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Go Out On A High Note

November 19, 2015

Go Out On A High Note


We are occasionally ill-served by the One More Win policy; there are times when it compounds the shame and does not result in a reaffirmation of our victorious destiny. We will occasionally invoke the policy retroactively, even. There have been nights where the first round was so good, an exemplar, such a burning display of our martial vigor that we stop right then, immediately.

At like 9:30.

Penny Arcade sometimes hits it just right. That is exactly how many of us play Gears, which I have been playing almost nightly of late. I even tried the Latin American servers yesterday because the ping for the West Coast is breaching 200ms (I don’t understand it). Love that game. Anyway, PA also has their (positive) impressions up on the NXOE.


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