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GTA V: Quick Impressions

November 20, 2014

I didn’t think First Person Mode would change everything, but it did. I wasn’t even using it initially, but once I switched views, gained some stars and was being chased by LSPDs finest it all felt new.

Running people over was horrible and awesome at the same time. Drive-Bys, fist fights, parachuting, getting drunk, and the list goes on and on.

Although it is a tacked on option, cars rear view mirrors do not work, and the cover system can leave you exposed to gunfire (which can be tweaked to switching back to third person automatically in the controls). It provides so many new experiences and makes you see things more, in almost as big of a change like when GTA 3 introduced the third person view.

This paired up with the graphical improvement and the ability to record the randomness, just made this the best re-release for me.

I had left behind GTA on the 360 a few months before the lasts DLCs had hit, so there’s a lot of vehicles and guns that I never used.

Right now I am saving my cash for a Tank and then a Monster Truck.

There’s also a Custom game creator mode. You can make a game, save it and post it in social club or make a public game while in Free Roam and invite everyone there.

That’s another new thing, while in Free Roam there will be random missions popping up all the time and anyone can easily join.

As well as a new option to be “On Call” while in FreeRoam before joining any matchmaking. It will then send you into the lobby once it’s full or close to being full.

All these little changes expand the MP experience even further.

The one drawback right now is that it seems they haven’t made Free Roam to 30 players yet. I haven’t been able to join a 30player session of anything yet. The one time a lobby had 25 players the game wasn’t able to launch.

So for now the 30 player mayhem seems to be on hold. I can only imagine what a 30 player Free Roam with Tanks, Monster Trucks, Attack Helicopters, and Fighter Jets would look like.

I haven’t done much of the SP given that it’s time away from grinding for the new vehicles but there’s some new easter eggs too:

  1. November 21, 2014 1:59 am

    Thanks for the review, Frenik. It sounds good.

  2. Blankman permalink*
    November 21, 2014 2:45 am

    Thanks for the impressions, Frank. I’m waiting on Rockstar’s info on their ‘Heists’ mode before I’ll even remotely consider GTA 5.

    • FrenkoFrenik permalink
      November 21, 2014 3:30 am

      I really wouldn’t recommend it right now in a busy holiday season. I am debating wether to stick with it or do like CoD, enjoy it briefly, and save the grinding for when everything else dies down.

      I love Bioware so I am itching to give Dragon Age a try. But having to delete a game to make room, plus still invested in Destiny before the first dlc hits is holding me back.

      but yeah in any case this is a game that can be fun in short amounts but to truly enjoy the whole experience one has to put a lot of time in. I wouldn’t even doubt they would make Heists a level restricted activity( can still play those if invited though)

      One thing is for sure this is a more refined version of the game. Is like Diablo3: ROS. If it weren’t for my almost 500 hours in Destiny, and having tons of weapons to upgrade I would have probably stayed with GTA V and Diablo 3. with enough time to dabble in all the other goodies like Sunset and Dragon Age, curse you Destiny!

  3. FrenkoFrenik permalink
    November 21, 2014 3:14 am

    I wanted to add a few things I realized I forgot to mention:

    The eye candy next gen upgrade is mainly in Single Player. The MP is not fugly in comparison but it does pale in all weather effects, population density, etc.

    This distinction is important because a new option now is to be able to boot up the game on multiplayer without pressing anything. So once you are done with the single player, there might be little reason to go back. I even forgot how pretty SP looked like after putting a lot of time in MP.

    MP is a grind to get vehicles, almost a full time grind for the expensive ones. I have gotten about 100k in my time since re-release, so I am short 900k for the tank. This means I have to say goodbye to any other game for a week or so to get it, depending how much grind or fun time I put into it.

    Now this is a much better position than someone starting up because at my level I get access to better paying missions, including some doable while solo.

    Also because that initial miserable GTA V launch was actually a good thing. They gave all players 750k, so I was able to buy the best Apartment with a big garage and a fast car to knock over stores. That combo made initial cash easy to get because you could steal lots of cars that you could store in your garage, and sell for a 7-10k profit every now and then, and while doing gang attacks and robbing liquor stores with a fast car.

    I would have loved for the MP to be broken at re-release, because it would have given even more money and then be able to buy all the new stuff.

    but yeah anyways. Grinding from level 1 is not as fun, even less if you have no one to invite you to the higher level missions.

    Also they patched the Passive mode, so now people can’t run you over in Free Roam. Before people couldn’t shoot you but could run you over and blow up items near you and kill you. This means you can be anywhere on the map without being disturbed by other players.

    Anyways GTA V mp is awesome in it’s randomness.

    Proof of this is a weird glitch of a cop car I found today

  4. November 21, 2014 4:04 pm

    OT Titanfall continues to get loved. If/When the DLC goes on sale, I may have to pick it up, just to see if I can get Cornie interested in it again. I would love to even just watch him kick some Titan/Pilot butt. My problem with the art design is no secret, but I have to admit that Respawn is really adding value to their game.

    • FrenkoFrenik permalink
      November 21, 2014 8:21 pm

      they had a sale of couple of weeks ago under $7. I played some of the maps, it’s nice for a change of scenery, but none of them grab me so far.

      I like the co-op it’s a nice way to jump back in the action and unlock weapons.

    • November 21, 2014 6:37 pm

      That is solid reasoning, and a legitimate way of makin’ their buck. The problem of splitting up the community is very real and plagues all games, and friend circles. Those who love and want to support the devs, can do so and bring their riches into the circle so that the hunters don’t get demolished by a monster that cannot be properly fought with only original hunters.

      This is good stuff.

    • November 21, 2014 8:06 pm

      Agreed. That really is what dooms a game. The dlc. It breaks up communities. Looking back that really has plagued our group.

      Developers either need to budget in the dlc into their $60 game business model, or up the price of their game on the onset. $75 and all dlc free.

  5. Blankman permalink*
    November 26, 2014 12:06 am

    OT: Pinball Arcade is finally on XB1 and features thirty-two classic tables from Bally, Williams, Stern, & Gottlieb. All of them are accurate reproductions of their real-life counterparts down to the sounds, music, & dialogue. Suns, you are going to lose your mind on these tables! The game serves as a hub similar to Pinball FX, and it’s free. The games are separated into three seasons (Season 1: 22 tables; Season 2: 10 tables; Season 3: 10 tables at $30/season or $5/table. Each table can be demoed once. The game comes with Bally’s The Arabian Nights table for free. Each table can be demoed with one ‘Free Play.’ Pinball Arcade just made Pinball FX obsolete.

    • November 26, 2014 3:22 am

      I actually have this on the 360 and my Kindle. I have bought several tables for my Kindle, but pinball is hard to play on a tablet. As for the 360, they pulled a Valve/Overkill and stopped supporting that sucker as soon as they released it. That left a bad taste in my mouth. Having said that, before Zen Studios released the South Park tables, real life table, Fish Tales (Williams) was one of my favorite all time tables. I will probably buy that. $5 per table, however, is twice as much as the Zen tables. Pinball FX2 is no where near obsolete, nor is it a bad deal. The original tables for the FXoriginal, left lots to be desired, but most of their tables since have been very good, and many of them better than most real tables from the arcades.

      Thanks for the heads-up, though. I will definitely be demoing a bunch of them, and probably purchasing some. 🙂

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