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Net Neutrality, Freemium, and Virtual Reality

November 14, 2014

I visited the other day with Blankman about a bunch of political issues, including net neutrality. I don’t want to give him an aneurism, but since he mentioned that he is persuading y’all to go that route, I figured you might want to watch this before you do.

Also, South Park has two spectacular episodes related directly to our favorite hobby: Grounded Vindaloop (Oculus), and Freemium Isn’t Free.

Bonus: A great article on how violence in video games and its influence in societal violence. The conclusion is brilliant:

In the April issue of Pediatrics, Bushman and his colleagues somewhat plaintively asked, “Why is it so hard to believe that media influence children and adolescents?” Ferguson’s reply is that “the most parsimonious answer to this question is, in fact, ‘Because the data are not convincing.'” That’s correct.


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