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Creators, Their Creations, and The Fans

September 15, 2015

Game Informer just posted a long video interview with the people in Bungie, and while I am not a Destiny player, the issues they discuss in the video are relevant to all devs and their fans. I highly recommend watching the video even if Destiny isn’t your thing.

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  1. September 16, 2015 7:10 pm

    Cornie bought, but has promised to play Gears with his father when his father asks it of him.

    He likes the Taken King, and is owning, as he did in the previous game, which means he usually ends a round with a K/D of 11 or higher. That is not 1.1. That is eleven.

    We laughed at the people who tea bagged him last night, because, what else are they going to do? The only time they can get near him is when his blade is slicing through them turning them to fine dust, or when “someone else” has killed him. That would make almost anyone want to spend more time with his corpse. We take it as a sign of praise and affection.

    And Penny Arcade had a few insightful words about the game:

    It’s become a truism that Destiny 2.0 is Destiny 1.0 and Destiny 1.0 was a Early Release. I can’t speak to it too much because I came in late, around the time of House of Wolves, when a lot of the big philosophical work was already underway. I never suffered beneath it, as you might have. I got in at the right time.

    I used to drop bombs on people and Gabriel used to stab them, and in the new order I’m some kind of Goddamned sorcerer and his Hunter has become a master tactician, partitioning combat groups and controlling regions. I don’t know if this game was in there the whole time, or if they had to find it, but after a couple nights of this ten more years of it sounds pretty good.

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