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Evolution of Evolve – Episode 4: The Planet Shear

December 11, 2014

Haven’t even watched it yet.  Can’t wait!  (Impressions to follow after I change locations.)  My biggest curiosity is do they talk about the loading times from the “Alpha”?

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  1. December 11, 2014 8:34 pm

    So, I finally got to it. Great video, with some beautiful environments. No doubt that the level designers have faced some unique challenges. One thing that surprised me was the polish/detail on some of the prototype levels. At the same time, I was glad that most of that stuff didn’t move past that stage.

    There was no information about loading times.

    Last point. Blank and I discussed how difficult it is for us to watch gameplay videos of Evolve because it is so boring to watch. Most of the time, in these developer videos, and in most of their promotional videos, they use a spectator camera. Watching the four hunters and the monster navigate their environment, or attack each other from that camera is much more exciting. If Turtle Rock is serious about attracting some kind of competitive attention, they will have to offer an observer/spectator camera.

    And that reminds me of Kenai’s point in another thread, having Twitch to watch when all the spots in the room are full, is going to be fantastic. A party of 5 with three standbys watching the footage isn’t a half bad idea! Let’s hope that TRS offers a sixth slot for passive spectator camera (which could in turn be Twitched). What we would have done with Twitch for the original Gears days, indeed!

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