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343 on Fixing Spawn Issues

September 10, 2015

With 343’s Halo 4, and The Coalition’s GoW:UE, I am really starting to get excited about Microsoft’s first party studios and the quality of their future products. They only have one AAA game each, but with the efforts and love they are pouring into their respective franchises, the dedication they have to the e-sports communities (which, in turn motivate them to create “fair” MPvs experiences), and the sheer resources at their disposal, including top notch, world-wide, dedicated servers, they bring to mind Pixar in the early days.

343 just posted an article on the steps they are taking to deal a number of spawning and respawning issues that plague all shooters. Good stuff!

Spawning in Halo is a magical dance of code and content that all takes place in a fraction of a second. We have an incredible group of engineers, designers, and testers on the team that put countless hours into making sure you have a great spawn. If you have a bad one, even one out of 100, please let us know – I can promise that we care about them and will work to improve the system!

I’ll let our incredible team take it away from here and provide their perspectives and detail.


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