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Faction5: The Division’s Information Hub

November 18, 2013

Blank recently brought this website to my attention one night not too long ago, and after browsing for a few moments, it looks to be Massive’s go-to fan site for The Division. (Guess they never heard of The Stranded 😉 )

He also mentioned a thread on their forums that had all known information of what’s to come in one of our most anticipated titles since the original Gears of War, and there’s TONS of it, including original sources. Very nice list. Props to the folks at Faction5 for taking the time to find all of this.

Full list from the thread is compiled together after the jump, and the original thread can be found here. I’ll bold important info for convenience sake.


  • Skills are bought using points, then can be assigned to the bumpers on the controller
  • Persistent Open World Tactical Cover Based Online RPG Shooter.
  • Devs have repeatedly stressed RPG which could mean dice rolls instead of accurate bullet physics. (“Unlike such rivals as Destiny and Borderlands, The Division isn’t selling itself as a hybrid, and Massive is planting its feet firmly on the side of the dice roll.” Taken from the Eurogamer 2 article)
  • Always online (Eurogamer article interviewing Alain Corre)
  • Able to play solo through most of the content other than specifically marked group events
  • Team Size 4 players + 1 companion drone
  • No Classes, pick the skills you want, the weapon(s) you want, and go
  • Able to see team’s skill selections so you can pick skills to complement the team
  • Seamlessly move between solo, co-op, and PVP
  • Whole world open from the start
  • Crafting mentioned in interviews, no details revealed
  • Securing areas will influence your game world, example in Rev3 interview was that the police will be able to start patrolling the area and make the area safer. Also mentioned bringing back power and water to the area as possible objectives.
  • Each player has their own Persistent world, when players join a team they will share the team leader’s persistent world for the duration of that team (Stated in the Gamespot interview)
  • Only one server, no picking the wrong server (not likely to be cross platform servers due to PS4 still having a certification process and Xbox One not having one)
  • Game scales based on whether you team or not. More enemies, more rewards, better XP, more loot.
  • Release is currently scheduled for “Winter 2014” they at one point commented a year and a half away so that would put it Holiday Season 2014 not Q1 2014 (1 1/2 year specified in IGN interview 2)
  • Ingame Voice chat system, setup to be Voice Over IP so you can hear your team from anywhere
  • Game built to be added to, will not have sequels. (Gamespot interview)
  • Helicopter flying on the in game map, no idea what the helicopter does, whether we can shoot it, whether it’s involved in extraction, or whether it’s just a little touch.
  • The watch he uses to access the map, skills, etc is called a Smart Watch
  • The UI is displayed for the agent via a special contact lens
  • There are red lines above the players head which include the street name and the tag Dark Zone, this allows players to see whether they’re in a Dark Zone or not
  • There is a currency. Which ties in with the Vendors.
  • A vehicle can be seen driving in the distance at 2:31 in the gameplay demo. It only shows for a second.
  • Game will have a Black Market (Auction House) (Ubisoft Blog)
  • Back market will take a cut of whatever you sell your items for (Ubisoft Blog)
  • Some form of crowd control abilities in the game. The Skill Indomitable says it protects the operative from crowd control.
  • Guilds currently not planned to have a member cap (Ubisoft Blog 2)
  • No AI companions (Metro article, bottom interview section)
  • Game world is persistent and continues to evolve while the player is offline (OXM article)
  • Extraction always triggers a 90 second timer (Debunks theory that helo is part of extraction due to the possibility of it taking longer to get there than 90 seconds, Eurogamer article 2)

Main Story

  • “We had said that they have created an agency called The Division. [This is] our last hope when everything else fails. So when the Order 51 goes live, these agents get activated, and their job is to save what remains and try to restore society. They were embedded in civilian life since you can’t trust that communication would work, or that transportation would work. They are already in place and have ordinary jobs as, you know, doctors, police officers, military, engineers, scientists, all those kind of jobs. Once they get activated they take their go-bag, they go out and try to save what remains.”
  • Game has a main story that involves finding cure to stop the virus.
  • Virus is Man-made
  • Playing 3 weeks after the virus was released meaning you are in the middle of the apocalypse instead of the usual post-apocalyptic gameplay.
  • Dynamic Content system: As you are running around, new content is spawning making each playthrough different
  • Role as a Division agent is to help restore order. Does not sound like we’ll be able to interfere with the police, etc. NPCs will cause the problems, we’ll clean them up.
  • Game is not post-apocalyptic, but you also aren’t stopping something before it happens. The game is what the developers call “Mid-crisis”, the virus has happened, but society isn’t lost yet.
  • “The Division” (name of the organization you are a part of) is a group of self sufficient operatives specially trained for dealing with disaster situations.
  • Game is based on Operation Dark Winter ( and Presidential Directive 51 ( Both are real world events and they indicate the potential that events in the game could happen in our lifetime.
  • There won’t be a true “Go here, do this” type story to the game. Instead the game’s story will be revealed through your actions, where you go, what you do, which locations you secure. (IGN Interview 2 specific section)

Companion Gaming

  • Companion gaming has it’s own progression including buffing allies, debuffing enemies, marking targets, and shooting enemies.
  • Companion gaming available on Tablets and Smartphones (will most likely depend on smartphone specs and OS)
  • Companion gaming will be free to play. Gaming Illustrated interview seems to indicate the app itself will be free so people can get an idea of what the main game is like before they decide to buy it.
  • Drone will be able to buff your team, debuff the enemy, heal your team, fire missiles, and possibly fire bullets (Taken from Anthony Shelton’s video)
  • Can be played separately from console gamers (Eurogamer article 2)
  • Second app will be available that allows access to the game’s economy/trading/black market (Eurogamer Article 2)


  • Cannot play as unfriendly faction (most likely meaning terrorists, gangs or other government groups: CIA, FBI, etc.)(Ubisoft Blog)
  • There will be “Faction Gameplay” (Whether this means there are rivaling factions within The Division or whether this is just their term for guilds/clans/squads/etc is unknown at the moment)(Ubisoft Blog)


  • Health and ammo on bar and in number format
  • Active skills or perks shown below health bar
  • Group members shown with status, health, perks, AFK status, and a symbol for whether they are playing on the ground or from a tablet.
  • Group members shown with clan tag
  • Able to scan NPC’s for infection
  • Also able to scan for the cause of death on a body
  • Players have points to spend on unlocking other skills.
  • XP awarded for kills. More xp for harder NPC’s
  • Damage output shown when shot lands
  • Items highlighted – Food, water, Med kit, Weapon type
  • Map in the police station can be used to update your map. Possibly allows you to find events that other cannot.
  • New weapon shows name, damage range, accuracy range, magazine size, and attachment capabilities
  • Extraction countdown of 90 seconds shown after flare launches
  • Enemy players’ names and clan name shown after player uses Pulse
  • Red lines connecting close enemies. White line connecting teammates.
  • Level of Event at construction site displayed as Level 3


  • “With this game we try to match people with compatible playstyles to make sure that people you meet online are actually people you want to play with and not just some random people.”
  • Also in the Rev3 interview it mentions if a player has a baby it’ll try to match them up with players who are ok with each other going AFK for a few minutes to deal with things.

Character Customization

  • Face and Clothing customization confirmed in Gamespot interview
  • Arm pads, Hoodie with jacket over top (Two styles of jackets over hoodies, one with hood up, one with hood down), Filter mask, Knit Cap, gloves (
  • Body armor, bandolier of some sort, thigh double magazine pack Knee pads, mismatched gloves (Megan’s left hand is wearing a mitt her right is a fingerless glove), scarf, thigh holster (
  • Bronson is wearing a pouch on his left thigh. (

Skills – (pretty much this whole section)

  • Some sort of group heal – used by Megan to heal the group for 250hp
  • Adrenaline Boost – recovers a friendly target’s health and stamina by 500
  • Seeker Mine – places a seeker mine. the mine activates when a hostile is in range and chases the target for up to 10secs. on impact the mine deals 1500-2000dmg to all targets in range
  • Pulse – sends out an optical pulse in a 60m radius, highlighting all targets in the range through walls and other object
  • Distraction Device – throws a short-range acoustic device that makes nearby targets investigate its position
  • the third skill in skill set 3 looks like the turret bronson uses
  • Indomitable – protects the operative from crowd control and prevents the health from going below 1 for the next 3 secs
  • Skill called Shockwave mentioned, no details given (Metro Interview)
  • Separate section called Talents
  • Group buff from the Tablet player showing an increase of 20 damage
  • Respec of Talent points is available
  • Should not need to reroll a character due to being able to respec and obtain all the skills at max level. Only reason to respec (According to devs on Gamespot interview) is to have characters of different genders.
  • Skills are bought using points, then can be assigned to the bumpers on the controller.


  • Group members are marked with name
  • Orange dots with numbers connected to major locations
  • “Vendor” Locations with yellow diamonds
  • Dynamic event locations marked with Blue dots
  • Orange and blue shaded areas of the map. Orange area marked as “Dark Zone”
  • Large orange circle around the NYC Office of Emergency MNG. Label next to it says “Secure”.
  • Bridges end with destination markers. Possible map loading at these points.

Game Area

  • Streets are named after real streets in New York City and even seem to be in the same position: Water Street, Washington Street, and Main Street.
  • From the map in the police station it looks like we may have as far south as Governor’s island or Red Hook, North as far as Madison Square Park, East to about the 78, and west I doubt we’d reach the interchange of the 495 and 278. Now it’s possible that other police stations will have other maps, but considering the roads seem to be about almost as long as the real streets, the game area is going to be huge. Especially if we have to travel on foot the whole time.
  • A link to Google Maps with a marker at the intersection where the demo starts:…ed=0CDYQ8gEwAA
  • Entering buildings will play a major role in gameplay. Devs want to give players as much opportunity to explore as possible. Areas we’ve seen include a pharmacy (Bronson comes out of it at the start of the demo), an apartment building (Open door on the right side of the first street they are on, don’t know how much of it can be explored though), and the police station (Dev Q&A)


  • When scanning the map in the police station, on the lower left hand side is a wanted poster for “Oskar” that gets downloaded along with information on Evacuation points Alpha and Bravo, plus the CDC Quarantine zone.
  • Three status shown on map: Secure, Failing, Critical


  • Holes shot in windows realistically instead of just slapping a bullet holedecal on the window
  • Police car lights individually able to be shot out
  • Holes shot in the police station sign let light shine through
  • Lights can be shot out to darken a room
  • Damage from bullets and explosions remains between play sessions (OXM article)


  • Only encounter other players in the dark zones: CVG interview
  • PVE and PVP missions in the dark zones, no PVP outside the dark zones (Rev3 interview)
  • Death in PVP will result in you losing items you haven’t extracted with. Since PVP is only available in dark zones, extraction from areas outside the dark zones might not result in PVP.
  • There is an in game story related reason why other players can attack you in Dark Zones even though you are all part of the Division. (GiantBomb interview)
  • Always safe from attack outside of dark zones (Taken from Eurogamer article 2)

Enemy Types

  • Bratva Thugs: Russian Mafia mentioned to be the enemies in the police station (Gametrailers interview)
  • Megan says that the guy on the roof is an “Elite” indicating various difficulties of enemies.


  • 72 hours worth of supplies when you start a character, after that you have to find food, water, medpacks, ammunition, weapons, upgrades,etc
  • Contraband mentioned in the IGN Interview
  • Food and water items are Buffs as mentioned in the IGN interview (Thanks Mehlaach)
  • Medpacks seem to be used for curing infection (Bronson in gameplay demo:”She’s gone red. I’m low on packs though. We have to leave it.”)Possible he was referring to a different type of pack though.
  • Number of different weapons in the game is supposed to be in the thousands according to Ubisoft blog 2.
  • Weapons and items looted throughout the city have to be extracted and decontaminated before they become yours (Eurogamer article 2)


  • Submachine Gun
  • Shotgun
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Pistol
  • Assault Rifle


  • Stock
  • Suppressor
  • Scope
  • Magazine
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