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July 23, 2015

I cannot describe to you the amount of healing I experienced one summer after an exceptionally stressful spring of teaching. I had only two weeks off that year and the Playstation that my brother-in-law and I had bought the year before wasn’t cutting it.  I couldn’t find a game that I was interested in.  The outdoors were scorching and I would go play in the river from about 5am until the sun became unbearable, but then I was left to spend the rest of the day in our dingy, windowless triplex, trying to think happy thoughts.

Having thus burned my first precious week of holidays restless and dissatisfied, I took Chiiko out for coffee to ask if I could pick up a used N64 and Mario game. She gave me the go sign, and on our way home we picked one up.  What followed was beyond what I had ever anticipated.  I discovered a water level called Dire, Dire Docks where the only enemies were armless, fang-toothed kinoko mushrooms and staying under water too long. I spent the next two days seated directly below the air conditioner, just swimming around listening to the splashing sounds of Mario and the computer bells tapping out an endless, dreamy tune.  I went back to work a couple days later completely refreshed and ready for whatever it could throw at me.  Doing a search on Youtube, it would appear that I wasn’t the only one experienced healing listening to that song.

So, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that Uppercut Games have created a game that is just one giant water level. There are apparently no enemies. It is just all about exploration. If the player can swim and dive, I suspect I will be picking this up. So cool. Literally.

Hit the jump for the original Mario water theme, “Dire, Dire Docks“, and the official description for Submerged.

And a very cool cover:


Submerged is a third-person combat-free game in which you explore a mysterious flooded city and discover the beauty of desolation in vast outdoor environments. You take on the role of Miku, a young girl who has brought her wounded brother to the city in their small fishing boat. Navigate the flooded city streets by boat, scale the drowned buildings, and use your telescope to scour the city for the supplies needed to save your dying sibling. As you explore the city at your own pace, you encounter the habitat that flourishes in this colorful place and discover hidden objects that piece together the story of a broken world and a broken family.

Game Features:

Vast outdoor environments with a rich, colorful and vibrant habitat present the player with a beautiful place to linger during the day or night and encounter the mysterious inhabitants called Remnants.

A serene and relaxing game experience; take your time to enjoy the sunrise and beautiful vistas, the sound of the ocean or observe the playfulness of the creatures that inhabit the sunken city. There is only one pace in this game and that’s your own.

Discover the hidden objects that piece together the story of redemption, sacrifice and determination and learn more about how the city came to be this way.

Cruise through the city streets in your small powered fishing boat, using your telescope to identify which of the various buildings contain supplies and pin them on your map.

Discover the best path to the objects you spotted from afar. Dock your boat at tall buildings and landmarks and climb the vines, ladders, ledges and pipes as increasingly difficult navigation puzzles.

  1. July 24, 2015 8:44 am

    Good story. Music is a balm for the soul. Even if it is 16 bit “music”.

    I am interested in this Submerged game ( a little). I wonder if they’ll have a demo. I would probably happily play that from time to time without ever committing to purchasing the game outright. What is the cost? I’m not a big “puzzle” gamer, but If it’s $30 bucks, then i’m interested. If not, then that’s cash I could be spending on “family music” from Itunes for my whole crew to enjoy…

  2. July 25, 2015 4:09 pm

    As far as I know, this is an “indie” release. I will be surprised if it is much over $20.

  3. July 25, 2015 10:23 pm

    Instantly remembered the song/level. Good times! Made me realize how much great music was attached to games in that era.

    I spent so much time just exploring the worlds in Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

  4. Herandar permalink
    July 28, 2015 1:42 pm

    Looks like all of the action is above the surface. Suns, did you enjoy the underwater shipwrecks in Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag?

    • July 28, 2015 2:01 pm

      Haven’t played Black Flag yet. I haven’t enjoyed the AC series much, though the ships and the pirate theme seemed most accessible of all of them. Now that you mention it, I remember seeing some underwater stuff in one of the trailers, but since then I had forgotten there was even any gaming below the surface at all.

    • Herandar permalink
      July 29, 2015 11:14 am

      It’s not enemy and stress-free like Dire, Dire Docks. Sharks attack you, but you can avoid most of them. It did have a couple of amazing moments, though you could miss them. Thinking primarily of the whales.

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