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Kinect Fitness: The Computer Doesn’t Lie

September 27, 2013

Unlike the personal fitness trainers, who will say great job when the only reason you are breaking a sweat is because you ate spicy food for lunch, or the training videos, which can offer no response at all, the Kinect sees and hears everything and will tell you what it thinks.  So, when you do that half-assed push-up, or that 2 inch “deep-knee” bend, the Kinect is gonna be there givin’ you sh!t for it.  Awesome!

I think I just praised the Kinect for something.  lol

Via EvAv.

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  1. September 29, 2013 4:41 am


    Looks like Ryse is getting a 1080p upgrade for the final release.

    Here’s a demo in gif form:

    Also, the new Metal Gear Solid looks effin’ incredible on Xbox One.

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