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BF4 – China Rising

December 3, 2013

As I’ve said before, the videos don’t exaggerate. What a game!

  1. December 4, 2013 5:34 am

    Will likely be downloading and playing this tonight. Will post thoughts. I love that although mp is pretty “damaged”, DICE still has 10 main maps + 4 ‘Old school maps’ + the 4 New China rising.

    18 maps and only 1 month into launch.

    • Blankman permalink*
      December 4, 2013 4:58 pm

      …and still not functioning properly. The only reason why I’ve been playing this broken ass game is the fact that it’s the only one I’ve purchased for the One so far. Grymmie, rED, & Zos have other games like Dead Rising 3, Forza, & Killer Instinct (which wasn’t working yesterday) to fall back on until DICE fixes their FUBAR.

      For the record, I did not make the statement that “I was addicted to BF4.” Rather, I made the comment that the Double XP week made this addicting despite the game being utterly broken. A bit of a misquote from Jimmy. However, EA/DICE needs to fix this sh!t quickly because they are starting to receive negative press. Polygon has actually gone back on their initial review of an 8.5/10 and re-issued a 4.5/10 due to the broken nature of the MP. Others are considering doing that as well.

      BF4 had a solid opening to make inroads against CoD: Ghosts, and DICE screwed it up royally. No one cares that BF4 is going to work as intended six months down the road. What customers want is a functioning game that they’ve already spent their hard earned coin on. Right now! The problem with the last gen & current gen is that developers have been allowed to “get away” with releasing half-baked games promising fixes later on down the line. that kind of mentality is utter garbage. Not only that, but to release paid DLC before patches are even out is pure hubris & altogether bad for business. I guess they didn’t learn anything from their issues with BF3. Right now, I would NOT recommend BF4 to anyone adopting the new consoles. It’s just a damn mess. It’s gotten so bad that a EA BF4 server admin kicked the DICE executive producer, Patrick Bach, out with the message “FIX THE GAME.”

    • December 4, 2013 6:18 pm

      Blankman, your points are true, and can’t blame you for feeling that way. I have the same frustration, but probably more love for Dice, for the Battlefield franchise.

      I have MY theory. My opinion of the whole thing. MS and Dice. They were pressed into launching awesome product. And they Have. Very ambitious. But they launched it in spite of the fact that They were pressed by the release date of the PS4. Sony launched an attack. Went the easy way. Launched a product with great hardware, but little feature. No wonder they are so Open to indie games. Because they have Nothing New to offer. No cool features, nothing cutting edge.

      And back to indie games, you don’t think ms will add that quick, if they see it’s a system seller?

      MS and Dice needed to launch with the PS4, else they would lose major market share. So they launched. With defective product. But product that will rock. Eventually…… I’m happy with what I’ve got. Because I know when it’s all worked out, no one will regret getting a xbox 1.

      And Blankman, You were up for 10 straight hours gaming. I was fresh with the morning sun, and a hot cup of joe in hand. You said, in a dreamy voice, “jimmy, I’m in love with battlefield”. I wouldn’t lie bro. Not about that. Not about you my brother At least that is how I remember that moment. Maybe I was wrong, but that Is how that morning is lodged in my memory.

      Oh, and I think you my mbfam, Do love ms, and dice. You’re just pissed they didn’t start perfect. I get that. But I think, at least they tried. They gambled with going Big, on short time, and in the end, I think it will have turned out to have made good business sense, cause they Will have kickass product working. And sony’s lame business model will go down in smoke.

      Oh, and cod is still gonna be sitting at the kiddie table, watching us play Titanfall, and the Division not long from now. Till then, I’m gonna fire up Xbox now, with my upgraded download connection finally running at 20mbs, and play me some BF4 China rising! Hopefully it will work anyway……

      Fo shizzle!

  2. December 4, 2013 1:40 pm

    Yes, 14 maps (with many gametypes) for those who pre-order. And for those who love the game, piecemeal or “Premium” which cost/map isn’t any higher than the DLC for any other game. But unlike other devs, DICE keeps the content coming and fresh. They will fix the brokenness, even if it takes them a couple of months. And in the meantime, so much content to enjoy as is. WOOT!

  3. Blankman permalink*
    December 4, 2013 7:44 pm

    It’s true that I was up for ten hours “trying” to play BF4, Jim. I even told you that I crashed no fewer than fourteen times. However, I have never used the word “love” with any BF game. Everyone can vouch for me on that. You may have gotten me confused with your nephew, JBird, because he simply kicks ass on that game. I don’t even do that well in the game or its predecessors. Just take a gander at my pathetic 0.56 K/D. I don’t love any game that I don’t feel remotely successful at. Ha! I have a memory like an elephant and I know that I did not utter any glowing statements about BF4 with the exception of the XP event being addicting. I mean, who doesn’t want to level up quickly? Regardless of how tired I may have been, it wasn’t me who made those comments that you are attributing to me.

    As far as the rushed product, I agree. However, that does not absolve them of the responsibility of releasing a playable game. When a game completely wipes your SP progress, crashes you out after every MP match, and repeatedly spams friends with invites into matches that aren’t accessible- that’s broken. It’s grandstanding of DICE’s announcement today that they were suspending production on every DICE developed game until the BF4 issues have been resolved. I call bullsh!t on that. It’s a pathetic attempt at damage control. EA is scared that they may have to compensate customers for a current shoddy BF4 like they did with Sim City. DICE is trying to calm the storm of deserved criticism. I won’t lie that I have respect for DICE, but they’ve lost a lot of credibility pulling the same crap with BF4 that they got away with BF3. Just like I refuse to patronize Gearbox for the outright lies & unscrupulous practice of outsourcing work on Aliens: Colonial Marines, DICE better get their act together. It would pain me to boycott DICE even though all of my buddies are playing their products, but I’m a man of principle. They have a short leash as far as I’m concerned. You and Suns have always had an unconditional love for the Battlefield series much like my love for the Gears of War franchise. However, I’ve never shared that kind of love for BF. That makes me even more critical about an IP that I don’t hold dear to my heart. Doesn’t sound like someone that would use the words love and Battefield in the same sentence, does it? ‘Nuff said.

  4. December 5, 2013 5:13 am

    Is the game less stable on the Bone? I played three nights last week for a couple of hours each night, and I do not recall a single crash on the 360. Fairly laggy, probably due to my parents internet access, but nothing game-breaking.

  5. December 5, 2013 5:42 am

    Kenny, I recant what I stated earlier, you did not say that you “loved” Battlefield”, I remember (now that you’ve repeated it again), that you said you were “Addicted”. The “love” part must have been etched in my mind due to the dreamy way (that I thought I heard) you say it. My bad. Your position is now very clear.

    And I can understand your rant at Dice, and your lack of love in general of the game. In order to love any game, it has to love you back.

    For me, it loves me back like no other game that I’ve played (even other BF games). Something now just clicks for me. Is it the 60 fps? Better servers? Dunno, but my K/D has always been sub 1 to 1 in MP of Any Franchise (except Halo 4). On BF4 it is right at 1 to 1, and I finish in the top 10 most games. At 43, this is plenty good for an old man like me (with my non-teenager twitch skills), Placed 2nd in one game last night (only just below one of my squadmates). But it’s not just how a person plays at a particular game, but the game itself. And I can say that after playing the new DLC last night, BF4 is the best console game ever. Everything worked, everything was silky smooth, and the new map packs are the best BF maps I’ve ever played. Reminds me of BFBC2 Vietnam expansion, but 4 times the size (and 4x the detail). Really massive, but with base placements that had Epic engagements.

    Last night I played all 4 of the new China Rising maps. With my improved connection, I bumped the texture settings from 70% to 100%. Gorgeous. Truly a feast for the eyes reclining in my gaming chair 6′ away, on a 60″ 1080 plasma. I then searched through the squads, joining and asking “do you have mics?” After a couple tries, I found my “team”, and settled into a very good squad that knew each other. (By the end of the night these guys were on my friends list). The first game I joined midway through. We lost by a bunch. But the following game, our squad really started working together, communicating, balancing our classes, and we dominated to the point that we won by fairly close scores the 3 next games in the cycle, then re-ran the map that we had lost on, and got the “cycle” win.

    I’ve never experienced gaming like I did last night. I had to pinch myself. The Sounds are a post in itself. The graphic realism was turned up to 11. Gameplay: The bases were bigger, so the battles AT the bases were Epic. Counterattacks were common. Countless times, my squad / team had just taken a base, only to find another onslaught had begun again. Only when things finally settled down and/or substantial reinforcements had arrived, would we move to another section / base (normally humming side by side on quads, cycles, and jeeps). But on some maps, the middle bases (5 to 7 bases per map) were close enough to each other, that I would hoof it to better plan the approach to the next hot spot, and… just to enjoy the scenery. Mountains, jungles, rivers, weather changes, wind, and all the little things, like birds flushing out of the trees at the sound of my approach.

    I read earlier this week that there was a patch coming in with the China Rising DLC. Did it? Don’t know, but regardless, whatever was/is broken with BF4, was Not last night. I was rewarded with expectation exceeding gameplay (that had me smiling from ear to ear for 2+ hours), making new gaming friends, and was even paid back by having not just a good squad (which is a major gaming night Win in itself), but a Team that took and held bases, as we swept the series.

    And Suns, BF4 is now up to 18 maps one month from Launch. Fresh and sweet as the daisy’s dew.

    Oh, and the only thing missing, was the rest of you. Get Premium. What are you waiting for? These 8 new maps are Awesome!

    • Blankman permalink*
      December 5, 2013 12:39 pm

      I’m glad that you’re having a lot of fun with BF4 despite the serious issues that are plaguing it. With me, I have to roll with a good crew to feed off of their table scraps because with 32 players per team, that’s a lot of players that can take me out. I have to have my head on a swivel. Ha! That’s my biggest frustration. My lack of quick twitch skills have me in a support role rather than a slayer. I don’t mind that because everyone has to know their role. However, it’s a bit demoralizing to only get kill assists rather than kills. Once in a while I’ll be awarded the kill if I’ve done over 75% damage on an opponent. As Zos said in party chat the other day, it looks like BF4 will be the game that we’ll all be playing for the foreseeable future until The Division & Dying Light come out. So I just have to keep rolling with the punches.

      I think everyone that has BF4 with the exception of JBird, rED, and you is waiting for DICE to clean their crap up before we commit more money to this game. They need to show definitive progress before they get another red cent from me. When you think about it, BF4 is not just a $65 retail game, but a $105 game with all of the DLC. I would suggest that EA halves the Premium price tag for existing customers as a form of compensation for the brokenness of the game, and issue a refund for the difference to those that have already purchased the content. To get that point across, players really need to refrain from committing to DLC because publishers won’t change their practice of releasing half-baked product unless they’re forced to.

  6. December 5, 2013 3:57 pm

    @Kenny both posts above.

    Understood completely about your feelings towards DICE and the BF franchise including all your points regarding DLC. Your Premium compensation idea is fantastic, and would do EA/DICE far more service than just the mending of broken hearts. It would ensure that almost everyone had ALL the maps, and their player population/community would be united. Also, your frustration with 32 enemies available to kill you is one of the concerns I had about the higher population – and one of the unanticipated benefits of the console versions past. It doesn’t surprise me.

    Just a note about K/D: BF4 is the only FPS that I know of that will award a kill for dealing 75%+ damage but not actually making the killing shot, and it is one of the reasons I love it. My K/D ratio in BF3 for 300+ hours is 0.6x, but I have very rarely felt like I didn’t contribute.

    As regards your developer comparisons above, feel free to compare DICE with Overkill/Starbreeze (Payday 2 – which still hasn’t had their game-breaking crashes fixed, nor have they offered any new maps), but not with Gearbox. Gearbox practiced outright deceit and fraud as regards product representation and development funding. DICE was rushed to get a product out that wasn’t ready, but as you said, so they did with BF3 – which they patched as quickly as possible. Gearbox and DICE cannot be mentioned in the same sentence.

    @Kenai as regards your K/D ratio see the jpg below. Bwahahaha Enjoy it for the twelve days of Christmas because when the kiddies get their consoles, you will be back under 1. LMAO! ❤ and r3sp3cts to my 1337 gamer friend!

    • Blankman permalink*
      December 5, 2013 4:56 pm

      The Overkill/Star Breeze PD2 team consists of thirty people. That by no means justifies their broken ass sh!t. The damn game released in August & console gamers are still playing the beta version. I will NOT be patronizing them by purchasing any DLC. They seem to only care about their Steam/PC players any way. That platform already has eighteen updates & two DLC releases when the consoles haven’t seen squat. Eighteen updates!!! Fricking Valve treatment all over again! Overkill’s treatment of the console gamers has been nothing but atrocious.

      I only used Gearbox as an example of releasing product that wasn’t up to snuff. I wasn’t using Pitchford’s band of idiots as a comparison to DICE. However, that’s two times that DICE has screwed up, and they’re royal F-ups at that. Yes, we’re all keeping count. This time, it’s not focused on one platform, but all of them- PC/XB1/PS4/360/PS3. WTF?!? Damage control? Keep your XP event & 1911 scope. You think that makes up for all of this bad blood? Reduce the cost of your Premium package by saving some coin for the player. Put your money where your mouth is. Money talks, not digital stats & gear that don’t add up to a hill of beans.

    • December 5, 2013 8:05 pm

      Suns. ROTFL!!!! So True!!!!!

      I’ve been patting myself on the back thinking that since I’ve been playing a lot of dlc, that I have been playing (and Owning), a lot of Premium Players! But alas, I’ve been fooling myself….. But…. Come Christmas morning, Santa will be bagged and stuffed. In a chimney, some where in Jersey. Not another word….

      YES! I will rule Battlefield until the New Year, when kids will then get over their grief, and say “to hell with Santa. Dad friggin go to Best Buy, and get me a xbox One! And don’t forget…. Call of

      The End

      And Blankman. Love you bro. I am a caver. That what bears do. … And now to some BF4 China rising! Oh yeah…….. Yeah…………… Hmmmm. I’m all alone…..


      Jbird? You get Premium yet? No? Little nephew. Learn how to work your parents.. A little pre-Christmas son appreciation gift might do the trick. I thought you were a smart kid….


    • Average permalink*
      December 7, 2013 6:28 am

      I bought Premium, I calculated out what it was with out and what the “savings” were.
      It saves me a good amount of money if I was going to buy all the DLC, which I will since all you guys will likely have it.

      Plus, to be the only guy without premium to save $15 on one of the DLC packs I didn’t like, makes no sense.

      I have played China Rising, I wasn’t a big fan first time through!
      Notes though:
      – didn’t know the maps
      – had friends over all playing via the 3 death swap controller rule
      – no headset on
      – music playing

  7. December 7, 2013 2:00 pm

    I have had a lot of amazing moments in BF4. For example, last night in large map conquest, Blank, Grymm and I were capturing a base by closing the doors in a large container and hiding while we took the base. We could see the enemies all around looking for us LOL. That being said, I cannot remember a single instance of a game being more broken at launch. The game crashing, bugs, server issues… I haven’t even played a “Beta” this bad. The experience of even trying to play the game is so frustrating, that I can’t play for longer than an hour without throwing my arms in the air and cursing.

    I understand launch-window issues, but this is to the point of insanity. The game should not have even launched in the state that it is currently in. Any other form of entertainment, I would be taking the product back and asking for a refund. DICE, with a reputation of launch issues, has outdone themselves.

  8. December 8, 2013 2:11 am

    I watch the activity feed, see that someone has “Started playing BF4” and then 2 minutes later, they started something else. I know what has happened. 😦

    It’s very disappointing that it is so broken, because it means that it will take just that much more work (and that much longer) to fix – and inevitably will probably have issues that are never solved.

    I have no interest in defending DICE anymore. They developed it (or tried to), they can live with the backlash. Having said that, the following has been my Signature over at Evil Avatar for years now.

    When am I going to learn not to buy their products on day one? When am I going to learn that EA products include free misery?” Tycho PA

    On a different topic, I don’t see any of y’all complaining any more about the broken party chat. Either you don’t try to party up very much anymore, or you don’t even care if you are able to chat with each other any more. Either way, that is also sad. Every time I hear another detail about the Xbox Apps system and party chat/game invite system, I just shake my head. That is also so barebones and broken I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t have restored to a 360 level until after summer 2014. It also means that Devs are now programming for a moving target.

    Pretty fubar launch all around. Even at that though, Kenai was incredibly upbeat when he joined us for some BF3. Loves his One (and I am happy he is enjoying it).

    • December 8, 2013 6:58 pm

      I’ve been quiet for the most part because I am enjoying my experience overall, so far. I do have Party issues, mainly being that my voice isn’t being picked up through my mic, but a hard reset fixes that most of the time. Inconvenient? Hell yes, but not much you can do about it right now. INCREDIBLY barebones launch, though, as both you and Zos have said. Few games and few working features makes this console very limited for the time being.

      In regard to BF4, I have noticed that I rarely ever crash on Domination games, so I’ve been playing those almost exclusively. I have been having a freaking blast playing BF4. Still trying to get used to the player count of large Conquest matches, but time will be all it takes to fix that.

      While I know a few have mentioned that they struggle to have fun with the game, I have been doing pretty well for myself. Here’s an example. While K/D-wise it wasn’t positive, I ended up with 26 Medkit Ribbons at the end of the game. That’s a total of 208+ heals throughout the entire match. Also with ~10 revives, I ended up #1 on the team, even with the minus kill/death ratio. I also had another game on that map with Blank and Zos and ended up with 20 Medkit ribbons.

      BF4 is a very love-hate game at it’s current state. I’ve been looking more towards the positives than the negatives. In the end though, DICE needs to fix this fucking game.

    • December 8, 2013 7:24 pm

      Sweet, Grymmie! 1924 spm! 26 med ribbons – only 50 needed for a medal! LOL A man after my own heart with the paddle use.

      If you and Kenai are having all that fun, I know I would be too. Can’t wait until I at least know the local launch date.

    • Blankman permalink*
      December 9, 2013 2:51 pm

      Just because we haven’t complained about the party chat lately doesn’t mean it’s still not pooched, Suns. Talk about FUBAR. It’s like they completely tossed out everything that worked with the XBL experience & started all over. Talk about disjointed, haphazard, thoughtless development. People want familiarity, not a completely new screwed up experience! Argh!

    • December 9, 2013 6:48 pm

      Understood. ’tis Microsoft’s modus operandi with all their OSes.

  9. December 8, 2013 9:28 pm

    Just finished work for the week. 41.5 hours of OT. And I cashed in a ten year old stock option grant I forgot I had this week. I will be on the Bone soon. (Ewww….)

    • December 8, 2013 9:46 pm

      LOL! Congrats!

      BTW, looks like they got the PS3, PS4, and 360 first patch out. The One patch should follow shortly, I would imagine.

      Check the BF4 Control Room for all the latest update/patch news. (official forum)

    • Blankman permalink*
      December 9, 2013 2:43 pm

      Good news on the XB1, Herandar. Now you can enjoy the next-gen BF4 frustration/misery like some of us here. Ha!

  10. December 9, 2013 6:13 am

    Cat wait! Ur gonna love it.

  11. December 11, 2013 7:11 am

    Pretty Crazy:

    Xbox One Players Getting BF4 Premium Refunds

    • December 11, 2013 2:38 pm

      EA/DICE/Microsoft need to get ahead of this and just give Premium for free to all BF4 owners now and future, as an apology for the brokenness.

    • December 11, 2013 7:15 pm

      I would allow this.

      BTW, I came across a cool site that allows you to import emblems that other people have made. There’s some pretty neat ones over there, and they’re a hell of a lot better than what I could do with the emblem creator.

    • Herandar permalink
      December 11, 2013 8:06 pm

      I am real proud of my Chaos emblem, but then I saw the emblem with one of the soldiers from the movie Wizards, and I might have to get it.

  12. December 13, 2013 3:01 pm

    The Xbox One BF4 update is Live! Don’t have time to post details now. Go to battlelog.

    • December 13, 2013 10:21 pm

      Copy and pasta’d.

      Dec 13 Xbox One Game Update Notes
      -Fixed three common crashes that could occur during map transitions
      -Fixed a common crash that could occur when using the in-game Battlelog in the “end of round” screen
      -Fixed two crashes related to destroying vehicles
      -Fixed a crash that could occur when the player lost connection to a server
      -Fixed a crash that could occur when using the scoreboard
      -Fixed a crash that could occur when players were using the voice chat
      -Optimized performance when shooting destroyed Levolution objects on some levels
      -Removed the blur effect on soldiers that appeared when Commanders were using EMP attacks
      -Fixed the “one-hit kill” bug where damage from a single bullet sometimes was applied multiple times. This could lead to firefights where normal rifles sometimes dealt one-shot kills, which is not as designed
      -Fixed a memory leak that could lead to crashes at certain points
      -Further reduced the probability of getting a corrupt save file in the single player campaign
      -Fixed the audio drop outs that could occur when playing on large maps. Typical map affected was Golmud Railway in Conquest with 64 players. Ambient sound would sometimes cut out, like foley sounds from player running, vehicle engine sounds, vehicle movement sounds, and map ambient sounds
      -Fixed an issue with going online after resuming your Xbox One from suspended mode
      -Fixed some issues with the handling of Xbox One parties
      -Made the icons used to signal voice chat status more reliable

  13. December 14, 2013 8:19 am

    Update. 4GN got an xbox one. And the boys are beasts in bf4!! Like there was much “ramp up” time needed….. MVP every game.

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