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Better Call Saul: Marco

April 7, 2015

A Chicago Sunroof, soft serve. Bwahahahahahaha.

Did you notice the dented ashtray in the shot as he gets out of the elevator?

This was the best week of my life!

Yeah? Well, I know what stopped me and it’s never stoppin’ me again.

Smoke…on the water.

Better Call Saul. Television without training wheels.

  1. April 7, 2015 4:40 pm

    I did see the “Sunroof” scene yesterday.

    However…. Here is better info in case we go “throw back.”


    Gears of War: Judgment Free April 1—15
    Damon Baird and his Kilo Squad must fight a horrifying new enemy as Sera crumbles around them. This blockbuster prequel begins one of the most celebrated franchises in gaming history

    • April 7, 2015 5:42 pm

      Thank you. You remind me that even though I have the game on disc, I want to download this so that it is forever tied to my account. I still have about an hour or two to go on the awesome campaign. (The multiplayer is also the best since Gears One, but it is admittedly strange playing COG against COG.)

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