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For rED, Before the Hanson Brothers

February 26, 2016

Let it never be said that there isn’t something for everyone here. ❤

  1. February 29, 2016 3:50 am


    Phil Jackson pegged it. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf.

    The Steph Curry of the 90’s, however he wasn’t as consistent. Quickly faded away in just a few years.

    On that game he not only scored 51 on the hall of famer John Stockton (who also is the record holder for steals.) but he also scored on Karl Malone helping.

    Steph highlights. Although to be honest no idea why they would put a center to guard him, and Russel Westbrook current leader in steals was not guarding him in the key moments. Still, Curry made all the big shots including the game winner. Can’t be mad about that at all.

    • RoBBins permalink*
      February 29, 2016 1:00 pm

      The guy simly does not miss from 3 point range, no matter how far behind the line he is. I’m convinced he’s a robot.

    • RoBBins permalink*
      February 29, 2016 1:00 pm

      *Simply. /fail

    • Blankman permalink*
      March 1, 2016 12:23 am

      What an awful AMA. It’s not worth wasting your time reading it, guys. Trust me. I wasted part of my lunchtime reading all of that sidestepping that Massive did. The top questions of the TD subreddit weren’t even answered.

    • March 1, 2016 1:21 am

      Yeah, i noticed that. Kind of unsettling LOL There were a lot of legit questions (concerns) consumers had, and they didn’t address at all! LOL. Even the softball questions (about using beta feedback to shape the game) were answered with completely empty responses.

  2. March 1, 2016 6:42 am

    RoBBins, Curry’s shooting ability is amazing. And bringing this back around to hockey, in a mixed comparison, he reminds me of Wayne Gretzky. Not tough (as in physical and pushing guys around), but playing the game different from anyone else because he can. Curry will have to be around a lot longer to build the kind of legacy for which he has potential. His ankles may make that impossible. I sure hope not. I love watching excellence.

    By the way, Iguodala came up very clutch, getting those two free throws to push the game into overtime (he gave the “I don’t know” Jordan face – funny to see all the players doing that. You know that they watched those Jordan finals many times when they were little.) And then Curry came up clutch getting the three a step or two over the half court line with 0.6 seconds left.

    This is the same thing I was talking about last year at this time. I think we are watching history being made, and it is fun to see it unfold before one’s eyes. I’m not interested in giving praise where it isn’t earned, but I sure am not interested in drinkin’ the hater-aid. This guy and the Warriors team are promoting not just their team, but the whole NBA through their race for 73, and the way in which they are doing it.
    The Gretzky rule
    In June 1985, as part of a package of five rule changes to be implemented for the 1985–86 season, the NHL Board of Governors made a decision to introduce offsetting penalties, where neither team lost a man when coincidental penalties were called. The effect of calling offsetting penalties was felt immediately in the NHL, because during the early 1980s, when the Gretzky-era Oilers entered a four-on-four or three-on-three situation with an opponent, they frequently used the space on the ice to score one or more goals.[63][64] Gretzky held a press conference one day after being awarded the Hart Memorial Trophy, criticizing the NHL for punishing teams and players who previously benefited. The rule change became known as the Gretzky rule.[63][65] The rule was changed back for the 1992–93 season.[66]

    • March 2, 2016 5:07 am

      That’s the thing. It isn’t hockey. This isn’t a game that’s impacted heavily by just being good at one thing. He is a terrific shooter. No one in their right mind would deny that, but yes if the conversation turns into history there are different ways to look at it, and there will be different opinions of their place in history (if it’s truly history in the making).

      Turn back the clock to last year and yes he was lighting it up, and scoring big on big teams. Then during the finals he had one big game. 37 points.

      Meanwhile Lebron averaged 35.8 points/13.3 rebounds/8.8 assists/1.3 steals.

      We could argue until we go blue, who is the better player, but Steph is not going to impact the game as completely as Lebron, and Lebron will never shoot like Steph.

      Also food for thought, the thing for me is black and white in stats. Steph is nearly identical to last year, the main difference is he is making 2 more 3s and making one more free throw. Which makes up his 7 point increase. That’s it. 7 points, and the conversation has shifted from MVP caliber player to possibly greatest of all-time?

      That’s where I put the brakes on the “let’s watch something amazing” bandwagon. Same with the team. Oh yeah they are steamrolling the league in scoring, no doubt. 1st place scoring. No surprise there. Where are they in defense? 22nd. 96′ Bulls were 1st and 3rd. Heck the Spurs right now who are in the same run to beat the Bulls as well are 6th and 1st, and they are resting their starters!!!

      Are they forcing teams to beat them at their game? Absolutely. However when it doesn’t work out, they lose big, like I said it before.

      Also is Curry the only guy who is red hot? Nope. Lillard has 8 games with 30plus scoring (out of nine games) (Including the 51 against Curry), has 48 straight free throws made, and shooting for 42 percent from three. On that team that has only one other scorer, and less ball movement than the warriors he is to me far more impressive than Curry. He even has his own long range bombs highlight reel.

      That’s just my personal favorite.

      Last years true MVP was Russell Westbrook. He did 28.1 points, 7.3 rebounds (yeah a 6’3 guard!) 8.6 assists and 2.1 steals.

      Russell got injured, and Steph had a strong finish.

      This year even with Durant playing he is doing 24.3, 7.6 rebounds, 10 assists and leading the league in steals with 2.2.

      Durant is scoring 27.9 mind you, so Westbrook could easily hover in the 30s per game if he wasn’t around.

      Im not sure if you know what win shares are, but let me tell you that Westbrook is just 2 win shares away, and this is with Durant being 3rd with 3.5 win shares away. In other words both are putting MVP caliber performances side-by-side which are barely beaten by Steph alone. This is a very hard thing to do, when you have two guys sharing the ball as much. In comparison Draymond Green is the only other warrior on the top 10 and he is like 6 win shares away.

      Saturdays game before Iguodala’s clutch free throws, it was Durant’s only flaws of the game to throw a bad bad pass and to foul him in return, but it cost them the game.

      This isn’t about Hater-Aid. If anyone truly loves basketball, it would be about loving all aspects of the game.

      If you had a team in football that played lights out offense, but little defense, then you would call it out. If you have a team that wins the super bowl with defense to bail out an aging quaterback in order to go out as a champ, You would certainly call it out.

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