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Microsoft Unveils Xbox One

May 21, 2013

The name is fine.  “All in One” is their slogan.  It will not require constant Internet connection.  It will not be backwards compatible.  All your 360 games including your XBLA library will be unplayable on the One.  I am not sure, but I think Kinect must be on.  Is it just me, or is this thing HUGE, and with sharp edges.  Like, bigger than the original Xbox.  Moving from 15 thousand servers to 300 thousand servers.  That might mean Live is a little more responsive.  In the presentation above, he spent the least amount of time describing the most important features for gamers (e.g., multitasking – have it matchmaking while you are playing a different game or surfing the web).  There are still so many questions.

PAR coverage:

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The Kinect is mandatory, and can’t be turned off: Welcome your new motion sensing, Xbox One overlord

Indie issues, Kinect concerns, and E3 yearnings: Ben and Andrew discuss the Xbox One announcements

Ty’s World with some solid opinion and excellent outside links!

More videos after the jump.  Thanks to EvAv for heads-up on most of this stuff.

Update: Hey guys! ty here. I just wanted to add these two videos to the mix. Angry Joe (a popular YouTuber) posted his reaction. I recommend you play the second video while you listen to his rant. Adds to the epic feel!

Update #2: Kinda feel like THIS! -ty

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