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HBO’s Silicon Valley

April 3, 2014

NBC has Freaks and Geeks, AMC has Breaking Bad, and Netflix has House of Cards, after that, HBO has pretty much everything else that is worth watching and recommending. (They really need to lower their subscriber fees so they can make more money and bring their fare to the general public.) Game of Thrones Season Four starts in two days and I would episodically blog about it in an instant if there were actually some followers here. 😉 And just today, I discovered that HBO has a new series, also premiering on Sunday, called Silicon Valley. It looks like it could be good, if not a little cliche, but USA Today gives it 4/4.

Martin Starr from Freaks and Geeks, Superbad, and most recently the irreverent and hilarious-in-a Pineapple Express kind-of-way, This Is The End, is probably my favorite non-cool actor.


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