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Farther Along – To my brothers from another mother

January 26, 2015

Yesterday morning Seth came down to the kitchen and played me this song “Farther Along”.   He said “dad this is your song.  You played this for me a while ago.”    As I listened, I remembered, and wept, as the beauty of this prayer flowed through us.

On the way to church I told Seth I was going to write you all, and link this song.   The day got busy, and busier still and I had to pass through without fulfilling this wish.     But this morning I awoke, got my coffee, read my daily scripture, then opened my e-mail.   A letter from Suns.  Titled  “Hey!”

My strength returned, and instead of just writing him back directly, I  write to you all.

My brothers from another mother.

Suns and I some years ago started calling each that.  I don’t even remember any more when or how.  But I do know why.  Naturally, at some point Kenny was added.   Again, I don’t remember when, but our “love word” fit like a glove.

The question is why a love word?   This is just a group of gamers, most of us have never met face to face.   I will say this though about our cyber relationship.   When my family and I vacationed in California in 2009 and we arranged to meet Kenny in LA, and then Tyler in San Diego, the meeting was a bit surprising to me.  It felt so natural.   My “cyber” friendships were real.

Why am I writing this letter?  The reason I will now explain.

When we started gaming together in 2007 I was going through a very difficult time.   As many of you already know, my wife had moved out to a place a couple miles down the road, leaving me with our 3 small children.   Nightly, I was “trapped” in the house with sleeping kids and no option to “just get out with friends.”

Gearheads/The Stranded was my window into another place.   Fun, Friendship, and ultimately Fellowship.

Not long after we met, Michael and I figured out we were brothers in Christ.   Our friendship has been a such a blessing from God.

Now… All of us love Suns.  Whether you believe in God or not, you are drawn with a love for him.  It goes beyond his great personality, his laughter, and the blessing of 3 sons he’s added to our mighty band of brothers.   What we are all drawn to is the Spirit of Christ that flows freely like a river from his heart.   A missionary is disguise.   A God send to me, and to you.

I am not here to praise a man, but to praise the God of this Universe for bringing to (this) needy brother, a brother from another mother.   And… Brothers from another mother.

Why am I writing this today?  Why now?

My divorce is finally happening.  We have mediation today.  I am now ready to tell my story.   Fight for full custody of my 3 children.    I have followed the Lord through these past difficult years, and now I continue this journey into and through difficult waters.

I know He has my future in His hands.    I know this partly because of the care that he’s shown me through Suns, Blankman, and you all.

Now…   Here is the song that sums up so much of what is true and right.   A love song, to you all.


  1. January 26, 2015 5:30 pm

    Brothers, no doubt. I very openly expressed my affection for Grymmie the other day, not the first time and not the last, and I am still not embarrassed. No regrets, baby. Those who are forgiven much, love much!

    Who would know that most of us have never met the others!

    Hey, I can tell you the story behind “YBFAM”.

    I had brought Gacky Wacky over to the Masters Few and when he was accused of cheating, I told Pre to recant, and he refused, so Gacky and I left. (Gacky had mad skills, and perhaps a Really Doe connection.) When they started to attack his integrity, I wanted nothing to do with them. As I wrote in the football rant, you can call us scrubs, whatever, but don’t question our integrity. Of course, Kenai called me, as in a real phone call to Japan, because that’s how he rolls – Friendship is always thicker than the flow of bucks, as it has been for all of the Stranded. When I explained to him what had happened, there was no debating the course of action. He immediately withdrew as well, and it was in that phone call that he called me his brother from another mother. I don’t know if that was the first time I had ever heard that expression or not, but it was sure comforting to me, as was his joining Gacky and I in leaving the community. Everyone else over there just shrugged it off. The Short Bus crew all stayed, until they themselves became the target of a tyrant. LOL

    Another winnowing occurred when we left Gearheads. Separating the wheat from the chaff is what has happened through the founding of The Stranded. All that is left is those who understand that friendship means sacrifice and loyalty.

    Great song! ❤

    • January 28, 2015 9:13 pm

      Much love for all my brothers! Never a dull time together!

  2. Blankman permalink*
    January 27, 2015 10:56 pm

    Camaraderie. Fellowship. Brotherhood. We’ve all known each other for coming on nine years now. Many of us hop onto XBL as our daily ritual. It’s pretty much equivalent to swinging on over to your buddy’s house just to kick it & shoot the breeze. We’ve all been there as we experienced graduations, birthdays, weddings, birth of children, joy, heartache, and unfortunately- loss of a friend (R.I.P. Bob aka Polandstyle). Like I’ve said on so many times before, it doesn’t matter that we’re separated by hundreds and thousands of miles, or even by a digital divide. Friendships are friendships regardless of how they are maintained. It’s reassuring to know that we’ve got each other’s interest at heart & we’re there for each other. I say that with all sincerity. You’ve got many of your brothers’ shoulders to lean on, Jimmy. Then again, you already know that. Much love, brutha!

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