF3, that I flanked an entire team. I woke up with laughter on my lips!

    And today, I see that Boo is back!


  5. July 10, 2012 11:01 am

    Interesting idea, but count on EA to screw it up. I’m agreeing with Johann’s final sentence. I really hope it doesn’t get to the point where you need to have a rented server to even play. I’m sure it won’t come down to that, but in this day and age, anything’s possible, sadly.

  6. 3Suns permalink*
    July 10, 2012 8:54 pm

    Bwahahahhahaha! There he is!

  7. July 14, 2012 3:27 am

    Looks like EA let this one slip by. Battlefield 4 is already confirmed.

    • 3Suns permalink*
      July 14, 2012 4:09 pm

      Thanks for the heads-up, Grymmie! I am surprised it isn’t an announcement for BF:BC3. It took DICE 6 years to sequel BF2, and now they are doing it every, what, 18 months?! A beta for BF4 this fall doesn’t really make sense. When are they planning on releasing the game, in March 2013, or a whole year later in Falll 2013 (it could hardly be called a beta if that were the case)?!

      Anyway, I am in no rush to spend more money on this franchise, though if it is released in Autumn of 2013, I am sure I will eat that pizza! But Spring 2013 is all about LV-426 baby! Game over, man!

  8. July 17, 2012 12:25 pm

    Breaking NEWS!!! Source of the Leak for Battlefield 4 has been discovered.

    Freddie Wong strikes again (link to this vid posted by Dice on Facebook)

  9. October 19, 2012 3:13 am

    Not sure if you caught this Suns, but they have new skins for the classes. Recon now has the Stunna Shades and you can see a helmet-less Assault on the far left.

  10. January 2, 2013 2:22 am

    Found this during my travels of ze interwebz. Epic Sax Guy BF3 Edition.

    And the original Epic Sax Guy for those of you who are confused as hell. (Starts at 0:40)

  11. March 9, 2013 1:20 pm

    Battlefield 4 may have it’s first debut on the 26th of this month.

  12. March 13, 2013 7:27 am

    Suns: Downloaded the “End Game” dlc last night. 1.9 gig for the update and 1.7 for the new maps. 3.6 GIG!!! I didn’t even get to play last night cause it took almost 2 hours to download everything.

    I think I have over 25 gig dedicated to BF3 (when you include that i’ve downloaded the discs too).

    • March 13, 2013 4:40 pm

      I downloaded the MP update. I didn’t know there was another 1.7 for the maps! It is crazy! My new 60GB drive is almost full with just BF3!

      Can’t wait to play them, though. I am curious to know how CTF works on BF.

    • Blankman permalink*
      March 13, 2013 6:34 pm

      Wow, that’s some seriously ridiculous crap with those sizable files. DICE has never been good about their compression. They act like their game is the only one that players should account for. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been an uprising of gamers complaining about this.

    • March 13, 2013 6:49 pm

      There has been an outcry. Some people are mad as hell and say they won’t take it any more….which means they will pick it up tomorrow. LOL Gamers are the easiest population in the entire world.

    • Blankman permalink
      March 13, 2013 11:19 pm

      Isn’t that the truth! LOL Until DICE sees a significant drop in players purchasing their DLC due to their outrageous sizes, they won’t change their ways. After all, why should they when the fans/gamers keep acting like lemmings? 😉

  13. March 14, 2013 5:53 am

    First impressions: Played for a couple hours yesterday.

    Huge maps. You better had a motor cycle or some kind of vehicle (unless you are playing flag defense).

    I like CTF, but don’t think this will be the new gametype we play much of. But it is a refreshing change of pace.

    Capturing the flag is a fast past game cause there are many avenues to approach the enemies base and you can scoop it up quickly using any vehicle available (including choppers).

    I was amazed at how many full servers there are playing the new maps. Literally hundreds of games with 15+ players in them.

    Summary: I would say that a squad of us working together (going all offense or defense) can Own at this

    Long live BF3!

    p.s. Suns are you gaming this weekend?!!

    p.s.s. Yes Blankman, I am a lemming… guilty.

    • March 14, 2013 6:37 am

      Played a little of everything tonight. Got my Air Superiority Winner ribbon first try, so I never have to play that again. Played CTF on the snowy map and thought it had great potential, but as I said to Grymmie, I won’t know if it is a good gametype/map until I have put some time into it. Even doo doo can look cool (and is odorless) from a distance. One thing that I anticipate, however, is lots of mine kills on the flag bases. Funny, because all my old Halo CTF strats started flooding my memory again. Have someone run the enemy flag in, but before he captures have another squad ready at the enemy base to grab their freshly spawned flag and do it all over again.

      The Motorcycles are some crazy vehicles. Very fast and a little wonky to drive.

      They beefed up the anti-air weapons and nerfed the M-16. The A-91 Carbine is the new weapon of choice. After I was killed by it a couple of times, I switched and then immediately started OWNING FOOLS! lmao!

      Yes, I should be available to game starting after morning work on Saturday. I will also probably be playing on my Friday night (your Friday morning).

      And yes to the Lemmings/Fools comment. We have all contributed to lining the publishers pockets with unearned dollars, and to encouraging a lack of accountability in the developers.

    • March 14, 2013 6:49 am

      “And yes to the Lemmings/Fools comment. We have all contributed to lining the publishers pockets with unearned dollars, and to encouraging a lack of accountability in the developers.”

      But fuck me if that game isn’t awesome. Sure I regret the Premium purchase now, but with the possibility of 3 out of the 4 map packs to be our regular plays then I’d say I got my money’s worth big time.

    • Blankman permalink
      March 14, 2013 8:21 am

      I’m not calling you guys lemmings. LOL I’m really speaking about the general game purchasing public. DICE is the main culprit in these bloated title updates and DLC. In fact, I haven’t seen such egregious coding from any developer other than Sony’s first party developers. However, not even Sony’s stables have produced such ridiculously irresponsible file sizes. I bet DICE’s practices inadvertently helped MS sell larger HDDs. You can pretty much stick any HDD in the PS3 and it will work, so this really helped the Xbox’s peripheral sales. Unfortunately, fellow members like rED can’t take advantage of these new maps because his console’s storage is just too limited.

    • March 14, 2013 11:43 am

      Yea it is a real shame. And wtf? There still isn’t a definite reason as to why these updates are so large. I would say it includes some of the DLC, but when the DLC packs are close to 2gb themselves that pretty much proves that theory wrong. I love Battlefield, but boy am I fortunate that I have a 250gb hard drive in my Xbox.

    • March 14, 2013 6:22 pm

      Good points, guys. Actually, rED and I already bit the bullet and bought the 60GB HD because the original 20GB (which is really only 7gb) wasn’t enough even for responsibly developed games. It is one of my major complaints with the 360, and something I will be furious about for the next system if they don’t address that greed somehow.

      As for the purchase of Premium, I only regret that I supported that model – not the actual money spent or the fact that there is one map pack we don’t play. As with all DLC, we get 2 for 1 because of the console/purchaser DRM. So, playtime:dollar ration made it incredibly cheap, and I really do like the Assignments. However, I HATE paying the developer for something they haven’t even outlined yet.

      And like for you, Grymmie, there is just something about BF3 that I love like no other game. The boys are always telling me to stop singing its praises as I play.

    • Blankman permalink
      March 14, 2013 8:55 pm

      I agree with your boys, Sun. Please stop praising the game because I’m already throwing up in my mouth. LMAO 😉

      While I’m on the topic of vomit, Gears: Judgment has the audacity to only ship with four MP maps because they want players to pay for this bullsh!t Season Pass ($20/1,600 MSP). This money grab has two DLC map packs, a few garbage weapon/armor skins, and permanent double XP. Fricking unbelievable! By the way, I actually am picking up game because two of my other LAN pals are going in with me to take advantage of next week’s Target special (Buy Two, Get the Third Free) which works out to $43/game. I think that’s about right price that warrants a purchase since I won’t be paying full retail. In addition, I get an additional 5% off because I have a Target Visa card.

  14. March 15, 2013 5:46 am

    Blank, I have just been waiting for you to cave. I thought I was gonna have to manipulate you, but glad to hear you figured out your loophole.

    We’ll have fun, even with only 4 mp maps. Can’t believe that! 4 maps?!

    Got a $20 gift card from Best Buy. Will put that toward Gears. Only getting 1 copy this time. Luke and I will have to play with you via splitscreen.

    • Blankman permalink
      March 15, 2013 8:08 am

      You know me; I’m always looking for loopholes. Ha! Agreed on the one copy for the entire family, Jimbo. This is a money grab, but I know the campaign will be solid. I’m curious to see what People Can Fly can bring to the franchise. After Judgment, I don’t want to see this franchise’s next game for another two maybe three years. I don’t know if it’s me, but this series is getting kind of stale. I’ve never been this disinterested in a Gears game. Normally, I’d be chomping at the bit.

      BTW: It’s been rumored that Cliffy B left Epic to hook up with Hideo Kojima on the upcoming Metal Gear game. Some have even hypothesized that he is actually the one responsible for The Phantom Pain aka Metal Gear 5. Cliffy has been seen rubbing elbows with Hideo on many occassions. What we do know is that the game is from a “Swedish” developer named Moby Dick Studios. I wonder is there’s any validity to this rumor. If so, I can see why Cliffy jumped ship. Mind= Blown if this is true. After all, his position & career at Epic Games was cemented. Mass exodus from your core talent does not spell confidence no matter who you are. Even Mike Capps has left Epic’s advisory board. Yikes!

    • March 15, 2013 5:37 pm

      I thought Mike Capps got ‘let go’ and didn’t leave on his own?

      And sorry to hear about you guys caving in on Judgement 😉

  15. March 15, 2013 5:51 pm

    I look forward to hearing about the game. If I hear you guys enjoying MPVS (not that Horde shite), I will be easily persuaded to pick it up. I have no hope, but I do wish that we could get our hands on a Gears game that had even some of the bottled lightening of Gears 1 MP.

    As for Epic, the way it imploded cannot be explained by Cliffy leaving to be with Kojima. I think something happened with Mr. Rein, who impresses me as an asshat of Sarlaac proportions.

    Mark Rein

    That combined with the inert Tim Sweeney, and a third Gears game that probably had Cliffy receiving death threats and the failure of which he promised would make him quit working on that IP, drove them all apart. From there, Cliffy, between snapping and posting pictures of his half-age bride, decided to flex some well-earned cred and chat with old and respected friends in the industry, if indeed, the rumors of him working on MG5 are true.

    The results of such a collaboration could be truly exciting. Cliffy probably has pacing down better than any other developer.

    • Blankman permalink
      March 16, 2013 9:33 am

      LOL @ “Sarlac proportions!” Correction on the number of Gears games to four, not three. The franchise needs to go into hiatus for at least two years after Judgment. Judgment is a last ditch money grab on the end of the 360’s console cycle. Plain and simple. The embargo on the reviews does not bode well. Every Gears game released their respective embargo at least a minimum of a week before its release. MS & Epic are holding fast to this one though. I wouldn’t be surprised if it scored in the 70th percentile.

      BTW: Your comment had me chuckling, Grymmie! Ha! 😀

  16. March 26, 2013 6:07 pm

    According to this photo it looks like DICE is going to take the Call of Duty approach in BF4 and allow the player to have to different sights on your gun.

    • Johann Nishiki permalink
      March 26, 2013 6:20 pm

      What do you mean? I thought BF3 already has lots of different sights and scopes for all weapons. Some people are running around with sniper scopes on shotguns!

      But I have to say, that pic is gorgeous! 😀

    • March 26, 2013 8:05 pm

      Pretty sure he’s referring to the fact that there are iron sights to the right of that scope. Two scopes on the same gun, in other words.

    • Johann Nishiki permalink
      March 26, 2013 8:41 pm

      Thanks Herandar! Didn’t notice the iron sights.

      I don’t think this will have a very large impact on the gameplay, but it is an interesting addition. I’m just blown away by the graphics!

    • March 26, 2013 8:47 pm

      I’ve created a new page for BF4 (the big announcement hits sometime in the next couple of hours). This one is linked off that one.

  17. April 13, 2013 5:39 am

    I ran into my first case of overt admin abuse last night… I’ve been doing really well in Seine Crossing conquest lately. Logged on last night, and my friends were playing, so I joined them near the end of a losing blowout. The next map started and it was Seine Crossing, and I started off real well. Capturing bases, actually killing people (which happens for me some nights), and reviving my teammates and squad every time they go down near me. We were winning handily, and my friends were in a tank attacking Alpha, and I jumped out and ran into the library.Saw someone run out past me as I ran in, and turned around and saw him possibly C4ing the tank so I killed him.

    It turns out he was the admin, and I got kicked. Logged back in and got kicked nearly immediately. Long story short, I got kicked at least fifteen times for playing the game before they gave up. The game was 75% over when I could finally play without being kicked. My brother teabagged the admin and got banned from the server. And the bastards ended up winning by seven. My score from the time I was allowed to play unmolested was two-thirds of that of the admin that played the entire game.

    Shit like this is why I am starting to favor co-op over multiplayer.

    • April 13, 2013 2:08 pm

      You know, yesterday I got kicked/banned from a server, too. We played two games, I got MVP, and then MVP2, and the third game, after about 2 minutes (I was laying out some anti-tank mines – from which I had only gotten a couple of kills in the previous matches), I got banned.

      I took it as a huge compliment. In my case, I was happy to call it an evening. In the past, however, if one of us gets kicked or banned (usually Johann, Grymm, or rED), we all leave the server. I have too much pride to try and rejoin a group that doesn’t want me. Also, the best revenge is giving their server a mass exodus so the game is no fun to play.

      Co-op can be entertaining, but MPvs is where you test your manliness and character. Co-op can’t hold a candle to the highs (and lows). Now, go download the Gears of War Judgment OverRun demo – it is free – and try it! Almost a month later, I am still playing it and learning new things. Because it is a demo, your stats don’t matter and you can jump in and out of games without ruining them, or tarnishing your own reputation. It is a lot of fun.

      P.S. That is a BADASS score on Seine last week! Very nice!

  18. September 19, 2014 3:53 pm

    Community Test Environment Update – End of September

    Our focus for the Fall Patch on the CTE (Community Test Environment) has been to stabilize and finalize the build and this has meant less updates than normal. We’d like to thank you all for your patience during this time – we appreciate you sticking in there.

    Fall Patch Highlights
    So what are we improving? First of all: the final fix list for the Fall Patch is fairly massive and will be released when the patch goes live. The full patch notes will contain all changes in more detail. In the meantime however, here are some of the Fall Patch highlights that you can expect:

    Game modes
    – Rush (All base game maps except Dawnbreaker), Obliteration, Capture the Flag, and Carrier Assault. Added the Obliteration Competitive sub-game mode

    Sight Improvements
    – Close & Medium range sight reticles no longer affected by weapon firing animation, AKA “Visual Recoil”
    – Improved visibility for red glowing reticule pieces against bright backgrounds

    Player Movement
    – Now almost identical to BF3 movement – with BF4 animation sets
    – Dampened third person hit reactions for player head

    HUD clarification pass
    – De-cluttered and made customizable a plethora of HUD options to make BF4 look the way you want it to (within reason)

    Revive mechanic
    – Made revives much more robust, easier to understand with new UI art and included a new “fully charged” paddle sound.

    – Lowering the setting for how much time difference is allowed when damaging other players (addressing trade kills and behind cover kills where high pings are involved)
    – An automatic High Frequency Update setting is now the default for all users
    – Added High Frequency update support to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms
    – Additional improvements to bullet damage delays between clients compared to Netcode Patch

    Weapon attachment changes
    – Muzzle Brake: Reduced the overall impact of this attachment. Both its positives and negatives have been reduced
    – Heavy Barrel: Lowered the buff it gave to minimum moving spread and moved some of that bonus into reduced spread increase. Should be a good option for longer range tap firing
    – Lasers: Small buff to standing hip-fire accuracy

    Weapon changes
    Note that this list contains an excerpt – the upcoming patch notes will have a detailed list.

    – Bullet velocity increases: Improved bullet velocity for Slugs and nearly all suppressed weapons. Selectively improved base velocity for weapons that were too slow for their intended range
    – Damage Model: Many weapons have had their maximum and minimum damage adjusted slightly. It may take 1 extra bullet to kill at extremely close engagements and long range combat
    – Trigger Delay: Removed from all revolvers
    – Adjustments to slower rate of fire weapons to make them easier to use at longer ranges vs higher ROF weapons
    – Carbines and PDWs now have unique bullpup modifiers that give improved bonuses over the rifle counterpart
    – Ammo: Gave more ammo to the weapons that were short a mag compared to their counterparts
    – DMRs: Audio when being shot at by a DMR has been improved
    – SKS and M39EMR no longer allow you to hold breath
    – Grenade capacity lowered and resupply times increased.

    – The new Teamplay Initative on the CTE, which will be implemented in our coming releases, will focus on the teamplay aspects of Battlefield 4. Our goal is to improve, simplify, and make playing the objective (PTFO) more rewarding than it has ever been.

    This initiative will span more than one release, as there are many things to look at. We will of course continue looking at the previous remaining issues and fixes in the areas of Netcode, Core Gameplay and balance as we go on.

    For the Final Stand release, we will try and get these things addressed in time on the CTE:

    – Gameplay objective scoring re-balance (make playing the objective more desirable)
    – Health and ammo pack re-balance
    – Fix for Neutral/Friendly roadkills exploit and getting killed by own vehicle
    – Distance Spotting changes to make spotting at a distance more precise
    – Footprint sound and random callouts improvements

    This small list of features only scratch the surface of what we want to look at. A full list of our goals with this initiative will be published on the CTE this week if you are interested what we’ll be working on in following releases.

    Taking part of the CTE
    To experience early content and test features and improvements in the CTE, you currently need to own Battlefield 4 on PC and be a BF4 Premium member. To sign up, visit Hurry while there are still open slots available!

    And as always – a big Thank You to all the players who have helped or is helping making us make Battlefield 4 a better game to play!

    David Sirland
    Battlefield 4 Live Producer

    • September 21, 2014 5:51 pm

      Thanks for the heads-up, Jimmy. I believe this update takes care of almost all of the problems save quick death because of large numbers. ❤

  19. September 30, 2014 1:35 pm

    Oh Sweet Strawberry Jelly!! I am ready to try BF4 again (after a few week hiatus)….

    DICE has been promising some massive changes to Battlefield 4 and now we are pleased to say that the Battlefield 4 September update has now gone live on PC and will be going live on consoles very soon.

    As a result of the huge update, you may have problems with Battlelog down today while DICE prepares to rollout the update on all platforms at different times throughout the day.

    The Battlefield 4 update should be going live on PS4 at any moment, and then will be followed by PS3 at around 12pm UK time. The Xbox One update should be available from 3pm UK time onwards and those playing on console could expect to see a 1.16gb install size if it’s the same as PC.

    Seems the small update last night has fixed BF4 on PS4 and Xbox1. How is the gaming holding up on your consoles? Rubber banding fixed?

    — LevelCap (@LevelCapGaming) April 24, 2014

    PC players are already reporting that the Battlefield 4 rubber banding problems have been fixed with the September update, but you can check out the full BF4 September update patch notes here which have just gone live minutes ago.

    As expected, there are vast changes including a long list of weapon tweaks which are essential viewing in case your particular weapon of choice has been nerfed.

    Let us know if the Battlefield 4 update has gone live on your platform and your impressions of the changes after installing. Is your game experience now a smoother one with the vast fixes or are you still having issues?

  20. September 30, 2014 2:18 pm

    And…. Last Map Pack – Final Stand

    DICE promised some big news regarding the release of Battlefield 4 Final Stand and they have now delivered. Those who have access to BF4 CTE servers are in for a massive treat this weekend as DICE has already gone live with the new BF4 Final Stand weapons and maps for PC players.

    In other words, some lucky gamers are already playing Final Stand as we speak. DICE has offered a 14GB update to the CTE and upon installation you’ll realize that this is to make way for the new content.

    That means another four new maps, which we now know as Operation Whiteout, Hammerhead, Giants of Karelia and Hangar 21. DICE has remained secret on the list of new weapons and gadgets, but since the Final Stand servers are now live on CTE, players have already started to upload gameplay showcasing the new goodies.

    These include things such as the BF4 Railgun or Rorsch X1, which is a futuristic rifle that you may just fall in love with. There’s also the Hover tank, a new knife called the Knife Tanto, a piece of equipment known as Metal Storm, the MKV as seen in previous teases and also something new called the Decoy DS-3.

    You can see the Railgun in action in one Final Stand gameplay that has already gone live, we’ve even taken a screenshot of it below to show you what it looks like close up.

    There’s no BF4 Final Stand PS4 or Xbox One release date yet so now it’s purely for PC users to enjoy if you have access to the CTE

  21. Herandar permalink
    October 1, 2014 9:00 am

    My favorite fix in the patch is that you can finally pick up “battle pickup” weapons without having to struggle. I have literally spent up to a minute trying to equip a powerful shotgun before giving up and/or being killed. Last night I picked up the grenade launcher easily, and took out the attack helicopter ten seconds later as it was taking off.

    Could not find out how to tweak the HUD on console… Might be a PC Only fix.

    • October 1, 2014 9:19 am


      Go into the Options -> Gameplay -> Advanced Settings

      There are darn near a hundred options to tweak. WAY too many to play with while playing a game! LOL

      The patch really improves the game, at least from our short play. However, I was getting some really stuttery framerates and Cornie wasn’t (though he saw what I was talking about on my screen). The problems that aren’t fixed with the patch are the size of the maps and the number of players. When I played BF:BC2 it was always, “Yeah! nameofthemap.” With BF4 it is always, “Ahhhh (shit), nameofthemap”. LOL


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