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Better Call Saul: Five-O

March 10, 2015

BCS Five-OAre the actors in this series that much more talented than those in all the other TV shows out there, or is the writing, directing, and editing finally giving these talented people a stage on which to show off?

It was another great episode, but the flavor was very different tonight. It was all drama. There was only one joke in the whole 43 minutes. At any moment in the episode, someone could have told me that I was watching Breaking Bad and I wouldn’t have known the difference. In fact, this could have been just a flashback episode giving us background on one of our (other) favorite characters from that series. In that sense, it wasn’t as “original” or as difficult as the previous episodes. I dare to say this one was easier, but it was done oh, so well, like an Olympic diver picking a slightly less difficult dive, but perfecting it from jump to ziiip, as he disappears into the water not leaving a trace that he ever entered it. This was TV for those who love theater and drama, and the arts.

Note: I write these before I read any other reviews. Having just finished this, I quickly jumped to Rolling Stone’s review (spoilers!) and see that they were pretty impressed, too.

  1. March 10, 2015 7:52 am

    “The Rise of Gus”

    I want this to happen. I am now convinced that Gilligan could make it work.

  2. Blankman permalink*
    March 10, 2015 7:35 pm

    This latest episode felt more like in line with Breaking Bad because you have Odenkirk starting to build confidence as demonstrated by his vintage Smart Aleck remarks in the interrogation room. Even though he was barely in this episode, I’m very happy that Gilligan is focusing on the ensemble cast of Breaking Bad. This is only the beginning of how all of these characters are intertwined in the Breaking Bad universe. I, along with practically everyone, cannot wait until Gus is introduced into the mix. Oh man, this is going to drag us back into the rabbit hole! 😀

    Mike’s backstory was both powerful and insightful. The episode showed his character’s detail to planning in several situations (won’t spoil it for those that haven’t seen this episode yet). Jonathan Banks’ acting truly shined by his remarkable delivery of dialogue with his daughter-in-law. The words definitely carried weight with them, & you see that the only thing that matters to him anymore is his relationship with his granddaughter, Kaylee. Absolutely great stuff.

    • March 10, 2015 9:46 pm


      (I will refrain from spoiling in the posts proper, but in the comments, we have to be free to discuss. Be forewarned everyone. Don’t want to ruin it, but I do want the freedom to talk details.)

      Yes, Kenny. I am loving both Jonathan Bank’s screen time and the way his character is being developed. Having him be a crooked cop from the beginning is great writing. It makes his turn to the dark side, becoming a cleaner in BB, much easier to believe. Though the killings were vengeance, the show didn’t use the old cliche of dragging the protagonist through torture etc.etc. to curry sympathy with the audience and justify his actions or rationalize his move from cop to cleaner. That move happened the first time he “had a taste” of the money. These are complex, flawed characters who future in some cases is already known, but whose journey is incredibly compelling nonetheless.

      Agreed about the scene(s) with his daughter-in-law. Also, the way he played drunk in the street and in the back of the car was so convincing that you really didn’t know what was going to happen. You knew the cops die that night, but you couldn’t be sure if it was by his hand, because he didn’t appear to have enough wits about him to pull off that kind of stunt.

      As regards Gus, I have 100% confidence that Gilligan could (and should) not just have a couple of episodes dedicated to him, but should have at least a full season, and preferably, a full spin-off series.

      As for the rabbit hole, it makes you want to go back and watch the whole BB series again. And, when TV is this good, it makes you want to own it. I don’t know when it will happen, but this solidifies my desire to own BB, BCS, and The Wire in BluRay (after talking to Zos).

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