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In Anticipation: Movies About Robbing Banks

July 15, 2013

In anticipation of Payday 2, and with the knowledge that not everyone is as old as I am, nor do they necessarily like movies as much as I do, I decided to make a little bank robber movie primer.

Heat is as popular a movie in this genre as you might find, but did you know that before Heat, Michael Mann made Thief (1981), starring James Caan?  It is a great flick with an outstanding soundtrack by Tangerine Dream.  Another important film is Point Break, and while I found the protagonists too stupid to respect and enjoy, its popularity and influence is undeniable.

Anyway, in my search for a compilation of the the titles in this genre I came across  It provides lists on almost any topic, including “the coolest hockey team logo past and present”, ranked and rated by viewers like us.  Check out their lists and let us know if there are any films that we simply must watch before the game releases: Best Bank Robbery Movies, Heist Movies

Disclaimer:  There is still no word on an Asian Payday 2, or the region-coding of the US version yet.  Ultimately, the potential for debilitating netcoding, the limit of four player co-op, the precision/timed gameplay, and an RPG element that, regardless of what the dev claims, will almost certainly spawn mismatches a la Borderlands, are all strikes against purchase for me.  Even more importantly, however, if by saving my yen for the next gen hardware and games means that I can jump in again even just one month earlier, it is worth letting this one go by me.  Missing out on Payday 2 won’t be nearly as heartbreaking as missing out on BF4 or Titanfall or what have you, come fall/winter.

P.S.  In case you have missed it, Frenik posted a great spoiler-free review of Pacific Rim, and I noticed that ty has his glowing and spoilery review here.  Enjoy!


Point Break

Bonus Video

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  1. July 16, 2013 11:23 am

    Random bit, I heard about Val Kilmer pitching a heat sequel idea on a late night talk show.

    And thanks for the love there on my review!

    Got Defiance as part of the Summer Sale. Thoughts will come soon…

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