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Found His Calling?

June 3, 2014

Steve Ballmer

I am still wondering if this is truly a done deal. If it is, I can see Steve Ballmer being an excellent owner of a basketball team, and of the Clippers in particular.  People are criticizing him for spending too much money on the team but I think those critics need to watch Brewster’s Millions. It isn’t like he is going to starve if he loses money and has to dip into his savings a bit. In fact, it would be downright difficult to consume the amount of cheddar he has.

The Clippers play some of the most exciting basketball in the league and I get the feeling Mr. Ballmer has never been happier.  Unlike working for Microsoft, owning a sports franchise seems like a perfect fit for him. The drama will mostly be over by next October and I am looking forward to the Clippers’ fresh start.

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  1. FrenkoFrenik permalink
    June 8, 2014 12:07 am

    well the key detail on the price was that the clippers are up in negotiating TV rights soon, and that alone compared to the Lakers should make his two billion back easily

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