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The Weekly OT #35: Pit People Game Preview Out Now

January 13, 2017

Just when I thought I was done spending money. 4 Player Co-op Online and Local, and Battle mode. Cornie and I have played the Beta, for hours. This is The Behemoth’s vintage humor packaged in an RTS game. Um, it’s better than Monopoly. Oops, did I go to far? It is rumored, there are masks. Ok, now I went too far.


This game is a work in progress. It may or may not change over time or release as a final product. Purchase only if you are comfortable with the current state of the unfinished game.In our fast-paced, turn-based, co-op adventure you’ll quest and explore, find awesome loot, customize your fighters, recruit strange species, and fight in tournaments! A full cast of tragically unique heroes awaits as you plot a course across an apocalyptic wonderland! Dogged at every step by a mysterious and power-hungry narrator (Will Stamper, “BattleBlock Theater”), you’ll need to rally your troops and steel your wits if you hope to survive a hostile world filled with sinister electrobots, deadly vampires and brutally adorable cupcake people! Highlights of the Game: -Single player story mode -2 player co-op story mode (local & online) -Up to 4 players in PvP (online) -Daily Tournaments -Signature Behemoth art style & humor Full details on the latest status of the game, how you can give feedback and report issues can be found at

Couldn’t wait for the new week. You can try it for free, and then do the “Shut up and take my money!”

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  1. January 14, 2017 7:15 am

    Pit People! This one goes to eleven! Cornie and I playin’ it all night. SO MUCH FUN! It is crazy detailed, but even I am picking it up. Co-op is crazy, and I can’t even imagine the chaos that is 4 player. Happy.

    • Blankman permalink*
      January 14, 2017 2:59 pm

      It’s 2 vs 2 (4-player MP) which sucks. I thought that we could do 4-player co-op like Castle Crashers. πŸ˜•

    • January 14, 2017 5:05 pm

      I am sorry for misleading (and even sorrier that the game isn’t 4 player co-op). 😦 I looked at the MS page and read:

      Co-op Online
      Multiplayer Local- 4 players
      Multiplayer Online- 2 to 4 players
      Co-op Local

      Of course, in the full text that I pasted in the post proper, it actually spells it out. But I was already tilted by my misunderstanding of the summary. Anyway, the campaign is fantastic, even if it is just for two players. Didn’t want to go to bed last night.

  2. January 15, 2017 9:33 pm

  3. January 16, 2017 1:05 pm

    Sea of Thieves play testing continues this weekend! More invites going out momentarily.

  4. January 16, 2017 5:08 pm

    Everyone, check your spam folders often. They are adding 5000 to the original 1000.

    No details yet as to what kind of test it is, or when the sessions will be, but I am opening my schedule.

  5. January 16, 2017 11:22 pm

    Rocket Pron

    • January 17, 2017 11:05 am

      I think there was a mistake because none of our own footage was in that trailer. Maybe they are saving us for the surprise ending.

    • January 17, 2017 4:54 pm

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure they are having the battle of the Titans first, and then the winners have to face Team Get Sukt.

      Speaking of getting sukt, Taifu is going to be sailing in the Sea of T’ieves with us, starting at Sat 7pm GMT. There has been no end time given, so hopefully it is a 24 hour deal, but I kind of doubt that. Anyone else get an invite?

      This was just released today and shows how Rare is quantifying and prioritizing gamer feedback. Insightful!

    • January 17, 2017 5:08 pm

      Update: They are saying it is from Saturday 21st January between 7-10pm GMT

      They extended their original play sessions by hours. Perhaps they will do that this time, too. This is all they are promising though.

    • RoBBins permalink*
      January 18, 2017 10:49 am

      @esuns Alpha goes from 7pm-10pm GMT (2-5pm EST). I will be joining you, Zos and Cornie as well! Nice little pre-birthday present!

    • January 18, 2017 2:21 pm

      11am PST to 2pm PST.

      AKA i won’t be able to make it

    • January 18, 2017 3:29 pm

      RoBBins, I will do my best to be on at 4am (Sun JST) to join you and take you through the paces.

      Zos, that is too bad, but Rare is already saying that they will be having another test soon, only with more content ( i.e., even better). When they say soon, they mean it, as this second Alpha shows. If plans change, let us know. It would be most excellent if we could fill a squad of four. And I promise not to open Party Chat this time. The fun dropped from an 11 to a 3.

      EDIT: DOH! I was signed in as Cornie. (This is ‘Suns)

  6. January 17, 2017 9:45 pm

    The Gaben did another AMA^^^ pretty fun.

    One quote of interest:

    [–]MursBur 1412 points 3 hours ago
    Are you planning on continuing the Left 4 Dead series?

    [–]GabeNewellBellevue[S,🍰] 2064 points 3 hours ago
    Products are usually the result of an intersection of technology that we think has traction, a group of people who want to work on that, and one of the game properties that feels like a natural playground for that set of technology and design challenges.
    When we decided we needed to work on markets, free to play, and user generated content, Team Fortress seemed like the right place to do that. That work ended up informing everything we did in the multiplayer space.
    Left 4 Dead is a good place for creating shared narratives.

    Obviously far short of any kind of confirmation, but at least humoring the idea of supporting L4D in the future. TF2 treatment for that game would work very well IMO. Have users create content etc.

    • January 18, 2017 12:57 am

      Thanks for the heads-up, Zos.

      Bunch of things:

      Gabe Speak: “Products are usually the result of an intersection of technology that we think has traction, a group of people who want to work on that, and one of the game properties that feels like a natural playground for that set of technology and design challenges.”

      Translation: We buy our games pre-made from students at DigiPen. They are so happy to work for “Valve!”, they give us their shit for a chair and a desk.

      The Source engine, and specifically Hammer, while fantastic in 2004, is incredibly difficult to design on. People were literally painting hills, valleys, trees, and buildings in CryEngine, while modders where spending hundreds of hours learning how to line up two walls in Hammer. The only thing I have experienced that was worse, was HEK (Halo Editing Kit for Halo:CE PC). It is no wonder Bungie had so many backtracking missions. None of the level designers had the time to build or iterate. Make something? Ok, copy that shit and mirror it over here – and then just have the gamer run back and forth on it.

      As for L4D, how much more do they want from the community?! They already packaged modder levels and sold them to Xbox gamers for a premium. No, they have all the support they need and content they need from the community. They just need to release that stuff to the consoles. The problem is that nobody at Valve knows how to work. All they know how to do is move pieces around until something falls into place.

      Source 2 is apparently out there, but I haven’t seen or heard anything from anyone lately.

      Valve, where work goes to die.

  7. January 18, 2017 6:42 pm

    • January 18, 2017 11:45 pm

      It was a troll 😦

    • RoBBins permalink*
      January 18, 2017 11:46 pm

      I’m sure you’ve seen it since this post, but it’s apparently Will & Grace that’s coming back. Not the office 😦

    • January 19, 2017 2:04 am

  8. January 19, 2017 5:14 pm

    This came out of nowhere. Intrigued.

    • Blankman permalink*
      January 19, 2017 5:52 pm

      Nope, it’s been there all along. Due to the success of Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool being rated-R, Logan (Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine flick) opted to also follow suit with an R-rating. There’s been a lot of hoopla over it because Fox is already searching for Jackman’s replacement.

      The premise of the movie is the father-daughter relationship between Logan and his daughter, X-23. They, along with Professor Xavier are living off the grid due to the Mutant Registration Act. It sounds good on paper, but I’m not holding my breath. Far too many missed opportunities with the previous offerings.

      This upcoming Wolvie flick is supposed to be dark & graphic, as in terms of violence. Wolverine was always supposed to be represented like that. I mean, the guy has metallic claws for crying out loud. The studio went for PG-13 ratings specifically targeting the money from teenie boppers. Deadpool has forced studios to reassess how far they want the violence, humor, & content to go now that older audiences are driving sales. Logan looks meh imo. They’ve never handled Wolverine properly.

    • January 19, 2017 7:26 pm

      Now I know why this one caught my eye. Grittier. Thanks for the info, Kenny. I haven’t even watched all the Jackman Wolverine movies. Grew kind of tired of Marvel movies about the time they redid Spiderman for the 3rd time.

    • Herandar permalink
      January 23, 2017 2:36 pm

      Spiderman movies keep getting remade because that is how Sony retains the rights to make them. Otherwise they go back to the current owners of Marvel.

    • January 23, 2017 5:52 pm

      Thanks, Herandar. Didn’t know that. I just know that I am not interested in an other Origin story about that particular character.

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