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The OT: Blade Runner 2049

May 8, 2017

Warner Bros Pictures just released the official trailer. Several things strike me about it, but I want to preface this article with “It could ultimately be a huge disappointment.” I am aware of this and this is not a hype piece. Prometheus, the sequel to my other favorite Ridley Scott movie, was very different from what I was hoping for, but I didn’t not like it. I bought the BluRay. It is possible, I think, that it will age well. I plan on rewatching it soon. It may be the same with the sequel for Blade Runner. To state the obvious, the bar for any sequel for Alien (or Aliens) and Blade Runner is so high, the original movies have so profoundly influenced all science fiction in all media since, that it is really unfair to expect something as good, let alone better. I think the best way to anticipate the sequels is to hope that they are fresh and unique experiences in the universes of the originals.

Having said that, as someone so interested in the originals, somehow I forgot that Blade Runner was set in 2019. That is two years from now. In some ways, our technology has surpassed that shown in the film; in most ways, it has not. We are “behind”, but with that, we are also ahead. I am glad it doesn’t rain 24/7 in Los Angeles, and that Harrison Ford is not actually a replicant hunter but just an actor who is in almost all of my favorite films, in all my favorite roles.

There must be thousands of pages written about the artistic excellence and influence of the film. I probably read less than 10 books in my high school years. Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, was one of them. And I can no longer recall with any confidence which it is that I did first, read the book or watch the movie. Regardless, I cannot think of a better imagining of that story. At this point, I still have only watched about 10 seconds of the trailer for the sequel. In fact, that brief cut of the massive hologram, the blue-haired woman, was so impressive, I had to stop and go back. When I clicked play to resume, I could only get as far as the “Atari” sign, boldly declaring that we are looking at an alternate universe to our own, a 2049 that won’t be, but was possible had things since 1982 turned out differently. I was and still am almost overcome with emotion, and I had to stop watching and start writing this post.

So now, with my initial caveat, and knowing that Ridley Scott is only an executive producer (which may end up being for the benefit of the film), I will go back to the trailer. After that, I will almost certainly be ordering the BluRay of The Final Cut. I am speechless.

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  1. May 8, 2017 8:12 pm

    BluRay (The Final Cut) ordered, and I have now finished watching the trailer. Thrilled to hear Vangelis, or at least those famous synth notes, hopeful that Jóhann Jóhannsson preserves his tone and style.

    I do have a fear – that they now declare Deckard to have been human all along, and with that, pull a Highlander 2 and retroactively stinks up the original.

  2. May 8, 2017 8:42 pm

    And for those not interested in movies, there are games.

    A new car, Neo Tokyo being standarized and put into the playlists, and a new Crate, among others.

    Also, this is one of the funniest podcasts I have ever heard. Mike Rapaport is effing hilarious. A real New Yorker.

  3. May 8, 2017 11:47 pm

    1. Dat Cinematography.
    2. RL update is great.
    3. First Scorpio (3rd party) peripheral announced… and its a wireless headset! Also works with PC peripherals. Connects direct to console (not through controller). This likely means, the wireless rights no longer owned exclusively by turtle beach. We can dream of a simple wireless chat mic (but Bluetooth was working on PC party app when I tested and mobile app coming soon).

    • May 9, 2017 12:50 am

      Great news about the headset and, more importantly, about the licensing.

  4. Herandar permalink
    May 9, 2017 10:50 am

    When my bosses killed my OT last year, I made one last hurrah Blu-ray order for myself for the year. Finally got the Bogart collection, got the Australian Import set of Harryhausen films, and ordered the Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. The first two shipped the next day and Amazon sent me a note that it might be a month before Blade Runner shipped. I wasn’t worried. The Blade Runner “Director’s” Cut DVD was one of the first ten DVDs I purchased, before anyone in my family had a DVD player.

    My daughters had a sleepover party for their birthday, so my son and I spent the night at my parent’s trailer while 20+ girls descended upon my house. I brought my PS1, and DVDs to pass the time. I put in the Blade Runner DVD to show my son, and it skipped badly. Very badly. Essentially unwatchable. Introduced Calen to Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD instead. Also, Calen pulled the controller cord on the PS1 which caused the teeny tiny console to fall from the dresser onto the floor, resetting my FFVI game which I hadn’t saved in at least an hour.

    Yes, my kids don’t really know about corded controllers– Ethan won’t either, will he? (Also, my nephew killed my Wii several years ago by pulling it off the top of the CRT television while spazzing out playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl with a GameCube controller.)

    Not to worry about the old DVD, I ordered the BD! After a month, Amazon sent me a note saying it would be two more months. After two more months, they said it would be two more. Looked into it, and realized the 30th Anniversary was finally out of print, and people were selling them used for over $90. The copy I had ordered a few days late was under $14 brand new. I’m guessing that they are coming out with a 35th Anniversary release this year closer to the release of the sequel. Probably have a 8K scan so they can release a 4K UHD Disc as well.

    Amazon finally sent me a note at 1:30 in the morning a few weeks ago (one day shy of seven full months after placing the order) saying it would never be shipped, and apologizing for the delay. Last week, while driving my daughters home from Girl Scouts, I was listening to the Genexus album by Fear Factory, which is totally inspired by Blade Runner (and excellent, It’s absolutely worth listening to; one of my favorites.) and I told my twins that I was going to right a wrong after dropping them off at home. The local 7Eleven sells movies that have been bought in bulk for cheap. Last year, they added “Treasure Finds” which is just a disc in a paper sleeve. Might be an old rental copy or not, but it costs $2.99. Last year, I got Delicatessen, a great French black comedy about post-apocalyptic cannibals. So every time I go there, I at least scan through the movies. A few weeks back, I saw one of the Blade Runner discs in the sleeves. It’s still there, possibly because I’m the only person buying Blu-rays from my local 7Eleven.

    30 seconds and $3.19 later, I drove home with the theatrical cuts and the “Director’s” Cut that I am familiar with. Sure, I’m down three discs and missing the Final Cut, which was extensive and also changed the color palette a bit, but the bulk of it is the same. I like the ambiguity of Deckard’s status, which Ridley Scott changed his mind about after release.

    And that is my Blade Runner Blu-ray story.

    Post-Script: Put the film on when I got home, dozed off as Deckard confronted Pris,and slept through the entire climax and final sequence, and woke up to the end credits.

    • May 9, 2017 6:07 pm

      Great story, Herandar. Thanks for sharing.

      Hey, the Director’s Cut is great. No narration, much toned down gore (which I thought was egregious after seeing it without the eyeball gouging scene – seen only from behind his head). I was able to order the Final Cut brand new for about 8 bucks with shipping. After hearing your stories, however, I wonder if I will indeed receive it.

      Does the Final Cut make Deckard’s status as a replicant undeniable? I thought it was still ambiguous, but with the unicorn scene, a little more probable. Hmm…. I loved the ambiguity – a touch of the Thing. 😉 Glad to hear that there are more Blade Runner fans out there. WOOT!

    • Herandar permalink
      May 10, 2017 11:22 am

      Single disc Final Cut is still in print. I haven’t actually seen it yet, myself.

      My recollection is that Scott and Ford agreed during filming that the question would never be answered. But in an interview in recent years, Scott decided to retcon and definitively state that Deckard is killing his own. I think the interview was in the last five years, which is well after he completed the Final Cut. Might just be him getting sick of being asked about it, though.

      Suns, have you watched Dark City? Interested in your opinion.

      Oh, and I’m not going to watch any trailers for the sequel. Intend to see it with total naïveté.

    • May 10, 2017 6:36 pm

      I can imagine getting tired of the question, and I am not going to allow his (pressured or not) answer to influence my enjoyment of the ambiguity. I believe, based on the evidence of the unicorn dream, that Deckard is a replicant, but I cannot prove that. I am hopeful that the sequel will provide no definitive answer for that question. With skillful writing and directing, it can be avoided.

      I haven’t seen Dark City, but will keep it on my radar now. I have seen Memento, which similarly deals with memory issues.

      Understood about going dark as you anticipate the movie. I will do my best, henceforth, to properly mark materials/discussion that is of a spoiler-ish nature.

  5. May 9, 2017 10:26 pm

    Watch to the end.

    • May 10, 2017 12:14 am

      I was emailing back and forth with a friend and I realized that, though I fully plan on seeing it on the big screen, I have the following concerns: 1) as mentioned above, they suddenly make Deckard human retroshitting on the original, or 2) that they Force Awakens it by giving us the same plot again. The watery blood dripping from K’s face has me concerned. and 3) that they somehow reverse Phantom Menace the origin of the Replicants – the blind guy has me thinking what was a bio-technological masterpiece created by non-mad geniuses will now become some spiritual bullshit.

      My friend bet the price of my ticket that they do all three. LMAO!

      The Thing, Alien/Aliens (apples and oranges but both delicious) and Blade Runner are probably the three most important movies of my youth, not counting a few out of genre dramas like Ordinary People or The Breakfast Club.

      Still, the feel of the trailer has me remembering all the emo from the first.

  6. May 10, 2017 6:55 pm

    Bryan Cranston moonlighting before breaking bad.

  7. May 10, 2017 10:22 pm

    And in the world of pre-determined playoff series, there is the Playoff Snake. Certainly makes for fun speculation, and on this point the authors are certainly correctd, the coaches would get tested more than they currently are. “…A STYROFOAM COFFEE CUP BLOWING DOWN THE STREET COULD COACH THEM [the Warriors and Cavs] TO THE CONFERENCE FINALS.”


  8. May 11, 2017 12:42 am

    Here is NOT a Blade Runner movie.

    • Herandar permalink
      May 11, 2017 8:42 am

      LOL at the cans of Surge. It really is 1996.

  9. Blankman permalink*
    May 11, 2017 9:05 pm

    SquareEnix has put IO-Interactive up for sale citing “poor sales” of Hitman for the reason why they’re dropping the studio. Remember, these were the same assholes that claimed that Hitman: Absolution was a sales failure when it sold 3.8 million copies and the rebooted Tomb Raider “severely missed” projected sales. This Japanese company knows nothing about realistic projections by expecting every game to sell 10+ million to be quantified as a success.

    If the Hitman IP comes with IOI, then Phil could scoop up IOI simply to have an excellent IP in Hitman for the Xbox portfolio. However, if SquareEnix retains the IP, it’s a moot point. It’s a shame because IOI is a very talented studio. Agent 47 is iconic & MS needs more quality IPs since Scorpio is due later this year. IOI also developed fan-fave Mini Ninjas, Kane & Lynch series, and Freedom Fighters. Sony has a long history with the Hitman franchise & has received console exclusive content in the past. I hope that they don’t wind up with the Hitman franchise. That would suck major balls. Regardless, screws SquareEnix!

    As some of you guys already know, Zos & I have been singing Hitman’s praises since we bought the entire first season. It was a no-brained as it was my pick for GoTY. The amount of possibilities in that sandbox gaming environment was simply staggering. When news of IOI being sold released this morning, I was disheartened that we may never see any future Hitman games or season two content even though it’s been well in development.

    OT: I can’t believe that the undermanned Spurs who are playing without their best player, Kawhi, & Parker are beating the Rockets at halftime with the score of 61-42! Get this; the Rockets are playing at home! Unbelievable & embarrassing. The Rockets were trailing by sixteen points & Harden was sitting on the bench. Their coach knows nothing about this game being do or die. If the Rockets can’t manage to even the series, they’re done. Ridiculous. I’m glad that I can’t stand either team. If the Spurs manage to close out the series, you can believe that Popovich’s coaching cred will sky”rocket” past the stratosphere. Pun intended. 😂 Looks like the Warriors return to the finals got even easier. Sheesh.

    EDIT: Oh my goodness, it’s now 71-43 in the third quarter (9:03 remaining). Talk about imploding! 😂😂😂

    • May 11, 2017 11:34 pm

      Thanks for info on Hitman and IOI. More so for what it would mean to the Xbox community (and install base) than even for the excellence of the game. I want that Hitman exclusive. Hopefully the IP becomes available, and hopefully MS picks them up.

      As for the Rockets and Spurs, apparently this marks the umpteenth time D’Antoni loses to Pop, among others. I think even more than Pop’s cred going up, D’Antoni’s goes down. LOL! And @LOL at Mr. DrawAFoul Harden. That kind of soft play will only get you so far.

      I haven’t watched a minute of game six, but in the previous games, the Spurs were all running around the court like 9 month-olds with their hands high in the air, showing the refs that they weren’t fouling Harden. Looking back, it almost seems like Harden was some kind of gross inverted aberration of the Hack-a-Shack….”Draw-A-Harden” Bwahahahaha! Live by the foul, die by the foul…while smelling foul.

      But even more than that, it was “Choke-A-Harden”.

      One last thing, Pop consistently thinks long term. Rested Kawhi in this game risking the possibility of a seventh. Paid off well this time. Kawhi should be well rested and in good shape to meet the Warriors.

      I have no idea how that series will go, though on paper, it should go quickly in favor of the Warriors. In reality, they are part of the “New Basketball” that doesn’t need steak to choke, just the sauce you dip it in. I hope my fears prove unfounded.

    • Blankman permalink*
      May 11, 2017 11:41 pm

      Pop wasn’t resting Kawhi. Kahwi turned his ankle & tweaked his knee in game 5!

    • May 12, 2017 12:10 am

      Yeah, I know but I had heard that Kawhi was ready to go anyway – wanting to play already after the injury occurred in Game 5. Fight through the pain sort of thing. From what I know of Pop, he always errs on the side of the health of his players.

      Clearing that sort of spread on Houston home court, without Parker and Kawhi, is all credit to the coaching (especially if it was him who lit a fire under Aldridge). Don’t know if I am going to bother watching that one now that it is done.

      I still haven’t finished watching Boston beat the Wizards. I hate the green, literally, what an ugly color, and the Man Bun (supposedly a Canadian dirtier than Draymond…according to Draymond HA HA HA). But I like that little trash-talking Thomas and want him to win. Regardless, with juicy LeBron, things will be very bleak once they get to the Conference finals.

      I also have not one, but two episodes of BCS on deck.

    • May 12, 2017 2:36 am

      Looking at this lowlight, it is entirely possible Harden threw the game. Seriously, it is that bad (who knows, maybe someone was holding a family member hostage). Either that, or that Kardashian got her hands on him again.

  10. May 12, 2017 12:52 am

    99$ for 4TB Western D


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