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August 2, 2014

Patreon is another chapter in the rediscovered book of commissioning referred to by our generation as “crowdfunding“. Every time I discover a new tool for supporting creative endeavors my heart leaps and I start thinking positive thoughts about humanity. What was a granite foundation of (legitimate) reasons to work for someone else doing jobs that one doesn’t enjoy, has now become a paper floor of bad excuses. It doesn’t hold up. The tables have turned and people with even a modicum of creativity can expect to earn a living doing what they love. Even just the courage required to break away from the dependability of the (public, or not) servant paycheck, is hardly more than that required to try a new dish at dinner. It is so exciting, it makes me want to slap someone’s face (maybe even my own) and say “Snap out of it!” You’re free! You can follow your dreams, be happy!

EDIT: Here is an interesting comparison of the revenue streams of Patreon and YouTube.

And my thoughts on Unfair’s Debunking: I appreciate him pointing out Patreon’s downplaying (misrepresenting) of the YouTube revenue stream. Ultimately though, he completely misses the point, as do most people, I think. This is about commissioning artists/works. That’s all. Buff the revenue stream by getting more people interested in your work, not by getting them to “consume” it. He also makes the assumption that the patrons are limited to the small group of people who are currently frequenting Patreon, as if there are only those few thousands, and that they have to divide their potential commissioning dollars between creators. Most people do not yet know about it. For example, I would be surprised if even 100 people here in this country knew about it. I can guarantee that with all the various “mania” here, creators would be generously supported were their offerings to scratch those “man-eeah” iches. Again with the American-centrism!! LOL

  1. March 17, 2015 11:24 pm

    Making buildings for Skyline:Cities. Take 15-30 hours per building. Right now, Brian Shannon is getting paid 400 bucks a building. 127 patreons. Nice!


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