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The Making and Remaking of Karateka

December 21, 2012

Above is the first in a four-part YouTube series providing a fascinating peek into the history and making of one of the classic video games of the early 1980s and its recent iOS reboot. The creator, Jordan Mechner, made some interesting design choices both then and now. I was especially impressed with his solution for the necessary “respawn” mechanic, as demonstrated in the Gameplay video embedded after the jump. Also, during the development of the original game, Jordan kept a journal (pdf sample here), which in itself, is an excellent example of why and how a journal should be kept.

The heads-up came from Ben Kuchera’s article in the Penny Arcade Report, in which he provides more detail on the timeline of the creation of the original game.

The remaining videos, all worth your time, are embedded after the jump.


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