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FOD: The One With All The Maps

September 4, 2015

Hey Guys! How was your week? I noticed that The Blankman for one, was playing into the wee hours last night, so I am wondering if he had Friday off. Did you get over your colds? I am still hackin’ away. Anyway, I am working until 1:30pm (Sat. here) but hope to get right home after that. Anyone up for some Gears tonight? 😉

Over at Reddit, WaldoRtk7 put together a string of maps with all relevant KoTH ring spawn information. Very slick. Execution is our bread and butter, but KoTH will definitely do in a pinch. PSA and all that.

One other thing, yesterday I finally experienced some appropriate matchmaking. Of course, Cornie and I are night and day in our skills, and so it seemed like the algorithms didn’t know how to deal with our situation. However, I think the biggest problem was our jumping in and out. Quitting before the matchmaking had a chance to find a rhythm. Last night, we fought through a couple of losses (none of them by huge differences though) and then got into a groove. After that, most of the games were close and both teams were losing and replacing players all evening. It was a fantastic, carefree run. Above is Herandar’s 8 Seconds of Glory, and below is my little run last night. Doesn’t happen very often but I got 5 kills in a row and needed to overlap videos. My junk was so big last night, it wouldn’t fit in one vid – parts 1 and 2. (Brought over from another thread.)

Hope everyone is healthy and doing well!

  1. September 4, 2015 8:59 pm

    BTW, I just uploaded those maps onto my Kindle. I will be use a “tablet” when I play Gears now. Can’t wait. I remember the hill rotations for two or three of the maps only, so this is really going to help.

  2. Blankman permalink*
    September 5, 2015 1:16 am

    Yes, I’m over my cold, and I did have Friday off (furlough day). I waited until really late for you & Cornie to show up. Both of you guys must be showing off-line because my Smartglass didn’t get any notice that you guys were on, so I turned in.

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