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PSA: Better Call Saul, Now!

February 24, 2015

Bob_Odenkirk_by_Gage_SkidmoreThis is a spoiler-free  mid-season review.

Last night I watched the fourth episode, and I am still thinking about it.  It is possible that Better Call Saul is written with even greater skill than Breaking Bad.  Here is what I mean, for BCS, I truly couldn’t see where they could go with a spin-off that would make sense, or more importantly, be entertaining.  The writers are locked in to a certain future with their main character, who from the beginning isn’t anyone particularly special.  One figures he was just an ambulance chasing lawyer from the beginning.  You don’t give much thought to it.  The writers’ backward development of this character in BCS, however, is nothing short of phenomenal.  In a single episode, I go from fear, to belly laugh, to surprise, to awe, and back, and then forth again.  The characters are wacky, weird, funny, disgusting, and all completely believable.  The pacing is vintage Gilligan, as are the information-rich flashbacks and the ominous foreshadowing (this show is decidedly not for the impatient).  I am not saying that I like it more than I did Breaking Bad, and certainly not that it is objectively better.  It is however, in my opinion, more difficult to write.  Yet, the story flows effortlessly and as smooth as Baileys poured over ice.  Gilligan earned a spot among my favorite writers with his last series and with BCS, Bob Odenkirk is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors.



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