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The Weekly OT #25

November 12, 2016

This week I can share three great links.  First, the Iguana and the Snakes video below that went viral this past week.  The closest thing I have to a phobia is my fear/loathing of snakes; getting bitten was a recurring nightmare of mine, on almost a nightly basis, for much of my childhood.

Second, it must be the science/math lover in me that smiles when I read the following:

Theo Epstein overcame 108 years of history to build a championship team in Chicago. In the process, he ended baseball’s long-running analytics war by proving that an objective, data-driven approach can change the game.
…If it wasn’t clear enough when Epstein ended Boston’s title drought 12 years ago, it should be abundantly clear today: An objective, data-driven view can change the world. It can laugh at omens. It can spit in the face of curses. It can whistle past the graveyards of games past, whether it be a Game 6 in 1986 or a Game 6 in 2003. It can beat Cy Young winners in the playoffs. It can get up off the mat after a 3–1 series deficit in the championship round, just like it once did after a 3–0 series deficit in the ALCS. It can overcome lucky bounces, and two-run wild pitches in Game 7 of the World Series. It can do what a previous Cubs team couldn’t, and bounce back after blowing a three-run lead in the eighth inning.The Curious Have Won

From Wikipedia (if one is in baseball, this looks pretty good on a resume):

On November 25, 2002, Epstein became the youngest general manager (GM) in the history of MLB when the Boston Red Sox hired him at the age of 28. In 2004, the Red Sox won their first World Series championship in 86 years and won another championship in 2007. Epstein resigned in October 2005, but was rehired as GM and executive vice president on January 24, 2006. On October 21, 2011 he resigned from his job in Boston to become president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs, who in 2016, went on to win their first World Series championship in 108 years.

And as a human being, he sounds pretty good, too.

And third, Malaria, on the ropes!

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  1. Blankman permalink*
    November 13, 2016 1:55 am

    Lawls after the week from hell!

  2. November 14, 2016 5:54 pm

    Thanks for linking those vids here. “Does your wife like toys, too?” Instant classic!

    Hey, be sure you check out that article on Theo Epstein. Fascinating stuff, and it makes baseball more interesting. What baseball lacks in dynamics, it can make up for in commentary based on analysis of data.

    What is also interesting is that “Paul DePodesta— famed in baseball circles for being Billy Beane’s assistant GM during the Moneyball movement so many years ago — has opened a front in the NFL, taking over the Cleveland Browns”.

    I will be watching that team over the next 5 years to see if they can pull their pants up, even just to their knees.

    • Blankman permalink*
      November 15, 2016 1:59 am

      That SW commercial spoof by SNL always makes me laugh. Always gutbusting laughter when it comes to the close-up & the music focuses on his sadness. Hahaha!

      Suns, I don’t have to read any articles about Epstein. Those that follow baseball already know about the Boy Wonder’s genius. 😜 rED & I are quite familiar with Epstein ever since his Red Sox days. In fact, I believe that I was the one that commented on his accolades on this site when the Cubs won the World Series.

      Wait, weren’t you the one that said that you don’t consider baseball players athletes? Yeah, that sure was you. Why the sudden interest in baseball? LOL 🤔

    • November 15, 2016 8:51 pm

      I wrote a bunch of stuff, but I have trashed it. Don’t have the energy for it. I still don’t enjoy baseball enough to watch a full game of it in a very busy life.

  3. November 14, 2016 7:33 pm

    Somehow this got by me. It is getting great reviews, and being a sucker for languages/cultures having an expert translator/linguist as the protagonist is a plus for me.

    And some info on the writer of the short story it was based on.

  4. November 15, 2016 6:37 pm

    • November 15, 2016 7:41 pm

      Can’t wait for the beta!

    • RoBBins permalink*
      November 16, 2016 11:04 am

      Incoming n00b question: When does the beta start for this?

    • November 16, 2016 3:06 pm

      It hasn’t been announced. Who knows?

      And I haven’t watched any of the Walking Dead, but I will try out SNL’s version! Thanks!

  5. RoBBins permalink*
    November 16, 2016 10:55 am

    For all my Chappelle’s Show fans. Assuming you haven’t seen it yet..

  6. November 18, 2016 3:38 pm

    I have some Pliny and looking to play some GOW or BF1 tonight. Who’s gonna be around?

    • November 18, 2016 3:56 pm

      I will be, but not until after work (2pm JST). I can’t game at all tomorrow, so tonight!

    • Blankman permalink*
      November 18, 2016 4:08 pm

      What happened to you last night? You texted rED & I that you were going to jump on. 🤔

    • November 18, 2016 4:18 pm

      There’s your problem, I texted that on Wed bro. I was waiting for responses too and nobody texted me back =(. Bunch of clowns.

      I was in a evening class last night so I got home and crashed toooooooo

    • November 18, 2016 5:09 pm

      I want to know what “Pliny” means.

    • November 18, 2016 6:18 pm

      Legendary Beer. They only distribute partially in Oregon and no longer to WA.

  7. November 18, 2016 5:23 pm


    How I feel in almost every game I play, especially Gears!

  8. November 18, 2016 5:33 pm

    The Trainer coming to RL, but is it coming to XBoxRL or just PC RL?

    Zos, I need another Twitter favor. The PC has mappable air role LEFT, Air Role RIGHT functions, but we just have “Airrole” and that means we have to do an almost impossible button/stick combo – we’re talking Street Fighter shit here.

    Could you ask and then follow up until we receive, that mappable function? 😉 PC has had it since they made it,…for CONTROLLERS!!!! And on Xbox we are don’t and are at a massive disadvantage. I will drop the link to the Airrole Training vid as soon as Cornie sends it to me (I can’t find it with a search).

    • Blankman permalink*
      November 18, 2016 8:08 pm

      Air role? “Role?!?” You mean ‘roll.’ I thought that you were an English teacher?!? 😂

    • November 18, 2016 8:38 pm

      HAhaha! Laugh it up fuzzball!

      ::dang, busted!::

      ::checking below::

      Thank goodness I got it right on reddit, where people aren’t as merciful! I might get swatted if I did it over there.

      And at Zos below, um, that’s an affirmative. Not until 2pm JST, but I will be on and I’m bringing a very young slayer with me, to shore up some of the slack I create. Hoping to play some more Gears KoTH (the only gametype I can play). However, I would be much obliged if I could have some support on ‘Nade doodie. (sp just for you, Kenny) 😉

      If rED, Zos, Taifu, Zender, and Blank are all on, then I will gladly take Twitch duty and cheer from in party. Otherwise, if there is a spot, I would love to play! WOO!! Two more classes and a little clean up and I am yabba dabba doo!

  9. November 18, 2016 7:04 pm

    Gotcha with the beer, though I thought you couldn’t drink that stuff anymore. Anyway, happy for your happiness, and hope your stomach stays intact for games tonight!

    Posted a request on reddit.

    • November 18, 2016 7:58 pm

      Haha, I have only had a single beer in the last few months. We will see what happens tonight. Usually things are OK with just one beer. Are you going to be on tonight?

  10. November 19, 2016 5:04 am

    This could be very cool! I think rED should submit his goal save from the weekend. 😉

    It is really difficult not to go all hyperbolic about the awesomeness of this game that is so simple yet so difficult.

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