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Ark:SE Dimetrodon, Gallimimus, Dung Beetle & Split-screen Live Now

February 12, 2016

I have highlighted some of the more interesting changes with this patch, including a “serious performance update (~15%)”. Though, where applicable, this absolutely should be the new model for game development, I am still shocked with every drop of content and fix of bug. This isn’t just friendly developers with a listening ear. This is systematic patching with dinosaur-sized content drops. This is new territory for console gamers. I am downloading it as I type.

Patch 731
Hey Survivors!

We’re very excited to announce that the patch is now live! This will bring a heavy update to the Xbox One, including a plethora of content and mega optimization! The ARK will be joined by 3 new friends, many new items and of course the exciting multiplayer functionality, split-screen! We know this has been a highly requested feature from players and we’re stoked to allow you guys to unravel the mysteries of the ARK side by side with your friends and families!

Say hello to the adaptable carnivore! The Dimetrodon offers players shade during excessive heat and shelter from extreme cold by way of the massive insulating sail running down its back. It’s regarded as one of the friendly creatures to survivors and can be found roaming the swamplands that are plentiful with small prey.

The Dung Beetle is a wondrous organic biofactory that eats excrement and other useless waste to then metabolize and produce burnable oil that can power generators and fertilize crops! Regarded as the perfect tame for cleaning up around the tribe’s dino-pen.

It’ll come as no surprise to survivors that the Gallimimus has been often been described as being chicken-like, with it’s extremely skittish behaviour, looking nervous even when eating! The speedy herbivore makes its way onto the ARK with no natural way to defend itself except for running away. Thankfully the Gallimimus may very well be the fastest dinosaur on the ARK, it’s strength, endurance, and speed of its legs allow it to ferry up to 3 Survivors in a specially-designed Saddle!

Today’s update adds an enormous amount of content and optimization, including:

SWAT-style Assault Armor for all your raiding needs!
Greenhouse structure pieces to aid survivors in growing crops
The shockingly powerful Electric Prod easily capable of knocking you out.
Deep-Sea Loot Crates: swim into the deep and discover the highly valuable loot that exists below
Craftable Beer Kegs for making tasty brews, with various status enhancing effects, however the subsequent ‘hangover’ effects are not so pleasant!
Loads of bug fixes, serious performance update (~15%), fixed memory leak
Non-dedicated servers now support up to Eight survivors and 33% larger tether distance

  1. February 13, 2016 2:46 pm

    Speaking of DX12, apparently within the last month one of the heads of the company indicated they would be releasing DX12 support once it is available on all hardware platforms.

    • February 13, 2016 5:00 pm

      I love you.

      EDIT: We tamed a Quetzalcoatlus yesterday and immediately Cornie picked me up while riding on the Ankylo to harvest the metal in the volcano. In the air, the Ankylo was swinging his head back and forth like “No, NO!” and Cornie and I were laughing. It was another one of those moments. And boy did we harvest. All the East Coasters jumpin’ online this morning will have had nothing to mine! Bwahahahaha!

  2. February 16, 2016 1:57 pm

    I was kinda feeling limited with the server gaming, and not being able to tame the new creatures out of just the hassle it would take to prep for them, store them and feed them (Being that I tamed 3 Rexes in one day, and acquired 4 Brontos from another tribe!).

    So I literally have no space in server. I started single player once more, from scratch, just to make the engrams count with my new knowledge of the game.

    So far this is my best start in Single Player. I spawn in East 1. Kill dodos to get hide, and just craft tools and buildings until level 15 which is just a few minutes with the XP multiplier.

    Level 15, make a simple raft to get to Herbivore Island (SE Corner of the map) and once there you can build with peace since nothing attacks you.

    In two hours I had a few Trikes, Ankylo, Bronto, Pteranodon, etc. I had a Stone base and working on a better raft to move to the mainland.

    Best part about Herb Island is you can leave all your stuff to wander, no need for a pen.

    Once I get a few Carnivores, they will basically feed themselves.

    • February 16, 2016 3:32 pm

      I’ll see your fresh start on Herb Island and raise you a Dung Beetle tamed in the caves that turns shit into liquid gold. (And we finally started work on our Lodge!)

    • February 16, 2016 3:41 pm

      Oh that’s my first tame of the new creatures. I have a Phiomia, and those two put together are just a fertilizer making machine!

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