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The Scientific 7 Minute Workout

May 20, 2013

Eating and working out feel like a big waste of time to me.  A while back, I read about a machine in an In-Flight magazine that could give you a high intensity workout the equivalent of an hour or two in the gym with a trainer and a full body plan.  Of course, the machine is hand-crafted and about 20 thousand dollars, so needless to say, I never picked one up.  Anyway, this time, some researchers have come up with a 7 minute workout that requires only a wall and a chair (that I can afford) and the plan is based on science, not testimony.  Perhaps this post is as much for me as for anyone.  The YouTubes above and below provide timed guides for the regimen. Cheers!

Smoke ’em if ya got em.  ‘Suns.


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