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Only A Game

March 15, 2015

This isn’t about video games, this is about a radio show called Only A Game.    Bill Littlefield is the host of the show, and the website is a rabbit hole for anyone who likes any kind of sport.  I came across the site this morning and have been taken all over the world of sports for the past two hours.

For a taste, I will highlight two stories.  First, BMX Riders Find Winter Escape In Limestone Mine 100 Feet Underground, which is a story about the Mega Cavern, a 320,000 square feet indoor bike park, converted from an old limestone mine and rumored to store Warner Brother’s film reels of Gone With The Wind, among others.

For the second highlight, we learn that Bill Littlefield, host of Only A Game, is the editor of The Top of His Game: the Best Sportswriting of W. C. Heinz a  new compilation of W.C. Heinz’s greatest hits in literary sports journalism. W.C. Heinz, who also went by the name Bill, was considered the father of the long-form sports story.  Two of his more famous stories, The Death of A Race Horse and Brownsville Bum give you a sample of his literary style.  More about Mr. Heinz can be found here.


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