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June 25, 2015

And this is Kenny as The Batman on those driving missions!

  1. June 25, 2015 3:28 am

    This one gets the win! It is his walk away that just slays me! OUTSTANDING!!!!!!

    • June 25, 2015 3:09 pm

      CRACKING UP about that Blankman joke lol.

    • Blankman permalink*
      June 26, 2015 12:03 am

      LMAO at the vid jab at me. I was raging last night for sure on the driving missions. I had to finally put it down before I wound up stroking out.

    • June 26, 2015 8:19 am

      How FUNNY Blankman! Last night, I saw your profile was “Watching TV”… I was thinking to myself “watching tv??” He just got Batman. What’s going on?!!!

      “Step away from the controller…”

  2. Herandar permalink
    June 25, 2015 2:10 pm

    OT: Anyone looking for another console should consider buying it this week. Get any One game for free when you buy a One. Can be Batman or Witcher 3. Only minor drawback is that it is a disc and not a download.

    Details onMajor Nelson..

    • June 25, 2015 6:40 pm

      Thanks for the heads-up, Herandar. Hey, did you try the Gears beta?

    • Herandar permalink
      June 26, 2015 9:06 am

      Nope. I don’t have the nostalgia for Gears that the rest of you do. Played a total of maybe five MP matches of GOW2 when I first got a 360. And that’s my total Gears experience.

  3. June 26, 2015 2:19 am

    I couldn’t get enough of this kid (love me some Bruce myself when I was younger). Found the original. Bad. Ass.

  4. June 26, 2015 7:15 pm

    More random videos (By the way, the video above can easily be viewed if you just click on the word “YouTube” in the bottom right after it gives you the message you can’t view it. (You have to be on the official YouTube page to watch.

    Ok, so here is something that reminds me of sailing and requires more trust than any sport I know.

  5. June 26, 2015 7:39 pm

    And this is for those who have finished Batman. Penny Arcade “reviews” it like only they can. Not having played the game, I don’t even understand the comic.

    Then, KillScreen talks the Villains.

    and for those looking for a great app on your iPad (I just bought it for my Kindle).

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