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Destiny: DLC Rumors, and Other Ramblings…

January 12, 2015


There’s an image of a supposed Bungie presentation where it shows a “Comet” DLC as well as Expansion 3 and 4. This means that Expansion 2: House of Wolves will be short like The Dark Below, and according to the image, Comet will feature a bigger campaign than what we have seen so far (Which may not be saying much)

House of Wolves DLC

Anyways, I would buy it regardless at this point. Already bought the game twice using xbl rewards credit from all the other games I bought that haven’t used much, and it was during the sale so it wasn’t that much. $42.

It ended up being a blessing, since we are moving to a new apartment and I left the xbone on the old one which pretty much became my full size man cave until the lease runs out.

All the DLC rants about Destiny, and content being locked for weeklys, etc. seem pointless to me. I have been playing on the 360 without DLC and it didn’t really change as much.

The restrictions are very minimal. The new Raid vary rarely gives Exotics, like anything in the game. The Raid gear is very particular, the stats and bonuses don’t really carry over much for the rest of the game.

Same with the weapons, they are more like “I did the raid” trophies than really standing out from the huge crowd of good weapons.

Plus the main population are in the non-dlc areas of the game.

Not really a gamebreaker. That being said I anticipate rivers of Mars tears once all these DLC coming out.

Also deleted my Titan to make another Warlock. It gets tedious having to upgrade new gear and re-adjusting to play a different character all the time. I saved the gear in the vault so I can remake another one whenever they bring the new subclasses.

It took me almost 9 hours to redo my Warlock to level 20 and then swapping the gear to make it level 31.

It was so easy I will do it again and replace the hunter.

This will cut down the time needed to play 3 characters and not having to re adjust all the time to the jumping and the abilities.

That will also speed up level 32 gear and should be done by the time Evolve releases, and will certainly ease the growing pains of House of Wolves DLC.

  1. January 13, 2015 8:24 am

    Is Destiny a great game? In many respects, Yes.

    In many others, No.

    Here is my beef. It is a Grind. A time sucker. You need to play it a lot to get good gear, and even then it does not pay off because gear is random and rare. Yes, there are “Coins”, but then that requires multiple characters (3 of them) to generate enough coins to keep up.

    The problem for me is that I’ve put in many hours and I still have that yellow gun (the one they give you when you finish the campaign) as my main weapon.

    Then when I go into multiplayer, I get owned by dudes with better guns. Yes, things are “balanced” in MP, but not the features of guns (such as no reloading or faster shot).

    So… To have marginal success with MP, you need to play a LOT to get good enough guns just to play.

    Also, second Beef. Luke and I played our first strike (and only) over the holidays. It was fun playing with Frank and Cornie and 2 others. A game type like this (6 players) was really fun. Except for one thing. I’m a level 26. Luke is a 28. We got Owned the whole time. Dragging down the rest of the team with their constant reviving of us. Not to mention we played for 3+ hours and had to quit because we couldn’t beat the last level / boss. Pretty disappointing….

    This game is great if you are a regular. and I mean Regular player. If not, you can’t succeed in MP and you can rarely join your higher level friends as it is not a benefit to them at all…..

    So I get online and set up to play Destiny and see “10 friends playing”. Yay! Then I see that I can’t join any of them because I am too low ranked. Sorry, but Destiny is not the game for the casual gamer. It is only a “social” game IF you have put in the time. And I mean a LOT of time.

    I don’t think it is worth it. Too much time is needed. Regardless of what or why, the fact is that I’ve beaten the campaign with 2 characters, and almost with a third, yet I am miles away from being truly able to play a legit strike.

    Bungie made a game for people who live, eat, breathe video games. For them, they’ve made a Great game. But for me… I just want to have some fun with my 11 year old son…

    Minecraft anyone?

    • FrenkoFrenik permalink
      January 13, 2015 12:59 pm

      yep that’s why I said before it wasn’t a social game. Even if you are high enough it might be difficult to sync with what other people are doing.

      That’s why I am going down the road of making three characters of the same class in order to simplify things.

      All the gear you can just pass it around between characters and it took me just 2 days of playing to get a character to level 20 to be able to equip the weapons and armor.

      That would have been so much easier if I had done it months ago.

      Now I am just swaping stuff, do the weeklys and the raids and done, and Just play MP for fun.

      The other thing is I played as a low level character in multiplayer and was able to wreck people.

      The weapons and armor do not matter. What you need to find is weapons that have good stats, which what I basically did is compared the stats with my exotics and just equiped the best ones stat wise.

      I was able to get 1-3 place regularly that way and rank up even quicker.

      I saved all my deleted characters armor so I can go back to it when I get bored of the same guy, and again, only two days of playing, and I would have a high level character again. Didn’t even need to finish the story to get to 20, and only did the missions to unlock mars, no side missions.

  2. January 13, 2015 10:58 pm

    Interesting conversation here.

    Since BF3, I have felt quite strongly that, beyond mere cosmetics, RPG elements have no business in FPS MPVS shooters. I am not sure how long I have played BF4, but since I still don’t have a gun that I feel comfortable using, I have no interest in going back. I saw the writing on the wall with BF3. It was either fight through the pain in the first two weeks (i.e., play like crazy) or get left behind. So, I played like crazy – 8 hours till I unlocked a comfortable gun, and another 43 before I felt comfortable in the game. I didn’t have that chance in BF4. I didn’t have access to the game until months after release. For developers, it is a double-edged sword. I don’t envy them.

    As an aside, Evolve has unlocking, but fortunately, if things got really bad, one could play solo until the most important upgrades were unlocked.

    • FrenkoFrenik permalink
      January 14, 2015 11:00 am

      yeah but that doesn’t really apply to Destiny as much.

      See for example the Exotic vendor last week sold the best handcannon for multiplayer for a mere 13 coins, which isn’t a whole lot even for one character or low level.

      Same like if I had bought the best Rocket Launcher or gun in the game on the 3rd week, but I passed on it because I didn’t know. Corny passed on the best sniper a week after because he didn’t know either.

      We could have had the best weapons in the game, arguably for the lenght of the franchise in just one month.

      The main difference for me is BF3 didn’t carry over to BF4. Destiny will carry over to Destiny 2.

      Heck all the weapons sold since September will stay meanningful throught the entire cycle for Destiny 1, which if all the leaks prove true can easily last longer than this September.

      Not many games have a long lasting meanningful grind. If it was COD, my 900 hours would be meanningless come next November when a new sequel comes out. Same with Assassins Creed.

      If I had played Unity these past few weeks I probably would have NOT almost max raid gear on two characters, 2 gjallarhorns, and maxed all my weapons which will stay meanningful throught this time next year and beyond.

      Again the game is a grind but if looked over the years scope, we have been grinding for a long time throughout different games but almost none of them you can go back and keep playing daily.

      That’s why I invest my time in this game first.

  3. Herandar permalink
    January 14, 2015 10:11 am

    So now we know why that guy that first got to the max level had three of the same characters.

    Suns, half the time when I play BF4, killing attempting to kill enemies and getting kill assist suppression assist awards is secondary to me. I just try to keep the friendly vehicles repaired.

    • FrenkoFrenik permalink
      January 14, 2015 11:26 am

      Yes, but max level is only meanningful in the raid and the Iron Banner MP events.

      The main reason I am having three same characters is to level up exotic armor quicker. Exotic Armor stays relevant after any dlc. Raid armor only lasts until the new raid.

      Plus is easier not having to readjust the way I play from character to character.

      but as soon as they make new subclasses I would be back to remaking the other classes, because it’s important to know how each one plays for raids and multiplayer.

    • January 14, 2015 5:32 pm

      Hey, you and Kenai are lovin’ that game and I am happy for you and wish I could do the same. I still think the maps are gorgeous, I just want to be more successful against the enemy each time I spawn.

  4. January 14, 2015 5:34 pm

    Dave Dameshek gave P. Manning the honors of #1 on his Shame Report, and he did so backing it up with overwhelming proof.

    Of course, for me all respect was lost when the multi-millionaire “starred” in these commercials. Sell out much?

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