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Xbox One – Part 1: “My story” Part 2: “You’re playing with the Big Boys now”

November 25, 2013

brotherly-loveI basically wrote this for Esuns, but instead of just putting it in an e-mail, thought maybe some of you will like reading this too (especially my thoughts on “Part 2”)

Part 1:  “My Story”

Friday night was a lonely night on Xbox 360. The info when I signed in around midnight was “20 friends on-line”. Then my enthusiasm sank when I looked through my friends list.  Status of 16 of my 20 friends was “Xbox One”….

I played BF4 360 with my nephew Joshua for a couple hours.   We dominated.   Last game was on Operation Locker where we won, he went 44-7 and I went 21-7  (don’t know why I remember those exact numbers, but I did).   Good close out win, we shut down our “Party of 2,” and I headed to bed.

On Saturday, After the kids and I participated in the neighborhood “leaf cleanup event”, I called high and low around town. Every place gave the same answer. “No we don’t have any. Try again on Black Friday.” My heart sank… Black Friday?! “The lines, the lines there will be!” Getting there at Midnight? Waiting in the cold… (Remember, it is November in Michigan!)    My wife even offered to wait in line for me (thanks, but even if she did wait for me, what are the chances that by the time her # is called, there would even be a unit left?… ).

By Saturday late afternoon, I was becoming resigned to quiet Friday nights for a long time….. Then I had a thought. “Craig’s List”. I checked. $800. $700.   I had just gotten my Christmas bonus, but I wasn’t going to pay THAT.   I started sending out text messages for the ones that were asking $630, $650.   A few minutes later, I got a response  “Hey, it’s still available at $650”.   That’s ($650 cash – the $530 “with tax” that I’d pay at a store).  Is $120 extra worth it?   I decided that paying that was better than waiting a week, standing in line, and Maybe getting one.

Saturday, 7:30 pm, on a cold November night, I met Brandon at Trader Joe’s (a local grocery store) about 15 mins away.  Really nice guy.  He had waited in line at Gamestop for 8 hours and picked up 2 units (They only had 9 to sell).   One for him, and another just to sell (he’s a med student with no extra money).   I forked over the cash. Got a copy of his receipt (took down his licence plate #, just in case….).  I hit my regular Gamestop on the way home to trade in my BF4 360 copy, and get the One version.

That voice inside my heart:   As I was getting ready to head into the store, I remembered my nephew Joshua (JBirdrocks). Great kid. My sister’s son. He’d be a sophomore (and b-ball star) this year, but he’s been home sick for a year now, can’t even go to school.  He and I have been loving the Xbox 360 BF4 the past few weeks, (and btw: 360 has been our bonding time this past year).  A window to the outside world for a teenage kid shut in the house due to health issues.  As I walked into Gamestop, I started feeling bothered in my spirit.    I now have a Xbox One, but my nephew won’t…. He’s saved the money, but he like me, didn’t pre-order in time.   I didn’t say an actual prayer, but it was like God was speaking to my heart, reminding me something. Something about my nephew…

The young man at the counter (Tyler) was a friend.  He and I have been talking gaming over the past couple years that he has been managing there.  I handed him my BF4 360 copy, and asked for the upgrade.   The next words just kind of popped out of my mouth  “You wouldn’t happen to have a Xbox One?” He smiled and said “I do”.   “Someone Just called and canceled their pre-order.   It’s in the back.”

I called Joshua on the way home to tell him the story.   When I got to the punch line   “It’s yours.”   My heart melted when it felt his joy  “Thank You Uncle Jim!!!   Thank You!!!!”

God loves us, and takes such pleasure in surprising us.  

It’s that simple to me.  It’s not about the prayers that we ask sometimes.  He just knows our hearts. He even cares about stupid ones like Xbox. It don’t understand His ways, but I do know His heart.  At least part of it.   His heart is for us.   For my nephew.

Saturday 9pm – Okay, so, exhilarated, I arrive home to excited kids (especially once I showed up with TWO Xbox’s and told them the story).
I set it up (which was amazingly easy), and toured through many of the features and tutorials with 3 kids watching every move next to me.    Soon we were rolling, and I turned it over to them to set up their accounts (which was also very simple and clean).

The only game I had gotten Saturday was BF4. Luke did a test run with the campaign. It is brilliant and clear, and I’m glad I only played part of it on 360, cause nothing is saved to One (except for MP).  You may remember my rant last week about the campaign on 360 glitching, losing everything, and starting me back to the opening credits. Well now, I’m not so bothered, because it looks SO pretty, and am looking forward to playing through from the beginning during this holiday weekend (or even Christmas break).

Saturday, Midnight: By the time I actually got a chance to play BF4, it was late. I couldn’t figure out how to join Blank and the guys (Thanks Dice for your Broke ass party system – BETTER fix it soon), so I got into a game on my own.  Caught the last 15 mins of a Parcel Storm Conquest, and felt like I stepped into another world.   Dudes and vehicles Everywhere!!   Stuff happening  in Epic proportions!  Then I played a full match of Zavod 311. It took some adjusting to the new controller, and all the chaos going on.    I started off slow, but we finished with a Win (these are 800 ticket games!!), and I went 27-21.   My head swimming, I decided that was enough and shut it down for the night.   I said “Xbox shut down”   Crazy having this voice command stuff. Really cool.

Sunday 11am:  With only one game to play, I headed off to Gamestop just after it opened.   I upgraded AC4 from 360 to Xbox One (for Seth) for $10 bucks. He had practically finished the campaign, and now also has to start at Zero.  He too didn’t seem upset after he got in, because the graphics upgrade is a visual treat.

In order to take care of Luke, I traded in a bunch of Xbox 360 stuff (since I’m down to one 360 anyway since my 2nd console’s disc drive has been DOA for 3 months…).  All duplicate copies of my favorite games, extra controllers, and other hardware got their pittance from Gamestop. Against my better judgement, I got him the game he has been pleading for since launch. COD Ghosts. That’s the game that His friends are playing, so how can I refuse? (except to say) “This is a early Christmas present  don’t forget that come Dec 25th”.   The game is pretty, and he plays MP pretty well for a 10 year old. Leading his team in a few matches, and happily giving me updates of his greatness, while I worked on chores around the house…

Subnote 1: My Thanksgiving analogy is: BF4 is the grown-up’s table, and COD Ghosts is for the kids. Both tables have a good time, good food, but seriously, who over the age of 14 wants to sit at the kids table??

So, now it’s Sunday around noon, COD is in full bloom, and Luke is now “Living the Dream”. I kept hearing him yelling “Xbox – Record That!”    LOL THAT is the surprise new Cool cool feature!

Subnote 2: Last night was no exception at the “Adults table”. I was playing BF4 with Blank, Average, Grymn, Red, Baxta and (did I miss anyone?)…   All night, every couple minutes I could hear Blank and others yelling (as they’re screaming / laughing) “Xbox! Record That!!” Hilarious!!

(IDEA) In the future, On a Friday night, we should have a part of our evening dedicated to where we each take turns sharing one or two of our personal favorites, and watch them together in party chat!

Part 2: “You’re Playing with the Big Boys now”

PC gamers can now slide over to the passenger seat, because console gamers are now (finally) playing at the Big Table. That said, being at the big table has its challenges. It didn’t take long to realize that WE’ve been swimming in a pretty small pond.  64 player MP is EPIC! My entire gaming thought process is undergoing a revolution.  My K/D ratio and effectiveness has taken a few lumps. Not playing Bad, but defiantly need to figure out How to play in a Big, big gaming world. I hope I can make the adjustment.   We rolled last night with about 6 of us. Normally that means we Dominate for the Win. But our Stranded effectiveness (at least regarding Winning), is not so noticeable. We win squad skirmishes, but may still lose the battle. We also can’t be running around trying to take every base. We have to stay with what a small sized team can do effectively – “doing our part, our contribution”, and hope that our teammates (all 26 of them) are doing the same.

Long gone is the Xbox BF running through empty spaces, as there are engagements happening often, everywhere, and quickly developing into large scale battles.   A once empty area breaks into a major event.  Often we would be taking a base, knocking out a few defenders, only to have dudes roll up in tanks, choppers, and dropping in from the sky. Reminds me of the environmental changes on Parcel Storm.   One minute, everything is sunny, calm and we’re all celebrating after taking out a few guys and capturing a base, but then before we’ve barely healthed up, reloaded, and got an ammo dump down;  “Here They Come!!!”     Awesome!  Different.    Exciting!

Okay, that is enough for now. Just wanted to get some thoughts and experiences down in writing. Hope you’ve enjoyed.

Now for the heart of the matter: I’m having a hard time imagining the next few months without the 4G’s rolling alongside (and leading it for that matter…).   Having the 4G’s in game and party IS the highlight of my gaming weekend (I speak for all of us when I say that).   Not sure how this is going to work…. The Loss of your participation is definitely felt on many levels.  On one hand, I regret even having the option of us even having Xbox One (as the Stranded), until ALL “The Stranded” are together. Makes for a strange dynamic on a Friday or Saturday night.    Also, what is typical with a launch system, is that basically as a group, the only game available is BF4 (for quite some time).

My suggestion going forward (till were all rolling) – at least for me, is to play BF3 or Payday or…  with you guys on the weekends that you are free to play. Party chat and 360 games is just fine by me.  I’d rather do that Any time.   Seriously, Suns, when you can game us, I (we) are more than happy to go back to the little pond, because the Reason that I love gaming at all, is because of the friendship, lifetime friendships we’ve Built together.  You, your sons, and all the Stranded.

What a blessing from God this video game surpassing friendship has become for me, for us, for our children too.


  1. November 25, 2013 2:59 pm

    Kenai, thank you so much for writing up the story and your impressions! Great, GREAT post!

    Thank you also for the kind words and thoughts. Yep, we are missing y’all, too. Probably the worst thing is that the our friends list on the 360 doesn’t even tell us what you are doing. Just a generic “Playing Xbox One” or something like that. So, I can’t even enjoy the fact that you are all rolling together, or be comforted by the fact that I am not missing anything tonight because you are all doing separate things. (I am going to check out SmartGlass to see if it gives more detailed info.)

    I am hoping that Microsoft has both the inventory and the resources to pull off a Japan launch in early spring (March) rather than late spring (June). In the meantime, I have been busy this year like no other, and if there were ever a time when this kind of thing should keep us apart, now is the best time. I am hopeful that next year, I will at least have more of my weekends back, or that at least, when I do have a break, I can do more than just sleep/read/watch TV.

    Thank you again, Jimmy! And so glad to hear that you were able to get your nephew a machine. That is exactly what the doctor ordered.

    P.S. Great to hear that BF4 is fun, even if full of bugs and problems. WOOOO!!!!!!

    EDIT: You know, for now, just reading about your exploits and experiences with the hardware is even better than having you jump back into a 360 BF3 match. Seriously. Way better. Enjoy BF4 – and share the fun with us when you can. ❤

    EDIT 2: Nope, SmartGlass (at least with my 360XBL account) will not display the activity of One users. Too bad. Funny, Party chat etc. is apparently slow and cumbersome. My second most important feature for the Xbox machines, and they made it less accessible than it was on the 360. Like Tycho said at PA, the good news is that, as was the case with the 360, evolution of the UI and features are almost a certainty. Hopefully this is one of the issues they address before we get our machines.

    Had a long video Skype chat with rED. Works great, though the resolution was low and I couldn’t see rED’s face clearly. Very cool, though. Really, very cool. Can’t wait till we get ours.

    • November 25, 2013 5:52 pm

      Love the picture you added. And the e-mails you sent today. That song was just right, at just the right time. Gotta get back to baking cookies with my daughter (with your song rocking on the Ipad). Kids only have a half day tomorrow, then a nice long Thanksgiving weekend. Think I’ll take off Wednesday myself. I’ll be rocking my BF carbine all week, and posting our exploits at leisure. Cheers!

    • November 25, 2013 7:15 pm

      Cookies!!!! Yummie! Hi to Liv!

    • November 26, 2013 8:59 am

      Depending on what device you are using, there are actually two separate pieces of “smartglass” software. The original and an Xbox One version. Not sure the requirements of using the latter.

  2. November 26, 2013 4:52 am

    The last point you mentioned Jim particularly rings true for me about playing with friends. I had an epiphany regarding that the other day that I’ll share soon.

    And you nailed it on the head – 64 players (or more) is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s fantastic. Glad you’re enjoying it. 🙂

  3. November 26, 2013 8:52 am


    As someone who felt a bit alienated by BF3, I can say without a doubt that BF4 is one of the most insane experiences I’ve played on consoles (or just in general). When we are not getting sent to dashboard, having server issues, or being blocked from playing with each other, it is a true “next-gen” experience.

    Graphically, I believe this is the most stunning game at launch. Some games may look a bit better at some points, but battlefield has these huge expansive environments and runs at a consistent 60FPS. The quality of textures is insane, something that drove me crazy about the 360 versions of BF (texture quality and clarity). To get an idea, imagine the most basic wall, having more detail than the best texture in the Gears of War universe. It all comes together with the different post-processing effects as something that was not even remotely possible last gen.

    While this is still an online game (experience may vary), I must say the hit detection and controls feel much better than the BF4 beta. I think a lot of this may be due to the higher frame rate, but this feels like an entirely different game than the previous iterations (including BF4 beta on 360).

    Xbox One:

    I was greatly surprised by how much I use voice commands in the OS. To get an idea, i would say almost all of my navigation between Xbox “apps” are done via voice. And it does work pretty well. It requires A LOT of initial work. (moving your speakers etc, getting used to the specific commands). Saying “Xbox Off” does nothing, you MUST say “Xbox Turn Off”. It is a pain in the ass for the first day, but I really turns into something you enjoy doing after learning it.

    Which is good, because the new OS is ass backwards in many ways. Navigating the operating system with controller can be incredibly disconnecting. The biggest example of this (and my biggest problem with the entire console) is the “friends” system. If you want to view your friends list, you have to load a “full screen” friends app (WHY CANT THIS BE SNAPPED?). And even the app itself is hard to navigate and ugly. It could only be designed by a fucker with no online friends at all. This is his/her payback, to punish everyone who wants to communicate with friends. Also absent is a handy feature called “game invites”. You cannot invite friends to a game on Xbox One. Take that in for a moment. Game invites happen from within the games themselves (see the Original Xbox).

    While I may sound hateful, the rest of the experience is so great, that every missing feature (voice messages, surround sound) is incredibly obvious and annoying. The good news is that the community has been vocal, and these will likely be fixed within the year. The good definitely out way the bad so far, now we just need to get the 4G crew online ASAP.

  4. November 26, 2013 11:27 am

    Thanks for the heads-up on the Smartglass versions. Got it! Now, at least on my Kindle (which I am using ALL the time these days), I will be able to tell whether y’all are interactin’ or just engagin’ in parallel play. lol Either way, for whatever reason, it is comforting to know what you are doing, even though we can’t join you.

    Thanks also for the BF4 and One impressions. I have no doubt that DICE and MS will fix their respective bugs/issues as soon as they possibly can. Thanks for taking the time to write, Zos! WOOT!

    Looking forward to reading about your epiphany, ty.

  5. November 26, 2013 2:46 pm

    On vacation at my parents house for Thanksgiving, and posting on my son’s Kindle Fire. I was shocked to see how many of my friends were Day One adopter. Nearly all of the people I prefer to play with regularly are hidden behind “Playing Xbox One”. It is a strong motivator to upgrade but I have three small children to care for, and my finances will not allow for it now. Not that I could realistically find one this year anyway…

    Sad that I won’t be playing BF4 with Kenai or JBird or anyone else that got the One.

    Also a little sad that I can’t do Commander mode on the Kindle, but will probably join y’all on my brother’s iPad sometime in the near future.

    Now my question is on the recorded clips: Can it be setup that US non-One users can view them somewhere? Are there new YouTube channels that I will want to subscribe to?

    • November 26, 2013 3:12 pm

      Herandar, start using the Xbox One Smartglass app and you will be able to at least see what others are doing on their new systems.

      At this point, no one knows of a way to share the clips yet. Someone might figure out a work around, and in the meantime it is possible that Microsoft will create an app that will allow One users to do so with a couple of clicks. I worried about the 30 second limit when they first announced it, but I think now that it was probably a reasonable (prudent) length.

      Finally, it is possible that DICE will make their Android app compatible with the Kindle machines, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Heart breaking that Amazon finds it necessary to make their own flavor of Android and thus, lock out hundreds of thousands of apps (of which are only a fraction of the excellent one available on iOS machines).

    • November 27, 2013 6:44 am

      I believe you can send any of your clips to SkyDrive, and from there upload to any service (youtube etc). I am assuming direct support is incoming (like twitch streaming (less important to me).

      Which, Game DVR is another one of those features I thought I would “like” but ended up loving. Every crazy moment that used to be limited by word of mouth can now be shared (glitches, host advantage lol)

    • November 26, 2013 4:00 pm

      Herander, Bummer. We all know pretty well how expensive gaming is. I’d like to have 2 Ones, but will have to wait on the second until late January. As it is now, I have to share with my 3 kids, and generally, that means only gaming after they go to bed.

      For some reason, when I read your msg the other day asking about my impression of Xbox One, I thought you had it (or Chairman did). Gonna miss gaming with you, but I can always hop on 360 and get in some BF3 together. IMO, BF4 on 360 is no step up from BF3, so if ur up for that, I’m game.

    • November 27, 2013 5:30 am

      Pretty much all of my gaming is done after my kids go to bed already… Told my wife this morning that I want one, and she seems amenable to making it the next big family purchase. We just need to plan these things. I only really buy one game a year at full price for myself.

      I’m not sure the television functionality of the Bone will work with my DirecTV multiple room DVR setup.

  6. November 27, 2013 7:56 am

    So far I am enjoying my experience with the One. Sure, there are some places that need improvement (game/party invitations, friend notifications, better way to access notifications, cleaner/more improved party system, among others), but at launch I would say they got their main point across. This console is convenient as shit (in a good way).

    The voice commands, while they don’t pick up every initial time, are unreal. The fact that I don’t even need my controller unless I’m playing a game to switch between apps, browse through numerous webpages on the IE app, select different shows and movies in Netflix/Hulu Plus, listen to music, etc. is just such an alleviating feeling. The auto sign-in through Kinect is also a very, very cool feature. I’ll just walk into my room, say, “Xbox…On” (it seems as though the pause between ‘Xbox’ and your command is crucial to allowing the Xbox to register said command) and then take a seat in my chair, and *ba DINK* “Hi, Josh!” It really is a humbling experience how intuitive the Kinect works with the XOne.

    Now onto games. Dead Rising 3. Oh. My. Fuck. This game is literally the epitome of fun. rED and I started our experience through co-op – he’s Nick, I’m Dick. The graphics, while people would hop on the troll-train and talk down about them, are actually very nice. The facial expressions during cutscenes are spot-on. Sure it looks a little washed down with some clothing textures, and other minor things, but to me, this is a game about gameplay over all, and it passes with flying stripes. So far I want to say I’ve killed 12k+ zombies since friday night? The amount of tools at your arsenal to wipe out hordes of zombies (and I do mean ‘hordes’ – literally hundreds of zombies on screen at one time with no frame rate issues, until you bring huge explosions into the equation) are un… believable. If I can remember correctly, there are 101 weapon combinations found through blueprints found throughout the game’s world, and 312 (?) individual weapons that can be used. And that’s not counting vehicles.

    The weapon combos are great, too. They range from incredibly destructive, pure killing machines, to just straight up humorous, fun weapons. Shooting is tighter (nothing compared to the likes of an actual shooting game, mind you, which I would assume would be expected) and much better than past iterations. The game keeps it’s humorous twist on the world and it’s survivors. Strip clubs can be found with hilariously bad wa-chika-chika music playing with the occasional “Ohhhh yeaaaahhhh” from a deep-voiced gentleman. Psychos are as ridiculous as ever, too. Along with all of that planned humor, rED and I have run into our fair share of hilarious moments that we made ourselves. Here’s a clip rED made from some of our endeavors using the One’s Game DVR feature. Overall I’m loving the game so far. Capcom’s new team really improved the game of some of the game breaking aspects of the previous versions of the Dead Rising series, all while staying true to the core of the game.

    Battlefield 4. I’m not really going to say much about it because most of it was covered in previous posts, but so far it’s good, but it does come at a price. I really am struggling with the game. After being spoiled running with 4G in 24 player servers, there wasn’t a game we wouldn’t dominate. Now, that’s much different. I’ve lost roughly half of my games I’ve been in. It no longer depends on one squad to carry an entire team. You could have a squad of the best BF4 players in the world, but if you’re team isn’t doing much, you’re going to lose. Choppers are still ridiculous. Fuck them. The game looks so good, though. And it runs so god damn smooth. I almost still can’t believe I’m playing a game that’s running at 60fps. It’s almost like…. A whole neeeeEEWWWWW WOOORRRRRLLLLLD. Seriously though, this game looks insane, and it’s constant chaos. There really isn’t anything like it.

    I put this clip together for you and the boys Suns. It shows off some of BF4’s gameplay features in comparison to BF3’s. By the way, this voice over was recorded with the Xbox One mic using the “Add Voice-Over” feature in the One’s Upload Studio and is a perfect representation of how clear the voice quality is now.

    Also, I wanted to note that can in fact upload One clips to Youtube and the like. Just like Zos said, all you have to do is save it to SkyDrive, save it on a computer or whatever (it’ll save as an .mp4), and upload it to Youtube, Vimeo, wherever you like. Nice bonus feature if you ask me.

    • November 27, 2013 12:51 pm

      Great clips and post Grymmie!

      Also I gonna add that I read the new game informer issue. They were comparing PS4 and XB1.

      Xbox confirmed they now offer 1000 friend slots.

      Sony countered by stating that their friends list has been enlarged to 2000.

      “but this one goes to 11”. Quote from “This is Spinal Tap”

    • November 27, 2013 3:02 pm

      Thanks, Grymmie! The Pistol finish is very important to me. Very glad to see it is at least as awesome as it was in BF3. While the health station points seem a little more moderate this time, that is probably a good thing. Great to see that there is still some “recognition” there.

      Sounds like the steps to YouTube are a little inconvenient, but not at all impossible. Good stuff.

      @Zos, the game DVR is really going to help gamers bring bugs to Dev’s attention. It will prove to be an awesome tool, for that purpose alone.

    • Average permalink*
      November 27, 2013 4:38 pm

      Grymm is slinging that pistol like an ol western cowboy!
      Let’s play!

  7. November 28, 2013 11:00 am

    Hey guys Its JBirdRox. Kenai sent me a link to your guys website and first of all I want to say that it is very cool and a very good idea. If it is alright with you guys, i would like to join or whatever you have to do. I posted this with my Google plus account. i dont know if thats all I have to do or if I have to make an account on your website.
    Also want to say that I am loving BF4, but i totally agree with Grymm. Kenai, Blankman and I were just dominating in a conquest game last night, but the rest of our team was doing nothing. We were down by about 200 tickets for almost all of the game, but our team finally showed up (With us “leading the the charge”) and came back and won somehow by 20 tickets.
    But overall lovin the game and loving the One. They do need to fix the speed of multitasking, the friend and party system, and other launch glitches. But Im not worrided, they will fix it in time.
    Alright just wanted to let you guys know that this website is very cool and would love to be apart of it if you would have me.
    Everyone have a great TG and eat a lot of turkey! Go Lions!
    And again thanks for grabbing the Xbox One when you could Uncle Jim!!!

    • Blankman permalink*
      November 28, 2013 1:31 pm

      Welcome to The Stranded, J! Setting up an account here is pretty much all you have to do. This group of guys and one gal have been gaming with each other for over seven years now. We’ve developed close friendships regardless of the fact that we met while on-line gaming. Many of us have met each other in person. Enjoy the site and the camaraderie, J!

    • November 28, 2013 2:35 pm

      Welcome, J!

      I sent you an invite for Authorship to the blog. That way you can write front page posts, not just comments.

      Cheers! (Lookin’ forward to playing BF4 with you once we get our One.)

    • December 2, 2013 8:46 am

      Gaming this Long weekend was a Blast! But… Party chat is broken 75% of the time…. and Dice has gotta fix their server joining issue asap. 75% of the time we can’t even get in each others game.

      Also, there is only 1 Arcade available as of today

      p.s. Gotta get the BF4 Premium. I am LOVING Operation Firestorm, Caspian and Gulf of Oman.

      Metro is Meh…. (at least on Conquest mode. It is just like the BF3 version, only A,B,C…) … Every game I played (3 of them) was just log jam at B. Never fought a battle at A or C…. p.s. Thought it would have 5 bases (which would include the Park, and the City…) Will try the other game modes soon and let you know.

      p.s.s THE best of the weekend was after gaming late Saturday night with Blank, Jbird and the rest, I awoke at 8am and hopped back online, only to find Blankman STILL playing!

      His immortal words were: (and I quote): “Jimmy… I’m addicted to Battlefield” LOL!!! We gamed for another 2-1/2 hours! Then he shuffled off to bed / nap time. Whoot!!

    • December 2, 2013 12:41 pm

      Jimmy, thanks for the impressions. Great quote! WOOO!!!!

    • December 3, 2013 8:02 am

      Thanks guys really appreciate it. yep cant wait to kick but with you guys to haha!

  8. December 3, 2013 6:58 am

    Yeah, BF4’s servers are very rough now. Seems like every match ends in a server crash, or getting kicked to dashboard. Very frustrating, so I am waiting for it to be entirely fixed before I put too much time into MP. I beat SP, and it was beautiful, but one of the worst stories and AI I have seen in a game LOL (I wish DICE would just focus all resources on MP).

    Also, I just bought the full addition of Killer Instinct, I have clocked more hours in that game than any other “next-gen” title. It is starting to become my favorite fighter ever (Street Fighter 4 was last gen). I highly recommend d/ling it, and taking Jago through the “Dojo”. It is one of the best training systems I have ever seen in a fighting game, and practice mode is incredibly extensive. Only issue is that the online system does not allow more than 2 players to be in a “lobby” at a time.

    In terms of Xbox One, it is definitely still buggy. Hopefully M$ is able to resolve these issues before Suns and the Boys get their boxes lol. If you want to know how bad some of the decisions were, if you host a match in Killer Instinct, it randomly chooses 1 person in the party to invite. The hardest thing to do in this new OS is to invite people to a game (impossible really) or communicate with them. Luckily, i haven’t noticed the party issues quite as much as others, and generally restarting the console (i don’t do a hard reset) resolves it when it happens.

    PS: Looking forward to possible game announcements at VGX,

  9. December 3, 2013 11:05 am

    Microsoft is insisting that ‘things will get better’ as fans complain the interface and online features of the Xbox One are inferior to the Xbox 360.

    Xbox Live director of programming Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hyrb has been busy on Reddit, trying to convince disgruntled fans that Microsoft is listening to complaints over the Xbox One’s social features and interface.

    One of the most common issues revolves around using the Xbox One’s party system and in-built chat, which is now much more fiddly to set-up than it used to be.

    In fact many of the standard features, such as checking your friends list, now seem to have become needlessly time-consuming as Microsoft sections them off into slow-to-load apps.

    ‘I had a meeting today about much of this and I can say that things will get better. I can’t offer a timeline of a list of what till be addressed first, but we are aware of the issue and things will get better,’ said Hyrb.

    Hyrb also referenced website Xbox Feedback, which lists problems ranging from missing voice commands, to the lack of any indicator of controller battery life, no indication when a friend comes online, no indication of hard drive usage, and no ability to play music in the background without using an onscreen app.

  10. December 3, 2013 2:44 pm

    Kenny mentioned that these issues are because the UI/OS was built from scratch for the One. It makes sense. I wrote a rant yesterday, posted it, and then threw it in the trash.

    I will just say this, the number two priority on my list of “features” for the next gen machine was Party Chat. The top priority was being able to play with friends.

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