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Better Call Saul – Did Anyone Watch It?

February 9, 2015

EDIT: I plan on watching this when I get home between bath, supper, and the Evolve launch. Linking and spoiling inside the thread to follow shortly. Can’t wait for all of it. Wednesday National Holiday for the unutterable, indescribable win!

  1. February 10, 2015 1:41 am

    A mini-review from Dubious Qualities’ Bill Harris:

    Better Call Saul

    We watched the debut episode last night and it was utterly brilliant. So if you were on the fence, trust me–get off the fence.

    The opening sequence was one of my favorite moments of television ever. I could have looped that for an hour.

    Will be watching!!!

  2. February 10, 2015 9:56 am

    I still haven’t gone through Breaking Bad. I am currently re-watching The Wire after discovering the HD remasters available for stream from the Amazon Instant Video app. Apparently you get HBO and Showtime shows with your prime account.

    I have only heard VERY positive things about BCS.

    • February 10, 2015 5:10 pm

      WOW!!! HBO and Showtime included with Prime! That pays for Prime right there!

      Anyway, any other show but The Wire taking priority over Breaking Bad would have been a crime, but there is nothing like The Wire.

      I watched the first 15 minutes or so of BCS. It is gonna be good. Much more like BB than some “spinoff” comedy with the same characters. The same long quiet scenes etc. Great stuff.

      UPDATE: Finished it. It really gets going at the 40 minute mark. I don’t think it will let up, either. I enjoyed it. Some pretty epic moments.

  3. February 12, 2015 2:21 am

    Adding this to my never ending list of new shows to watch! So happy to see my fears of this ruining the Breaking Bad series crushed! Looks to be a great distraction from the show being over šŸ˜¦

    • February 12, 2015 8:36 am

      Grymmie, it is VERY much Breaking Bad, though slightly more humorous. It oozes that show in a good way. Yep. You can look forward to it.

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