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Walking The Walk: A Telltale Interview

March 2, 2013


Unlike Valve who only talks about creating episodic content, Telltale actually does it.  RPS scored an interview with them and it is a good read.

We’re an episodic company. When we sit down we’re immediately addressing and designing to the strengths of the model. We’re talking about the cliffhangers. We’re talking about character flow across episodes. We’re talking about what are the three major action sequences. We’re talking about all the stuff that is our way of building games…

…One of the beauties of episodic is you haven’t invested [everything in one place]. When you’re dealing with a full title, you’re spending millions and millions of dollars to a launch day, and then all the revenue you need to make has to pull you out of this huge hole. When you’re talking about episodic, you’ve only dug half the hole. The first bit of revenues you get in starts pulling you up, and then you’re more on this line between profitability and spending for the entirety of the season, based on the popularity of the game.

I find their self-awareness, vision, and understanding of the industry invigorating.  I love excellence in any field.  Sometime in March, my Kindle Fire HD 8.9 should arrive.  I am hopeful that Telltale will port the game eventually and I will be able to play it in multi-touch, what I have been told is an excellent form of the game.


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