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Inside Valve: What Happened In February

July 8, 2013

Jeri Ellsworth, the talent working on new control schemes and hardware for Valve’s mythical Living Room PC, was fired from Valve back in February.  Q, as I shall call her, has now come forward to tell her story.  Her claims about “hidden management” are not surprising, but disappointing nonetheless.  It isn’t all negative.  In giving Q the rights to the stuff she was working on, Gabe comes across as incredibly magnanimous.  Fascinating stuff and since Valve has already published their side of the story, it is important to get another perspective.  The video podcast is 6 parts and I have embedded the playlist below.  The Valve discussion starts at minute 11.

I need to mention that around the 5 minute mark in Part 3, Jeri describes her augmented reality project.  It sounds fantastic, and almost like the other side of the Oculus Rift coin.  See my next post for more on that!

Heads up via PAR.


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