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And Now For Something Completely Different

September 18, 2015

I came across these two HILARIOUS links today, the video above and the 20 Laziest Things Students Have Done. I had to share.

Via Dubious Quality.

  1. September 19, 2015 2:47 pm

    GO PHIL!

    The following is a BRILLIANT quote from Phil:

    “I fully expect they [PlayStation] will drop price. When I think about the playbook they’ve used in the past, we feel good about the plans we have in place going forward in the holiday. If history tells, then we’ll see a price drop from them coming,” Spencer said in an interview with IGN. “It’s great for gamers when price competition happens. We saw that last holiday, and we saw crazy sales numbers on all of the consoles.”

    It is a hilarious thing for Phil to say, because while it might sound like he is pimping Sony hardware, the effect is that some people might actually hold off on buying a PS4 because they think it would be worth it to wait for the price cut. Then, while they are waiting, they reconsider the One, and buy it instead. Kind of like killing your enemy with praise! LMAO!

  2. Blankman permalink*
    September 19, 2015 5:29 pm

    Agreed. While consumers hesitate on Black Friday PS4 price cuts, XB1’s exclusive games will be dropping throughout October-December (Halo 5, Forza 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider, & Fallout 4 mod support). Something for consumers sitting on the fence to think about. Nothing but the sound of crickets on the PS4 game front also hurts Sony. The price cut doesn’t benefit those that have already adopted the Sony console, so that’s a moot point. Meanwhile, it’s a more subliminal marketing strategy that Phil is plugging, & MS can steal some marketshare this holiday. Keep waiting for the $50 price drop, but look at all of these games that are available on the XB1 that you can play THIS year with a cheaper price tag already in effect. LOL, go Phil!!!

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