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Dead Space 3 Demo Hands-On Preview: Back To Basics And Then Some

January 20, 2013


After gaining early access to the whopping 1.93gb Dead Space 3 demo via Facèbook I was both excited and worried to try it out. From what I’ve read/seen, and since EA is involved in the game, I was expecting it to be a watered down, mindless empty shell of what Dead Space once was. Boy was I wrong. 

I went into the demo without really knowing anything about this iteration in the series. All I knew is that there was co-op, human, and crazy religious cults. I did watch literally the first 5 seconds of the demo on Youtube, but ended up closing the tab. So I decided the first run-through I would do of the demo I would do it in co-op with Hate. Hate already played through the demo once on his own prior to our playthrough so I was going in blind, while he had some idea as to what was going on. Anyway, onto the demo itself. 

Find my impressions after the jump, no spoilers.

So, as the demo starts you see Isaac hanging upside down with frost on his beard, hair and eyebrows. dazed and not knowing what was going on or what had happened. Eventually he makes his way down and then you’re introduced to the secondary character, EarthGov Sergeant John Carver. As you both are recovering from what seems like a ship crash, you start off by venturing out of the wreckage into a blizzard which impairs your vision to only a few feet in front of your character. And that’s when it all starts.

The demo lasts for about 30-45 minutes and I am very impressed with the direction Visceral Games is taking this franchise. I’m almost positive EA pushed for them to make this a co-op game to boost sales, but I think Visc did a very good job in incorporating it with this type of game. They did make it more of an action-orientated game, but don’t be fooled. This game still scares the living shit out of you. Multiple times did my shin kick my entertainment system and left me in pain, laughing at what happened.

There is also a new crafting mechanic in the game as well. You can literally build you own gun, from making it one-handed/two-handed, what projectiles it shoots, whether it’s a Plasma Cutter, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, among plenty of others. You can seriously customize every aspect of the gun. You can add attachments, add what they call ‘circuits’ which add addition bonuses such as faster reloading, higher damage, shoots faster, among others as well. (You can actually check it out for yourself here.)

All in all, I pre-ordered my copy last night. I loved the demo and I believe this definitely moves the franchise forward while keeping it fresh. Visceral isn’t afraid to do what they want, and you can see that in this game. 

I plan on doing a Let’s Play playlist of mine and Hate’s co-op run, so you all can laugh at my screams and our antics. 


PS: I still have tons of more Far Cry 3 co-op videos with Red that I need to upload, but I recently got into college so I’ve been busy getting into the swing of things with that, but make sure to keep an eye out for those videos! 


  1. January 20, 2013 6:54 pm

    Grymmie! College! Totally awesome! WOOOOO!!!

    And excellent post! Dead Space 2 was absolutely incredible. One of the very few SP games that has held my attention and pulled me through to the end. That 3 is good is outstanding news. I look forward to trying out the demo, co-op at that!

    Hey, I don’t think people can justly knock EA anymore. They put out variety and quality in a lot of their titles. I am not a fan of the various “online subscription services” that they have played a major role in bringing mainstream, but they are publishing a lot of great games these days.

    By the way, have you started watching hockey now? Or are you going to boycott the season?

    • January 21, 2013 3:02 am

      Whooo! Thanks Suns! It is both exciting and terrifying at the same time, haha.

      EA is EA to me. Old men in suits that love nothing other than money. However, I can’t disagree that they have published a ton of solid titles that I have had plenty of fun playing.

      Yea, I am watching hockey. There was no way I could spend any more time not watching the sport. The Penguins are already 2-0 and their offense is on a tear. They have a very high chance at being a cup contender especially with the shortened season.

  2. January 22, 2013 12:56 pm

    The demo is now open to the public on the Marketplace. I do strongly recommend you all at least try it out. I’m curious as to what you’re impressions are on this sequel.

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