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Rush Comes To Sera

May 16, 2013

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Epic continues to try to address the needs of their Gears fans and simultaneously grow their gamer base. Their latest announcement is the upcoming Lost Relics map pack which includes:

  • Checkout from Gears 3 – one of the few tight, Execution compatible maps in the entire Gears 3 map collection, which unfortunately, I like only slightly more than Blood Drive
  • Museum – massive, for the inevitable Horde gametype release at some TBA future
  • Lost City – looks small and kind of reminds me of Bullet Marsh
  • Ward – made for OverRun.

I continue to pick away at that OverRun demo. I play a match or two whenever I have a chance and am now a level 34 (without any double xp). I enjoy OverRun darn near as much as I like Battlefield.  With Lost Relics, Epic is now adding Battlefield’s Rush gametype. I don’t know if it will work well in the Gears universe, but it might. I love me some objective gaming, especially when it involves grabbing and using one’s “kit”. And fo me, “shatty bottles” which are in full glory in Judgment, never get old. Just last night, without my sentry, I took out four humanoid locust and was working on the fifth when I jammed my reload. If I didn’t have the-“B”-button-is-broken mindset, I could have easily taken him out as well, such was the power of my flanking technique. Think Kung Fu Panda, at the end of the movie.

I know that for those who don’t already own the game, this boat has pretty much sailed. I don’t blame you. However, with Payday 2 releasing in summer, I figure just about the time we are satiated with its offerings, Judgment may hit the magic price of 10 or 15 dollars. I am secretly hoping that when it does, some of you just might pick it up on impulse. Since Judgment has already started its price slide, it won’t be much longer and I will be picking it up whether it goes digital or not.

  1. Blankman permalink
    May 16, 2013 9:17 pm

    I can conceivably see Judgment dropping as low as $20, but that would be rock bottom. Gears 3 is holding fast at $20 & that came out in 2011. Personally, I think $20 is the magic number.

    We haven’t had a community game in such a long while. BF3 came the closest, but that game had its issues with yours truly. I guess it hates this particular Chinese dude. Ha! Regardless, a community game is what we make it to be. The thing that killed the community private game aspect was the fact that you can attain goodies & level up if you are playing the public which requires you to ping the server. That fact alone is what led to the community gaming demise. I spoke about this for awhile with rED last night on party chat. If everyone committed to Judgment for example, imagine how much fun we would have with just the usual suspects. Then again, the continued omission of a map rotation kind of kills that idea as well, even though Epic has re-initiated the ‘dead lobby.’

    Payday 2 will also have its issues because the co-op is only slated for the criminal side, not both law enforcement & crooks. Party chatting with two different crews would prove to be a lesson in chaos & frustration because strategy & team orienting is vital to pulling off a successful heist. Sure you can still roll with a crew of four, but that keeps all of us separated once again. Splinter Cell: Black List wouldn’t require all of us to split up if it initiated a dead lobby.

    • May 17, 2013 2:27 am

      Kenny, you hit the nail on the head with Payday 2. It doesn’t (yet anyway) have a MPvs gametype wherein more than four can play together, so its community bonding power (CBP) will be limited. That is why I wrote about being satiated with it, because that limitation will mean it doesn’t last as long as it might.

      Borderlands 2 was supposed to be the game, but its level system which served to always keep people gaming apart, and its inventory micro-management requirements were like kryptonite to me in the same way as the “RPG element” in BF3 was to you. By the time it might have been overcome, Randy Pitchford earned himself the Dick of the Universe award and, if you will pardon the extended analogy, so to speak, it left a bad taste in our mouths. Nobody wants to put it back in the tray.

      I had completely forgotten about SC:BL. Yes, that might be the game then that could pull us together.

      ::to himself, Is there no way that we could get Epic to add a Map Rotation function::

  2. May 17, 2013 9:36 am



    We do need a new game to rock. I am hoping the unveil next week has some fresh IPs.

    Or we can all spend 1500 – 2000 on custom gaming computers ;).

    I have been incredibly busy ever since starting these night time coding classes. Almost entirely unpacked in our new home, so yay for that.

    PS: I have a lot of thoughts on the Ouya. Lots of positives and negatives. Hacked the console within 20 minutes was playing goldeneye (and any roms) fullscreen on my tv. It functions in MANY ways.

    • May 17, 2013 2:58 pm

      LOL@playing hacked Goldeneye. (Great game.)

    • Blankman permalink*
      May 17, 2013 3:11 pm

      I miss you something fierce, brutha!

    • May 17, 2013 9:00 pm

      Oh, you don’t play games? What a surprise…


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