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EXO Zombies! and some other comments.

January 27, 2015

New mode is out!

It’s fast, it’s awesome with the new exo abilities, airdrops, and weapons.

It brings some minor tweaks to the gameplay (the order in which you lose perks, mistery boxes, etc.)

but more importantly for me: It can be done Solo!

I have nothing against Co-op, and thumbs up to anyone who champions it, but after years of being my go-to mode to get away from versus, it has sort of become just as burdensome as versus and not just with randoms.

I completely get why Cornelious wants to find ways to do the Raids in Destiny with as little people as possible.

It eliminates the friction and makes the cogs run smoothly and makes the grind much more bearable.

So here is a “Optional Co-op” mode that brings enough depth, yet remains simple enough that is not dependent on what everyone else is playing.

The last few offerings from Black Ops 2 made it impossible to run them solo, so this is an very welcome change and it should be fun to run the co-op with friends or randoms.

Destiny took away all COD time, because of its similar shooting mechanics and fast gameplay, but been spending some time on it and it’s starting to grow on me again.

I can appreciate the other customization options that the game has without always thinking of the things I am missing from Destiny.

Now that there’s a fun playable mode other than versus and story, I can see myself playing it regularly even after Evolve is released.


Also EA sale going on, lots of games on the cheap.

Dragon Age is a steal. Wish I had waited for this sale to get it since I couldn’t (and I still can’t) get into it on release.

The game is great but I get the “Screw these loading screens… I am going to play Battlefield 4” kind of feeling whenever I get bogged down by the slower pace. Same with Unity, but hopefully I will finish these in the summer.

As for Destiny

has proven an useful site for general info, weapon reviews, etc. It has the annoying youtube redirect ad crap, which My finger seems to have a magnet to click on the iphone, so beware where you tap!

Supposedly Exotics will never require an upgrade from the next DLC onwards. Assuming that all of that carries over to Destiny 2, and all its other iterations in the 10 year plan, makes it the best possible rumor ever.

I don’t mind grinding for new weapons and gear, but I do want to keep my Exotics forever.

That to me is the defining characteristic of Destiny vs. other RPG/Shooter hybrids like Borderlands.

You get a badass weapon, and it is still badass after you are done with the game, or in my case after you put in 1,000 hours on it.

This actually relaxes a lot of the grinding for me since, I only have one Exotic weapon left to acquire and have enough coins to purchase it from xur whenever it drops. As well as other exotic armor, etc.

I can finally say I am “Done”.

The Crota raid on hard is not really a priority for me since once the Wolves DLC comes out and the max level is raised again, it will be much much easier just like Vault of Glass is right now.

On the flip side Multiplayer is hitting a sweet spot. All the time grinding has sharpened my reflexes enough to do well effortlessly, or not be bothered by bad games because the tide turns quickly enough.

I can say I look forward more to new DLC maps than all the other content. Hopefully they put them all on rotation in a playlist.

  1. Herandar permalink
    January 28, 2015 8:20 pm

    Xbox Live is completely dead on the Xbox One at the moment, and it might have been triggered by an overload from people trying to get COD DLC.

    • FrenkoFrenik permalink
      January 29, 2015 5:06 am

      very likely. I am sure that once streams came out from Day 1, lots of Black Ops 2 fans that didn’t intend to get Advanced Warfare, will do so now.

      JM cracks me up

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