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Ark – PvE on Server 399

January 15, 2016

The pace in a PvE server is so relaxing.   Being in Frank’s and his son’s ‘Tourettes’ tribe (Unchained) is also a treat.   This game is just plain fun.  No stress of world building as not to be destroyed by other tribes.    World Building just for the fun of it.

I have a monkey.   Little dude (MONEY) sits on my shoulder, and goes with me everywhere. But we travel in style.  On ‘The Grey Lady’, my Dire Wolf.    MONEY and Grey Lady alert me to any trouble makers while I harvest whatever is on my or the tribes menu.     Sometimes the call goes out  “Let’s go on a metal run”, and Flenser, Herandar, and I or Frank, or even our new friend “Jet” (a Navy guy) we met.   We take our pets and away we go into the mountains.

I never had time to tame a monkey in PvP.   I was too busy for a pet.

I built a new Raft.    Little Wing in server 67 was lost by Joe and he never replaced it.   So, I thoroughly enjoyed crafting a better ‘Little Wing’.    I got some design ideas from Seth, and now it is complete and perfect.   I like just sitting in my boat.   Resting, watching the forge melt ingots after an adventure filled metal run.

Zender has a tribe of Dodo’s.   He thinks if he levels them up high enough, they can take on a T-Rex.    Looking forward to being a spectator for that short lived battle….   🙂    but that is the fun of PvE.   If Zender wants a Dodo army, well….    “Heck Yeah!”

Seth has been taming Dire Wolves for all of us.    We have (and are), a Pack.

Seth’s name in this server is ‘The White Stag’.    He has fur armor dyed white.   He fits the part.   Last night he tamed….     A Megaloceros.    Normally colored brown like an Elk, his excitement was tremendous when he shouted out “I found a White One!”   An hour of taming later, it was Epic when he rolled (and leaped) back to base.  The ‘White Stage’ had arrived.  His circle was complete.

White Stage

And that is what Ark has become.   Yes, we have ideas for some interaction with other tribes eventually, trading, and having some PvP type battles and wagers.

But for now…    I’m cruising on my raft (We ALL have our own rafts), so many so our beach is basically a Marina.   Thinking about setting up a sweet base in the North as soon as I get my fur armor from Seth.   Which will be tonight.    Will be looking for my own ‘Stag’ too.   Or…      Maybe a Mammoth!

p.s.   The White Stag and Tourettes keep us cracking up.   Those too are like giddy school girls with all their shenanigans.   Frank and I just smile and let them do their thing.



  1. January 15, 2016 12:04 pm

    Got a Base on the west side is near artic so it’s a short wolf trip to reach( kinda like metal run distance).

    Got a generator going just need polymer for a Refrigerator and a AC. Will make one for main base too.

    But yeah best thing is we can focus on short task rather than keeping a whole tribe running in one spot.

    Everyone is self sufficient so sharing actually becomes easier.

    The wolves are the best mount! No need to tame anything else and I do my runs with less weight without a saddle. It’s just perfect.

    I think the end game is within reach and once I get RPGs will summon the bosses!

  2. January 15, 2016 3:50 pm

    You’ve Gotta watch at least the first minute (opening scene) of Frankie on PC playing Ark.

    Best gamer Ever

    This 3rd video is great. The raid at the end is Epic. Frankie is so entertaining.

  3. January 15, 2016 6:01 pm

    A quick note before I get rambling about Ark, I have classes this morning (Sat) and test supervision in the afternoon. Sunday is busy, too. If I hop on at all, it will be in the evening JST.

    Now, for the Ark, I cannot believe how fast y’all are progressing! Awesome stories! Great fun, all of which I can see in my mind’s eye.

    Cornie and I have started our own camp on a different server. We are always struggling with the timezones and we figured it would be nice just to try the game without any help. I want to jump into 399 and see what everyone is up to, but for now, the two of us are having an amazing time playing every night after I get home from work (actually, we even went out and played some Table Tennis at the local community center on one of the nights, but still got some Ark-ing in before bed).

    It is very different starting from scratch and having to work to get the engrams and the materials. Last night, our 5th night, we finally made our first metal pick.

    Two quick stories.

    We set up our first base on the west coast, where it was relatively easy to get established, then upon hitting level 10, went over the plains to the Grand Hills in search of a new and more exciting place to establish our ranch. Almost all fierce beasts were represented, including an Alpha Raptor, that basically pinned us in the dark forest fighting off bugs in our underwear.

    After we got our second base set up (literally a 4x4x2 room), upon respawning yet again, I decided to risk bringing a bed and all our hide over. Very surprisingly, I actually made it. I put the hides away, lay down on the bed and signed off. Cornie then thought he would do the same with our light but even more valuable loot, the narcotics, stimulants, chitin, and keratin. He made it to about 100 yards from our new house when he spied a Bronto egg. Not thinking twice, he scooped up the egg and next thing he knew, a Brontosaurus was raging and stomping all over him. (You have to realize that in the other server, we were always ridin’ T-Rexes, so harvesting eggs was no problem. Cornie didn’t consider that.) Hoping to avoid leading it to our hut, he ran in the opposite direction and got clobbered, all loot lost. When he respawned, much to his dismay, the bronto was now stomping and smashing around our little house. All of the walls took considerable damage, but by our next session, the bronto was gone and our house, though greatly damaged, was still standing.

    We had several other great adventures with Saber-tooth cats chasing us off a water fall (me just missing one of the sharp rocks at the bottom), and more T-Rexes coming in between us and our house (an epic moment, Cornie watching everything on his screen and giving me pointers to hid behind a rock and as a T-Rex got closer, sniffing and searching to and fro, the earth shaking ever greater with each closer step – eventually it lost interest and I slipped away from the other side of the rock, ran over the cliff into the river!

    Great stuff!

  4. January 15, 2016 6:09 pm

    Oh, two more quick things. We tamed a raptor and made a little spikey wood pen for it (all we could afford). To our great dismay, a T-Rex came and we thought the raptor would soon be lost, but suddenly the T-Rex just died. Then we realized, as it was trying to catch and eat the raptor, it kept bumping up against the spikes and eventually took too much damage! Just as a stupid beast might do in real life.

    Also, we are specializing. Cornie is the house-building Tony Stark, and I am the dirt-tilling haberdasher.

  5. January 19, 2016 1:44 am

    Submitted without comment.

  6. TheBigRussian permalink
    January 22, 2016 2:33 am

    I have seen you guys around the Server and in chat. Look forward to bumping into you and maybe setting up some trades in the future. Glad everyone else on the server is enjoying it as much as we do!

    • January 23, 2016 7:51 am

      Hi Big Russian. What’s ur game name and tribe name? We’ll come visit you.

  7. January 26, 2016 5:11 am

    Ark: Survival Evolved

    Some depraved mind is on the development team!!!!

    And this is a hilarious story.

    This is quickly becoming my favorite game of all time. ALL TIME.

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