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New One Sku On It’s Way For $399 (Rumor)

February 1, 2014


Some feller over at NeoGaf got some “insider info” on Microsoft’s plans for 2014 regarding the Xbox One, including MS planning on releasing a new version of the One for $100 cheaper without the disc drive. Since some of us are looking to going all digital (4G) this is a step in the right direction. There’s also some info on a Limited Edition Titanfall One (effin’ sexy might I add), Halo 2 Anniversary, Titanfall DLC, among others. Check the full story here.

Full list of info as follows:

  • Forza Horizon: “Fall 2014, probably September. Super sexy weather system and… shit tons of co-op/social stuff. 1080P and open-world, so you can road trip with your bros.”
  • White Xbone incoming.
  • Why all the leaks? Scared you might get caught? “I am incapable of fear. Plus, this is such exciting stuff, and me talking about it ahead of time isn’t going to hurt anything, truthfully. We’re all chomping at the bit for it to come out. This is not bad. “
  • Halo Anniversary 2 will be 1080p, iffy on the 60fps, maybe not.
  • Quantum Break is Holiday 2014
  • Multiplayer confirmed for HA2, same devs as Halo Anniversary.
  • Sunset Overdrive is Fall 2014
  • Is not Phil Spencer
  • Black Tusk cancelled project was called “Shangheist.” May have involved stealing stuff from the Chinese (though I think that may have been a reference to the name and maybe not the gameplay? Not sure…)
  • Fable Legends is Summer 2015
  • Halo 2 Anniversary includes beta for Halo 5
  • Gears of War will probably need a 2.5 year dev time.
  • First Titanfall DLC is 45 days from release, then another one 120 days from release.
  • No Crackdown 3 news this year most likely, since it’s a 2016 title.
  • A list w/dates of the rest of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries that Xbone will release in this year.
  • No info/idea on what Rare’s up to, sadly.
  • $399 XB1 this year? “Maybe one without an Optical Disc Drive.”
  1. February 1, 2014 10:57 am

    Thanks Grymmie! I love how you and Blank are posting these days!

    Interesting rumors. Blank mentioned a while back, this kind of price drop and SKU change would be a first for Microsoft.

    For me, it is not terribly surprising if true considering Microsoft’s struggle to recover from their E3 disaster and the negative public perception with regard to the One’s graphical power, price, Kinect privacy, and the launch OS disaster.

    The choice for dropping the optical disc is no surprise either, as (and I agree with Blank that) MS is going to hang on to Kinect for all they’re worth. Also, disc-less was in their plans from the beginning. Funny thing is, we are actually using the Blu-Ray players because 1) they are the only ones in the house, 2) Blu-Ray discs, unlike DVD discs are region-free or in the rare cases where they are actually locked, Japan and the US are in the same region.

  2. Blankman permalink*
    February 1, 2014 10:57 am

    There are many that suspect that it was MS, themselves, that leaked the rumors because of the timing of it. The latest round of rumors distracts the public from the recent Machinima-YouTube gate, and it’s working. Everyone could see that the white Xbox One would eventually be offered down the road when they issued them to MS employees that had worked on the X1 project. Halo 2 Anniversary was pretty much a foregone conclusion because it would buy time for Halo 5’s development cycle. In addition, MS doesn’t want to match up against Bungie’s Destiny in the fall. Not only that, it would position Halo 5 for 2015 followed up with Gears in 2016. The one-two combo served the 360 well in the last-gen game schedule. The Titanfall DLC timeframe makes perfect sense, so no real info there. Many had expected Crackdown 3 to be shown as a teaser in the game line-up when the Xbox One was unveiled. The only Debbie Downer is how terrible Crackdown 2 turned out to be. Remedy’s Quantum Break will probably be delayed until early 2015 because it’s Remedy after all.

    The only rumor that doesn’t make sense if the optical drive-less X1 model which is way too soon for another hardware SKU introduction. Not only that, but omitting the optical drive really doesn’t reduce that much of a cost. Also, the ability to use external HDD will be available some time this year.

  3. Flenser 92 permalink
    February 4, 2014 7:46 am

    Hey guys! Kenai told me to look for you all here. Nice site!
    First I have heard about Halo 2 Anniversary. Pretty psyched about that. No Gears for 2.5 years? Ouch! Better be good.

    • February 4, 2014 2:24 pm

      I don’t trust my memory these days, but Flenser, you were over at VGR right?

      Regardless, welcome here! This is just a place where we can meet to rant, rave, and laugh when not online.

      If, indeed, they spend 2.5 years on Gears, it will almost certainly be good, in the same way that Halo 4 was good after it changed hands to 343. Still, the MP games that have captured our imaginations here are Titanfall, Evolve, and The Division, so we consider it no loss if none of those other IPs are developed properly or not. Halo 2 MP maps were pretty awesome, though.

      Also, back to topic, Digital Foundry discusses the topic of a price-reduced One. Basically all the conclusions Blankman has been giving us for months.

  4. February 4, 2014 7:41 pm

    Welcome Flenser 92. First order of business, for your Stranded initiation, you must divulge your first name, where you are from, and the meaning of your gamer tag. And any other tid bit about yourself…

    Must say, I’m kind of interested in Halo 2. I am one of the few here that Really liked the campaign. My favorite by far. Second place goes to Halo CE. The Flood were scary shit in the first two games.

    Check out the Evolve stuff. And Titanfall beta is soon upon us. We play mostly late on weekends.


    And Suns, yes, I think I met him through you.

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