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CoD: Advanced Warfare – First Impressions

November 3, 2014

Prior to playing I pretty much had a short list of expectations and this video sums it up for me:

I think they delivered so far on all of those points. The campaign looks beautiful. This is truly the first next gen graphics game. It’s full of cliffhanger moments and amazing visuals. I am not holding my breath for the writing to be much better than previous entries, but like before it will have it’s moments. I am guessing for now it will be the only place to ride the vehicles. So all Titanfall mech comparison can stop right there, MP has no vehicles aside from a killstreak suit that may draw similarities.

The Co-op is the low point of the game. Might be the only thing that Ghosts was better at. The mode is almost broken. The class that has an assault rifle has the least armor and the AI is super accurate, so many games ended on the first minute. It’s just a tacked on mode right now and nowhere near as polished as the campaign or the mp. Maybe that will change with DLC and/or Zombies.

The Multiplayer is fantastic with the Exoskeleton. It’s similar to playing Titanfall but in smaller more squad oriented maps. Main difference is that is a lot more customizable in guns and in perks. It features a new “loot” varied stats weapon system. This might not change everything but will add up more to the customization.

There’s a new game mode that reminds me a lot of Halo’s Griffball. It works perfectly with the Exoskeleton and shows how different the game feels from other CoDs.

One thing that might be a step back is that the Exoskeleton brings a whole new set of skills into play. Learning them and keeping them sharp adds to the time in multiplayer. It will be hard to keep up with this game and setting time aside for Halo and Destiny.

However that being said, when you put in the time and start getting streaks. The highs of the game are very high and make it worth it.

On a side note this game does truly push the xbox one hardware. The game DVR and “Record That” do not work as well. Haven’t tried Snap function of videos,etc. but I don’t doubt it would be the same. This along with the talks of new proccesors and a possible slim sku has made me hold back on buying another xbox one.

I don’t think the console as it is,can be future proof. CoD wasn’t 1080 native, so in order for it to someday play 1080 or at least run smoothly on high demand games they need to release another sku. One with a bigger hardrive too. CoD was 46gb alone.


Finished the Campaign. It was very fun and entertaining. It doesn’t break the COD mold but it certainly executes it at a high level. The ending was a bit weak. Ghosts was a much weaker story and execution but it finished well. Regardless it has a lot of things to do and it can be replayable just for fun.

You can upgrade your character a little bit, so the difficulty levels are more bearable. There is a great blend of Action, stealth, vehicles and Exo Abilities.

I think at the very least it warrants a rental.

Still in awe of the graphics in this game. I looked up the rest of the cast and they all look alike in the game not just Kevin Spacey. The cinematics of this game blurr the lines between games and movies.

Played the “Mech” portion of the game and Respawn should sleep easy knowing that their mechs are better and the mechanics are better developed. However that being said if they ever implement all the vehicles from the single player to Multiplayer and the big maps it can give Dice’s Battlefield franchise a run for it’s money.

I thought about that while playing the MP. Which as it stands is basically a cqc and mid-sized maps that get shortened by the new Exo Abilities.

If only it had a playlist or two with big maps and vehicles. It would let the game breathe a little. As it is right now I see games ending regularly in 7mins.

Overall, I am happy with the game. The campaign is worthy of replays (Best since Moder Warfare 1). The MP still is an adrenaline rush compared to other games.

One thing though it is not as addictive as Destiny. It is not a game that fits different moods. No real progression after unlocking weapons in MP. It does have a big set of playlists and customization. It may be great with Clans like MW3 and Black Ops 2 were. Still too early to see all of that.

Sledgehammer did good. They stepped above what old IW did and maybe in the same level as Treyarch. COD is in safe hands with those two. They should take out the gutted IW out of the equation, and just keep the cycles at a high level.

  1. November 4, 2014 10:21 pm

    Thanks for taking the time to give us a review. Glad to hear it is solid, and doesn’t let the bar slip so that other devs can get lazy.

  2. November 7, 2014 7:31 pm

    Johann bought it and he and Cornie are enjoying it. The double jump/jet packs actually does add much to the formula making maneuvering/navigating the environment one of the gameplay elements.

    I wonder to what extent Respawn is shaking their heads and wondering WTF? Their game should be better by all accounts, but it isn’t, actually, nor is it selling better either. No campaign and ugly art design (best get-in-mech animations ever excluded)? I mean, I am scratching my head. I don’t understand it, but the reality is real.

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