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A Watershed Moment: Great Lakes At A Crossroads

December 26, 2014

In the realm of “And now for something completely different”, I direct your attention to one of the most interesting articles I have read all year, in three parts The man with the salmon plan,   Salmon crowned king, but its reign is wobbly and  A Great Lake revival. This true story fits well with my rational optimism, and is particularly compelling as I spent every summer of my life until I was 23 camping, swimming, and fishing in the lakes of Northern Ontario: boats, water, fish, campfires, sleeping bags, beans (endless flatulence), spaghetti, watermelon, growth spurts, rock running, ticks, trans-fort lines, wild blueberries AND strawberries, Lord of the Rings, cute sisters (other than my own), turkey sandwiches covered in gravy, sunburn, muscles, outhouses, and chainsaws. Lake of the Woods is probably in my dreams, and daydreams, more than any other single theme, and I miss it more than any person who has thus far preceded my own trip to heaven.

And for those who are more interested in Aliens in space than aliens to our lakes, there is this, an examination (and so much more) of the typeface used in the movie Alien.

Via Dubious Quality.


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