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We Were Right, We Just Didn’t Know Why

May 8, 2015

DICE continues to support BF4 and henceforth all further content will be free of charge. The fact that they are providing more content surprises me, actually. That it is free, not so much, because they have to demonstrate continued contrition after their disastrous launch of the game. Though I haven’t bought the game, nor do I plan on buying it, Hardline, or SW:Battlefront, I do have to give them props for working so hard and so long on making things right. That stands in contrast to almost all other developers out there with PopCap (PvZ:GW) and Respawn (Titanfall) being the only exceptions I can think of – Overkill (Payday 2 360) and Epic (Gears of War games) being the worst offenders.

Right now, Turtle Rock is working their asses off patching, breaking, patching, and breaking Evolve and if they keep it up, and continue providing new maps and new content a year or two from now, they will be in the same league as DICE, and maybe I will even be able to play a couple of consecutive rounds without it crashing or being kicked from party/game chat. Last weekend we finally just gave up. If they haven’t patched their patch, I don’t even want to touch it tonight (at work right now). I’m a little pissed off about it, but on the other hand, I can see myself revisiting it months from now and marveling at how wonderful the game is. It is both beautiful and fresh. I just am tired of being their guinea pig, of playing their beta.

Anyway, back to BF4. I have complained several times about two things that cannot be fixed with a patch: team size and poor map design. Well, the other day, LevelCap made a video about the differences between BF3 and BF4 and he explained that the maps for BF4 were designed by environment artists, not level designers, hence while they may be beautiful they are not enjoyable to play! Duh! Anyway, I know that at least, Kenai, Average, and Herandar are still playing it and I thought you might enjoy LevelCap’s video. For me, it was like suffering from some diffuse pain and going to the doctor and discovering very specifically the cause. In this case, knowledge is relief, like Ex-Lax.

  1. May 9, 2015 9:18 am

    If there was a better shooter out there on Xbox1, I would be playing it. 1-1/2 years and I’m still playing BF4…. Titanfall is still a good game, but it was abandoned without even a good bye kiss…. Evolve is a fun party game, but not an “every day game”. Destiny is very limited in its verses mp game types. In the other modes, it is very prohibitive for friends to play with friends due to their leveling. The one and only Raid I played was a 3 hour grind of frustration (that we all quit before completing). Constantly getting downed and bringing the team ‘down’, as they had to keep reviving me, and my low level guns shoot potatoes not bullets. I had a sign on my back that said “hey I’m with the band”. Yet, as my teammates rocked the house, I was picking up trash and cleaning gum off the floor. Between sets, they’d come check on me backstage “hey! Having fun??!!!” Um…… No.

    I am bored with Xbox. Nothing to play. The only decent group game out there (where everyone can play at a moments notice) is BF4.

    Call me when there’s a decent game to play. BF4 is the only one I’ve found, and everyone decided to hate on.

    Yes, I’ll play Evolve, because I enjoy playing what my friends enjoy. “That’s what I do”, I play for Kenny and you all, but I don’t think I’ve played it by myself more than a few times.

    And for the record. When Herandar, Labrat, Fragma, Flenser and I get a game of BF4 going, we wreck teams. Grind free.

    • May 9, 2015 5:55 pm


      Understood, Kenai. Just for clarification, you know how much I love the BF franchise, I just never was able to get more than about 1 kill for every 5 deaths in BF4 – for the same reason you had no fun playing Destiny, it is for me playing BF4 (and with the heartbreak element, because I used to play BF:BC2 and *without a squad*, single-handedly, I would win 12v12 games). I ain’t hatin’ on BF4, I just cannot get anything done in it. I can’t even live long enough to get to, or capture an objective. Also, I don’t own it and now that Johann and Cornie are sharing games, I don’t have easy access to it.

      As regards Evolve, it is a game where too many conditions must be met for an enjoyable time, very much like Team Fortress 2 in that sense. All the stars need to be aligned before an epic round will occur. Ironically, I have actually enjoyed the game far more playing by myself, or just grinding with a few, than having actual hunts which are way too intense. I miss my jump and the whole team loses. No wonder I was getting chest pains.

      For me, my go-to game is PvZ:GW, but I know that it never fully clicked for a lot of people. It is a VERY decent game. 😉

  2. Blankman permalink*
    May 9, 2015 6:37 pm

    In all fairness, BF4 deserved the hate because DICE released a broken game that lasted for ten months before it was able to function properly, Kenai. They had a jump on everyone because it was one, if not the first FPS games on the current-gen consoles. Instead of building momentum, they spat on people’s faces. Those facts are undeniable. Many of us were more than patient with the game. I couldn’t stand BF3, and I decided to give the BF franchise one more chance with 4. You know that I slogged through all of that pain. No one “decided to hate on it,” there was simply no other recourse. I’m glad that a few of us in our community are still enjoying the game now that it’s “fixed,” but that franchise is dead to me now. Don’t tell me that there’s no grinding in that game. How else are you supposed to receive weapon upgrades & attachments? Yep, grinding.

    As far as Evolve is involved, I understand everyone’s frustration with the take two steps forward, two steps backward aspect of Evolve. I refuse to make excuses for TRS even though they are a very small developer. However, that in no way excuses them on the game crashes, the miscues of their QA team, absence of any dedicated servers, & other missteps. I will admit that they are very involved with the community. Their communication with the community reminds me of how awesome Bungie’s community love used to be (before MS bought them & their deal with the devil- Activision). I appreciate everyone here that spends some time on Evolve with me in the spirit of fellowship. Much love & respect, bruthas. There are so many nuances in Evolve that I learn something new each week such as using the wildlife Spotters’ alert sounds, the predator/prey meta game, positioning of different hunters/classes on monster engagements based on what monster you’re fighting, etc. All of these things make it a rewarding time when all things are clicking. As Suns has said, the stars need to be aligned more frequently in order to really enjoy the game. However, the Preview Program of the XB1 OS has unfortunately broken many MP games for the past two weeks. At first, Suns and I thought it was just an Evolve issue, but that’s not the case because the inability to join friends in a game was replicated with PvZ:GW. In fact, MS has released three OS updates within the last week; two were within 24 hours of each other. That’s ridiculous. Also, Zos speculated that MS is slowly implementing Windows 11 into the backend of the XB1 OS. If that is indeed the case, that would explain the frustrations that we’re experiencing for the past two weeks.

    I hold the fact that Evolve doesn’t require quick twitch FPS skills in order for players to enjoy the game. By no means does make the game less challenging. Instead, there’s more of a focus on team chemistry and strategy, in order for success. Games such as Halo, BF, CoD, Destiny, etc. that require those reflexes just aren’t my gig any longer. As Suns said, who wants to go one for every five deaths. “You can count me out,” as Private Hudson stated in Aliens.

    • May 9, 2015 10:07 pm

      Thanks for explaining the source of our problems with the party chat/join game.

      Understood. Good stuff!

    • May 10, 2015 3:42 pm

      Understood. And… Last night was a lot of fun playing PvZ.

      I think the point for us is that ‘we’ are the common denominator. Games are what you make of them. It is who we play with that matters, and we’ve got that in spades.

  3. May 10, 2015 1:31 am

    To be honest with all that is out I don’t think Evolve or BF4 should even be a topic anymore. There’s plenty of games to dive into. BF4 is a launch game. Evolve is a gametype not a game.

    Between the boycotted franchises, overhyped games, and avoided fast shooters is like we are digging a gaming hole that goes deeper and deeper. Contracting the room to actually enjoy games. It needs to move past this. I love my xbox one. I can easily play 10-15 great games in it, in one night. This is what I wanted when I bought. Not to be mentioning something like Titanfall a year later. To have so many good games, games like Dragon Age with free MP DLC yet to be discovered. Far Cry with it’s map editor for co-op to be messed around with, and trying out the crazy maps the community builds. The list goes on.

  4. Herandar permalink
    May 10, 2015 10:48 am

    Have to admit I was shocked at some of the gameplay modifiers that I had never seen before in PvZ:GW Garden Ops last night. I have not played that game enough, though I was the first to board the train, so to speak.

  5. May 10, 2015 6:43 pm

    Good points, all.

    Yesterday, 4 player Garden Ops was just what the doctor ordered. We played till our eyes stung, and at least in my chair, *my* posture was horizontal rather than vertical. The highs were not as high as they might be with other games, but there were no lows at all – as if we switched from China White to Ganja. I’m cool with that transition: mellow as a house cat with a bowl full of milk.

    Thanks, Guys! I am up for that any time. Also, I will gladly move over to Titanfall Frontier Defense, and if played on Normal, as opposed to Balls Out In The Hailstorm, we can have fun catching up on life while enjoying our favorite hobby, go to bed with a smile on our face, and wake up the next morning looking forward to the next party.

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