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Better Call Saul: S2 E1&2 – Spoiler Free

February 25, 2016


The above video is a fun scene from Season 1.  I have now watched the first two episodes from Season 2, Switch and Cobbler, and I can tell others who like the series that they are in for more of the same, in the best way possible.  I have no idea where things are going to go this season, but I have very little doubt that it will be highly entertaining.  I love binge watching, but I am actually happy that these are only released one episode per week, because it gives me time to savor the one and anticipate the next.

The video below is also from Season 1, and while very different, I appreciate it as much as the line from Dark Knight, “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

I hope at least some of you decide to start watching it because I wanna talk about it.  So bad.  WARNING: possible spoilers in the comments if anyone choose to discuss!

  1. February 25, 2016 12:56 am

    Wifey and I have been watching these on Sling TV, and it’s kinda “meh” feeling to them. Seems like the plot is further advanced and were are getting into the meat of the story with a real glimpse of how the characters came to be in Breaking Bad, but some of it seems watered down.


    His out of nowhere decision to join the law firm, and the way episode 2 ended. IDK, it just doesn’t have the “Holy Crap! I need to watch next week!” feeling to it. There has been good moments for sure, but the series still doesn’t get to the Breaking Bad levels post Season 3, which is understandable because Breaking Bad itself took a while to get there.

    Cucumber water for customers only.

    • February 25, 2016 5:04 pm

      I cannot tell you how refreshing I am finding the slow pace, but with meaning in every word and camera shot, style of BCS. As my friend Mark said, “It all just goes along so calmly, drip, drip, drip and then overflows into cackling out loud. Great stuff.”

      Watched Jurassic World this week and fell asleep during the finale. When I woke up and saw the T-Rex roaring above the resort, I thought it was the designer Rex that broke out. Cornie corrected me. Good movie, but I am just starving for clever, subtle writing that makes you think and work and wait for the payoff.

      For actually plot advancement, there is no cliff hanger-age in BCS. The pleasure is in the process. David Simon and Vince Gilligan understand the concept of “payoff”, and I don’t know of any other writers/directors in popular entertainment that are providing that experience so consistently or skillfully.

      The switch scene at the end of episode one was great! We are finally getting good “literature” in our TV, and Bob Odenkirk is brilliant in his timing. Similarly with the Cobbler story in episode 2, which made all the waiting up to that point worth while. It is hilarious on so many levels, including the fact that he has to explain it to the jaded cops.

      “I believed the tears.”


      In hindsight, that should have been the title of the OP. BCS S2E1: I believed the tears. LMAO!

    • February 26, 2016 11:31 am

      Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks are just solid gold. I love how both series turned less known supporting actors into main character actors.

      and yeah that scene was funny as the cops kept glancing back and forth and to each other.

      There is some great writing/acting for sure.

      I’m just pissed cause I know they will drip it up to episode 6-7 and unleash the chaos!

  2. February 25, 2016 1:34 am


    Saw this on another site:

    The night Linsanity died. Knicks vs. Heat during the Linsanity era.

    It also highlights why I liked the 2012 Heat so much, and why in comparison I really can’t stand the Warriors aside from Draymond Green. They played unrelenting team defense. Almost every single forced turnover became a thundering slam, or a three point shot. They would make you pay dearly for your mistakes, and turn a close game into a beatdown.

    The Warriors on the other hand are superb at half court offense, something the Heat were not. That’s why going back to Chris Bosh, he was so important. In the last seconds of the video you can hear the stat line of scores: Bosh 25, Wade 22, James 20.

    Now going back to Blazers vs. Warriors, Klay Thompson said the Blazer beat down was a “fluke” and that them almost getting beat by the Clippers was somehow going back to how things were, shady logic but ok. Klay is running coat tails of this ride, sure he gets hot every now and then and takes over but for the love of a higher being he is not a superstar sidekick.

    I have heard even comparisons to Scottie Pippen and Jordan, please!!!

    Ok Pippen is the template of all point-forwards. Pippen is the template of your do-it-all players like Draymond Green. He could defend the best of all 4 positions and he could stop 90’s Centers quite well. He had one speed in dunking, unlike Jordan, hard in your face dunks. Could get hot and score quite well alongside Jordan.

    watch their 40-40 performance

    Box Score:

    They are one of only two pairs who have done triple doubles in the same game.

    That’s the 72-10 Bulls. Anyone daring to compare them to the Warriors is kinda laughable. They damn right need to ask permission to break 73. Their play is nowhere near as developed as the 96′ Bulls. They didn’t earn their way like other teams, and I hope seriously if they do break it they are cocky enough to play that way during the playoffs.

    If the Blazers get the 8th spot and face them in the first round, I’m going to sell a Kidney and get into a game. : P

    • February 25, 2016 4:22 am

      Great to hear your thoughts on any aspect of basketball. Since I didn’t watch the sport in the Bulls era, I cannot speak to comparisons.

      I do want to make a few observations, though, and ask some questions.

      The Warriors certainly aren’t as tested as the Bulls were after they had won a few championships, and with tests comes the proof of the metal. We shall see what they are made of.

      The conference that the Warriors play in is no joke. I don’t know what the Bulls were up against when they got 72 wins, but the Warriors pulling 72 wins out of the current Western Conference, well, I wouldn’t be one to take away from that.

      Also, anytime a team is lauded as the top, or going for a record, the other teams come out fiercer because they want to knock the king off. So any team that sets records deserves a certain amount of respect, regardless of era.

      Are the Trailblazers to the Warriors what the Olajuwon Rockets (?) apparently were to the Bulls, (i.e., the Warriors’ Kryptonite) ?

      The Warriors may not be that good defensively, but I get the impression they can run a lot, which is one of the benefits of being small. How would that compare to the fitness of the 90s teams?

    • February 26, 2016 11:12 am

      The main difference is hand checking rules. Before it was legal to put your hand on a player.

      This made a world of difference because especially little guards were pushed over easily.

      The other main difference was the way flagrant fouls were enforced and the repercussions. You had teams like the Knicks that lived by fouling you hard each time you went into the paint.

      That made it again hard and risky to drive up the lane for the little guys.

      So would someone like Steph Curry score nearly 30 a night as easily? I doubt it.

      There were fast paced offenses in the 90’s but it was much harder to pull off because there were more rim protectors. Meanning the wings could afford to commit to guards much more because if they were beat to the dribble, there would be a big man to cleanup.

      This is why guards in the 90’s posted up. Being a bigger guard like Jordan could back down other guards and create plays out of the post.

      My criticism of the Warriors stems from this brand of basketball they are playing is not new. Not even for them.

      The main difference is they have been making the shots, pulling them away from close games.

      There’s been close games against shitty teams. 76rs by just 3 points!

      Now if you go back at the scores you will see this is not a fluke. Lots of teams, crappy teams had a chance at beating them. I’ll give you the 5 losses: Bucks 108-95, Mavs 114-91, Nuggets 112-110, Pistons 113-95, Blazers 137-105.

      None of those teams are top 5. Some aren’t even making the playoffs.

      They were beat by performances from G. Monroe, Danilo Gallinari, J.J. Barea, Reggie Jackson, and Lillard.

      None All-Stars!

      The only thing I give them credit for is they blew out Spurs a couple of times and the Cavs.

      Spurs are quietly putting together their best season ever and they are defending as opposed to the Warriors. They have the highest point differential in the league.

      I think the run and gun warriors of the 90’s (Mullin, Hardaway, Ritchmond, Sarunas M.) would have done just as well. 116.6 ppg back then vs. 115 of the now Warriors.

      They had less roleplayers and Tyron Hill was not developed yet. He became a small ball foward-center later on.

      Hey if they break it, it wouldn’t be all that different from their championship win. It will have more questionables and invisible asterisks, by people who look at stats.

      Now if they break it and lose the playoffs that’s their worst scenario. They will forever be remembered as winners and losers simultaneosly! LoL!

    • February 26, 2016 4:14 pm

      Thanks for the game info/history. All interesting and new stuff for me.

      What are the asterisks the Warriors have for their championship win? The Cavs being without one, or two, or all of their stars doesn’t merit an asterisk. Injury is part of any sport and if that starts counting as asterisk material, then anything should.

      Asterisks and questioned victories should be saved for cheating and qualitatively changed statistical foundations (e.g., the number of games in a season has been increased).

      Hey, I will maintain that when his team needed him in the final two series, Curry didn’t show up. But I will not say that their team didn’t win every game fair and square and under all the same pressures (with the exception of rule changes, including the Shaq charging line which they didn’t have in Jordan’s time) that any other championship team has done.

  3. February 27, 2016 4:05 am

    Frenik, I was just checking out and The Starters address almost every point you make, including the no hand rule. Hilarious in the timing of it.

    • April 8, 2016 11:17 pm

      Found it! Wanted to post before you posted a headliner that way we could go back to this without having to clog a new entry.

      So going back to the asterisks comment. Oh man this is sports, there are injuries, but there are also many things that influence the game in different ways is for example:

      Kobe’s 5 championships, is he anywhere near the same level as Jordan when he had Shaq’s dominance of the post and posting monster numbers?

      Spurs being the most dominant franchise in the past 15 years, yet not being able to do a back-to-back championship. Even though the Lakers did it twice, and the Heat did it.

      Or even Lebron with the Heat, before Dwayne slowed down after the first championship he had the huge asterisk that he couldn’t do it alone. In fact very likely if Kyrie and Kevin Love had been healthy last finals and they had won, it would probably still carry over to this day.

      I think it would be silly to discount those asterisks because for the Warriors case it fueled them to come out of the gate this season and torch everyone. Also if Steph and Draymond go down with an injury through the playoffs you can be quite sure anyone who wins will have an asterisk.

      It’s there, it isn’t a case of how to alter what happened in many cases, but because those asterisks exist, how they approach them is what shapes them.

      People will still question the different eras. I think the argument will die out either when the Warriors become a dynasty with multiple championships or they lose. Regardless of the era it is very very hard to win the championships year in and year out. Heck is even hard enough to get to the finals year after year.

      As for the videos here’s the thing. They are downplaying the effect of a hand check rule.

      here’s a nice article that if released today it would certainly be seen as biased against the Warriors:

      Here’s the other thing. It is not really about the Warriors. The entire league went up in scoring and it is record breaking in the amount of three pointers that they are shooting. That’s fact. It’s not that they are not guarding Steph Curry in particular, it’s that three point shots in general are not being guarded as much because the de facto response in game is to go to the other side and shoot a three as a response.

      What Steph Curry does bring is the high efficiency shooting at a high volume rate that can’t be matched easily there’s no argument there. The argument is though would have survived night in and night out under a different defensive scheme. A different grind.

      Heck that same argument plays out for 3’s like Lebron and Paul George when they were forced to play 4 at different times. Paul George in particular was very vocal about not wanting the physical game, mainly because the grinding affects his offensive game:

      So if that’s the case, imagine a defensive scheme that let’s other players put a hand on you to slow you down on each possession. To put a forearm. To initiate contact without necessarily getting called a foul.

      It is partly why the league is going small, the defense has been nerfed in a way that you can put a 6-4 guy as a power foward or a 6-7 as a center. It doesn’t matter if they get pummeled on defense because those guys will score.

      The rule got changed for a reason. It’s more European Basketball the way it is now.

    • April 9, 2016 12:35 am

      Thank, Frenik. So, do you like it more the way it is now? Shall we carry this over into the new post?

      EDIT: Great article on the Rules of Defense! Thanks!

    • April 9, 2016 7:49 am

      I like the free flow offense of now, better than rigid offensive system of the 90’s (Like watching Jordan doing tons of Isolation plays and shooting tons of free throws.)

      But again, it’s much harder to defend now,that many teams just give up.

      It’s like the highlights. Many times you look at the defender and it’s painful, you can almost feel the coach pulling his hair at how bad they are at staying with their guy.

      but when a team does defend is beautiful like the video I posted here to end Linsanity.

    • April 9, 2016 5:44 pm

      Yeah, and that is why I like Kawhi. Though he may not be a perfect defender, he is trying, and he has incredible moves on the offensive side as well.

    • Blankman permalink*
      April 9, 2016 5:54 pm

      I was chatting late into the morning with Suns after we finished playing The Division. There’s no doubt that Kobe would have won a few more championships with Shaq, but if David Stern didn’t put the kibosh on the CP3 trade, Kobe would have won another. Look, I’m a staunch Kobe hater, but I respect his game & competitive nature. Chris Paul has the same exact competitive attitude. If those two would have been on the same team along with Gasol; they would have won at least one together. If Kobe had the same number of rings that Jordan has, the discussion on the GOAT would be much closer. That fact that he doesn’t provides that separation of perceived greatness.

      Frankie is correct that the days of isolation style basketball in the NBA are pretty much over. Everyone is going small ball. I still stand by the notion that if the Bulls would have gone against these Warriors, they’d still lose in seven games. Then again, it’s gameplay of two different eras. Apples and oranges. The Warriors don’t necessarily have a dedicated big man as their center. They have role players and their chemistry is pretty darn solid.

      The Cavs can’t run a small ball offense because Mozgov simply can’t keep up. If that’s the best that the east has to offer, they’re not going to win the trophy. Also, Lebron is already disgruntled. I think his ego is getting in his way because he’s not even the second best player in the league, and he knows it. Westbrook is my choice for number two. He’s set to break Magic Johnson’s record of triple doubles in one season if he hasn’t already broken it yet. That’s just ridiculous.

  4. Herandar permalink
    April 10, 2016 11:23 pm

    I get to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs again this year. [Doing my happy dance…]

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