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December 9, 2014

I appreciate the priority that Microsoft is giving to Twitch.  We have all enjoyed watching each other play, even to the point of helping each other through difficult sections of games.  I like that of battles won and lost this gen, this is one of the battles we are “winning”.  To put it another way, I would rather have the features of Twitch expanded and developed, than be offered Street Fighter V.

  1. Blankman permalink*
    December 10, 2014 1:45 am

    Comparing Twitch against Street Fighter V is like comparing apples to oranges. Of course you would prefer Twitch because you’re not a fighting game buff, Suns. The real reason why Capcom made SF V exclusive to PS4 & PC is due to the fact that Sony will allow cross platform play with PC, and MS simply wouldn’t allow it. MS is adamant about maintaining a closed system for XBL. This was the same reason why Epic made Unreal Tournament exclusive to PS3 & PC last generation. Fortunately, the game bombed. Zos and I spoke about the SF V issue at length last night. Then again, you’re definitely entitled to your own preferences. That statement just didn’t make any sense to me about taking Twitch over SF V. :/

  2. December 10, 2014 6:22 am

    Thanks for reading and replying, Kenny.

    The exclusivity of Street Fighter V is being broadcast everywhere. I am always a little disappointed when a system I don’t have gets a good game that won’t be playable on the system I do have. So, when in turn, a desirable feature for the console I have gets announced or enhanced, knowing that I can’t have everything, I am slightly appeased.

    While it may come off as fanboy war stuff, it is really about customer satisfaction.

    Since, for the most part, the hardware in both systems is similar (especially now that the system defining Kinect is out of the picture), it is the services/software that distinguishes one from the other. For me, I would rather have a working party chat with the best streaming services in the industry, than have access to a fighting game that cannot possibly work well in a non-LAN situation. Again, I don’t care about the console wars, I just want to be happy with my purchase.

    I was thinking about what made the 360 better than the PS3 for me. It was three things: Gears of War, Left4Dead, and Xbox Live with Party Chat tethering gamers playing different games. Party chat was probably the most important of them all, and was the sole reason for me “early adopting” the One.

    So, when I say that Twitch>Street Fighter V, I am speaking a relevant truth. It isn’t apples and oranges for me. As regards my customer satisfaction, system selling games and system selling features hold equal weight. It is why I was so offended and angered by the inoperable state of the One OS for the first 10 months after release. And it is why I am increasingly pleased with my choice now. It is the “exclusives” and the “features” that set the systems apart, and this Twitch announcement is another sign that Microsoft is remembering what it is that I want.

    As an aside, one of the benefits of SFV going to the other console, is that MS is going to try just that much harder to please their customer base, knowing how important that IP is to all gamers. We are like the kids of the guilty but extremely wealthy father, who keeps breaking his promises, but also keeps trying to make it up to us by buying us shit.

    • December 10, 2014 11:04 am

      Features + Exclusive Games were the reason we picked Xbox 360.

      Today, Exclusive games are less and less because developer and publishers are smarter (i.e. multiplatform).

      So ‘which’ system is really about function and features.

      Yes, Xbox One had some hiccups (and still does), BUT overall, I am Very pleased with what I have. So much so that I now have a 2nd Xbox.

      I summarize Xbox this way… “The world feels bigger, more alive with an Xbox One than with a PS4”

      Twitch adds another layer of community, and takes ‘Party Chat’ to a new level. If we want to hang with our friends, but not actually play a game (or can’t get in a full room with them), we can watch their game on Twitch.

      Remember the days of Gears of War where when the 8 slots were full and one would have to just stare at the walls, waiting for someone to quit out? Now, at least you can watch your friends play until a spot opens up.

      That is a great feature and means more to gaming in general (and to me) than Street Fighter 75….

      Full circle: MS understands the gamer better than anyone else. They have the core features. Party/Chat/Multiplayer/Twitch/Kinnect/My Videos

      Everyone is downplaying Kinnect, but I am still on board. I love being recognized, and able to speak commands (such as join party or join game). I also still love “Xbox Record That”.

      There are all incremental, but significant improvements that bring entertainment and community together.

  3. December 10, 2014 3:41 pm

    Twitch updates are great (and needed). I bought SF4 3 times last gen (SF4 XB360, SSSF (PS3) and SSFAE (PS3). I am a bit dissapointed I won’t get to play the first game release, but I will be shocked if Super Street Fighter 5 is NOT on XB1. This is usually released a year after the initial release is out.

    Regardless, I don’t like this model as it stands (bought exclusivity for 3rd party). Regardless of if M$ didn’t want to allow XB1 to Windows cross-play (idiots), Capcom should have still released an XB1 version. Frankly, i feel the same way about Tomb Raider as well.

    M$ and Sony need to start focusing more on great first party games, instead of getting into bidding wars and “choosing their battles”. That garbage politics is all about companies getting money, and none about the fan base.

    • December 11, 2014 3:31 pm

      To both you and Blank (and any others who love SF), I didn’t mean to step on any toes. Though the desperation is wearing off a little, I am always looking for the bright side of having paid 500 (x 3 with my boys) for hardware I didn’t want, at a time I couldn’t easily pay, for a machine that is now $349 with three, that’s THREE triple AAA games.

      Microsoft is now BUNDLING the BUNDLE.

      I am loving THEIR desperation! (Even though it is a reminder that I should never, ever be an early adopter again. rED, Grymm, Zos, y’all are on your own next Gen – though I am sure that Party Chat will work cross systems to keep us together until I can jump in at a more reasonable price). ❤

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